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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 11 Recap

Xiao Shi quietly came to Guan Long Xiaoqing’s prison, but unexpectedly met Zhu Xiaoyao here. Xiao Shi asked her to leave quickly, so as not to hurt the innocent in the fight. Zhu Xiaoyao said that he didn’t want to leave before he got the reward. Besides, it was not himself who was in danger, but Xiao Shi. After speaking, Lei Hen seemed to have noticed something and left the prison. Xiao Shi hurriedly stepped forward to save Long Xiaoqing, but found that the man was actually a six-and-a-half-half court man. Lei Hen suddenly flashed out and locked the door.

As the fight progressed, the sound of the piano became more intense. A sharp blade went straight towards Zhu Xiao’s waist, and Xiao Shi hurriedly stepped forward to stop her. After a few rounds, Xiao Shi stabbed Lei Xian. Another person wanted to take the opportunity to sneak attack from behind, but fortunately Zhu Xiaoyao noticed it in time and killed the person. Xiao Shi’s eyes were full of surprise. He thought that Zhu Xiaoyao was just a weak woman, but he never thought that she would actually know martial arts.

Zhu Xiaoyao showed his token and admitted that he was the archer of Jinfeng Drizzle Building and the guard of Su Mengzhen. At this time, Zhu Xiaoyao had rescued Long Xiaoqing, but he was reluctant to open the lock for Xiaoshi easily, and asked him to sleep with him. Where does Xiaoshi promise, he can only be played by Zhu Xiaoyao, and he is so anxious.

The two subordinates flattered Li Niantang in every possible way. Li Niantang couldn’t help but be overjoyed and drank a few more glasses. At this moment, the two men beside him suddenly fell down, and Bai Choufei walked over from the door. Li Niantang led Bai Choufei to the building, and then, six and a half people surrounded him. Bai Choufei didn’t have the slightest fear on his face, and he solved those pawns in three or two times.

Seeing that Li Niantang was about to flee, Bai Choufei hurriedly caught up, threw Jianfei in his hand, and killed him. But then, a large net fell from the sky, trapping Bai Choufei. At the critical moment, a purple figure descended from the sky, killing six and a half people one by one. Before Bai Choufei could see who was coming, he had already left.

Drizzle Building had already found clues about the business in the north, and Su Mengzhen was worried that there would be too many dreams in the night, so she immediately got up and went to track it. The connector’s younger brother, Long Ba was being hunted down by Liufentang. At the critical moment, Su Mengzhen appeared in time to save him and brought him to join Xiaoshi and Bai Choufei.

Six and a half people caught up, but they just stayed by the side and didn’t make a move. Su Mengzhen told everyone that they were waiting for dawn. The people on patrol from the Ministry of Justice have disappeared all night, but this hole won’t be open for long. At dawn, even if it is damaged by lightning, one cannot kill people in the street.

With Su Mengzhen, Xiao Shi, and Bai Choufei, they could break out of the encirclement, but Su Mengzhen wanted to go out with Long Ba. Six and a half halls suddenly threw a head over, and Long Ba came forward crying when he saw it. At this time, the sun has quietly climbed up the mountain, and both sides also moved their hands. After a while, people from the Punishment Department came, and everyone quickly put away their swords.

The matter was finally resolved, but Xiao Shi was worried. He hadn’t figured out how to resolve the matter with Zhu Xiaoyao. After consulting Bai Choufei, he hurriedly went to Zhu Xiaoyao to clarify. But he has never understood emotional matters, so he wrapped himself around as he talked. Zhu Xiaoyao had no choice but to get up and leave, signaling Gentle to come forward to comfort him. Xiaoshi confessed to Wenrou that he didn’t want her to misunderstand, so he came to Zhu Xiaoyao to make it clear. Gentle, angry, and funny, he said bluntly that he already knew it.

Xiao Shi inadvertently said that his sword was called “Retention Sword”, and as long as he drew the sword for someone for the first time, he would be entangled with that person for the rest of his life. Gentle suddenly remembered that it seemed that in Xiliu Town, Xiao Shi drew the sword for himself. The two looked at each other and exchanged ideas. The next day, the two visited Granny Camellia and the master together. After leaving, Xiao Shi ran to the pavilion holding a gentle hand. Looking at the scene of the mother-in-law Camellia and the master, they couldn’t help but look at each other.

Although Granny Camellia was blind, she could sense that someone was looking at her. Knowing that it was Xiaoshi and Gentleness, the mother-in-law couldn’t help but praise Gentleness. The master thinks that Xiao Shi is also very good. He remembered what Xiao Shi had just said, “Someone brought a sword to kill someone, and someone asked with blood.” He couldn’t help but think of Fang Geyin, a generation of heroes.

Wang Er stopped Bai Choufei and told him happily that his paintings had been bought for a lot of money. What Bai Choufei didn’t know was that Lei Chun bought these paintings. Here, Su Mengzhen meets Leishan. But the two eventually disagreed, and eventually parted ways.

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