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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 10 Recap

Yang Wuxie led Xiaoshi and Bai Choufei to get to know the Drizzle Building, and instructed Bai Choufei to prepare for the completion ceremony of the deputy landlord. The people in the Drizzle Building looked at each other, wondering why Su Mengzhen agreed to an unknown pawn and let him be the deputy owner of the Drizzle Building.

The highest position of the Drizzle Building, only people at the landlord level can enter. The owner of the Golden Wind and Drizzle Building is naturally Su Mengzhen, and he invited Bai Chou to fly to this quiet room for a drink, which is self-evident. The old man told Bai Choufei that when he drank this “Qingyungui”, he would call him the deputy master Bai. Bai Choufei was very happy, he picked up the glass and drank it all in one go. He looked at the huge Drizzle Tower and the bustling capital, and his heart suddenly became enlightened.

Since we are already brothers, we must be open and honest. However, Drizzle Lou had already inquired about the life experiences of Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei. This Bai Choufei is very talented and strong in martial arts, but he has not been able to complete his ambitions for a long time.

In Xiao Shi’s opinion, he has experienced rich experience, but Bai Choufei believes that he has experienced ups and downs. As for Xiao Shi, he is naturally a genius, but compared to Bai Choufei, his emotional experience is even more surprising. Gentle and anxious, he stepped forward to question. Xiao Shi was speechless, no matter what he said softly, he would not listen.

Su Mengzhen also prepared a yard for the two brothers. Although the yard is not particularly luxurious, it is very elegant and spacious. Bai Choufei was very satisfied, but Xiao Shi looked at the stones in the yard in a trance. Afterwards, he affixed the word “sorrow” to the stone, and he was satisfied.

The line in the north had been noticed by Su Mengzhen, and the lightning damage suggested that the line should be replaced as soon as possible. Fu Zongshu felt that it was not enough, so he ordered Lei Suan to teach Su Mengzhen a lesson. Di Fei was shocked that this was inappropriate, but Leishan reminded him that since he had already boarded this pirate ship, he would have to pay some price if he wanted to disembark.

Long Xiaoqing was originally displeased to let a fledgling boy serve as the deputy owner of Drizzle Building, but after hearing Di Feijing’s provocation, he was even more annoyed. But he also knew that Di Feijing was trying to sow discord, and he knew his responsibilities. But Di Fei was shocked and told him that the white jade box contained the list of spies who had been placed in the Drizzle Building by Liufentang, among them Hua Wuxu. Having said that, Di Feijing handed the admission letter to Long Xiaoqing. The letter had the name “Hua Wucuo” written on it impressively. Now, Long Xiaoqing couldn’t believe it.

As Miss Tian, ​​Lei Chun invited Xiao Shi and a few people to gather to celebrate their joining the Golden Wind Drizzle Building. Several people chatted happily and the atmosphere was very harmonious. Satisfied with food and wine, several people parted under the moon. Bai Choufei accidentally saw the hair accessories on Lei Chun’s head, and the smile on his face suddenly froze, as if he had noticed something strange. Lei Chun walked halfway and suddenly found that his hairpin was missing, so he returned to the small courtyard to look for it. Never thought that Bai Choufei was still in the courtyard with her hairpin in his hand.

There is a saying in the capital of the Dragon Tower and Phoenix Pavilion. The Dragon Tower refers to the Sanheyuan, which is full of luxury, and the people inside are a place of heroes; and the Fengge refers to the small courtyard where several people gather, which is full of elegance and the night is especially beautiful. Bai Choufei looked at Lei Chun, suddenly lost in thought. He played the flute for Lei Chun under the moonlight, showing his elegance and leisure.

Many years ago, Leishan found some men from the prison and trained them to be his own, specializing in these shady transactions. There is a man locked in this well. He used to be in charge of business in the north, but he was locked in this well for eight years. Those people understood the meaning of mine loss, and in order to protect their families, they had to choose to commit suicide. But they don’t know where Lei Shen will kindly take care of their families. After they died, Lei Shuang asked Lei Chong to deal with the relatives.

There were not many patrols in the street market tonight, and everyone was very curious about what happened. Long Xiaoqing invited Mo Beichen and others out, and wanted to rebel with them. But several people disagreed and quarreled, and Long Xiaoqing had to kill them to avoid future troubles. When Di Fei came in in shock, Long Xiaoqing asked him to investigate the body to prove his surrender. Just as he leaned over, Mo Beichen suddenly flashed out and surrounded him.

The three of them deployed a lot of troops outside. They thought that Di Feijing could take it down, but they didn’t know that the people outside had been cleaned up by six and a half halls. Then, Li Niantang walked in. Only then did several people learn that Li Niantang had rebelled. Several people fought, but none of them were Di Feijing’s opponents. Di Feijing didn’t want their lives, but took Long Xiaoqing back to the six-and-a-half-and-a-half hall, and asked another person to go back to send a message to Su Mengzhen, and he must obey the rules when he does things.

In the middle of the night, Liufenbantang suddenly broke into the site of Drizzle Building and burned the shops and buildings one by one. By the time Su Mengzhen and others learned the news, it was too late. Bai Choufei proposed to kill Di Feijing to recover the loss. But Su Mengzhen felt that if there was a change in the rivers and lakes one day, Di Feijing would be the only person who could negotiate. Xiao Shi suggested that Long Xiaoqing could be rescued first, and then the rebel Li Niantang could be brought back for trial. Since Li Niantang was already a six-and-a-half-half class person, Su Mengzhen felt that there was no need to bring it back. And the end of the rebellion is only a dead end. Several people hit it off and then split up.

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