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Ordinary Greatness 警察荣誉 Episode 2 Recap

Li Dawei felt that it was too wasteful for so many police officers to arrest a single criminal. Climax briefly introduced the situation of the murderer Ding Dayong, especially that he had a murder weapon on his body, reminding everyone to be more careful, let everyone close their eyes and recharge their batteries. . Li Dawei couldn’t sleep, so he couldn’t help but complained a few words, Chen Xincheng stopped him in a low voice, and even scolded him, Li Dawei was very dissatisfied.

Gao Gao and Chen Xincheng led people into Ding’s house to arrest people, and found that Ding Dayong had long since disappeared. Only his elderly parents were at home. Yang Shu asked them about Ding Dayong’s whereabouts, but they didn’t know. Li Dawei called out Climax and insisted that Ding Dayong was hiding in the closet. Chen Xincheng also felt that something was wrong because Ding’s father and Ding’s mother were standing in front of the closet. Climax led the police in to arrest people, and asked Chen Xincheng to take him with him. Li Dawei and Yang Shu responded outside the door.

Li Dawei wondered why Yang Shu had such a high degree of education and was assigned to work at the police station. Yang Shu was originally assigned to the Municipal Bureau. He was assigned to the Balihe Police Station just two days after he reported. Chen Xincheng reminded Li Dawei not to talk to each other, so as not to Beat the grass and startle the snake. After a while, the climax caught Ding Dayong, and Ding’s father and Ding’s mother followed closely behind. They screamed for help and accidentally fell to the ground. , Mother Ding slapped Yang Shu hard in the face.

When the villagers heard the news, they came out and beat the poplar tree with sticks. The police officers rushed to save the people. The villagers were excited. Mother Ding shouted for Ding Dayong. The villagers were persuaded to leave. Yang Shu felt that he was implicated in everyone, and repeatedly admitted his mistakes to the climax.

Early the next morning, Zhao Jiwei and Xia Jie chatted about last night’s case. They were very envious of Li Dawei and Yang Shu, who could perform such an important task on the first day of registration. Cheng Hao overheard their conversation and took Xia Jie to the police. Zhao Jiwei offered to let Wang Shouyi be his master. Wang Shouyi excused his old age and promised to arrange one for him as soon as possible.

Gao Gao and the police escorted Ding Dayong back to the station. Wang Shouyi asked them to conduct a surprise trial on Ding Dayong immediately. Cao Jianjun hurried back and caught two habitual criminals who stole motorcycles on the way. Wang Shouyi welcomed him to his triumphant victory. Li Dawei found out that Cao Jianjun was a famous police hero.

Wang Shouyi asked the police officers to go back to the dormitory to have a good rest, leaving the best bed for Poplar. Immediately afterwards, Wang Shouyi held a team meeting to discuss the matter of finding a master for the three new police officers. The climax gave Li Dawei a high evaluation. He felt that Yang Shu was a nerd. Wang Shouyi tried his best to defend Yang Shu. The climax excused that he was sleepy and left in a hurry. Chen Xincheng and Cao Jianjun also left one after another, and Wang Shouyi announced the end of the meeting.

Cheng Hao took Xia Jie to the place where Xia Junxiong sacrificed. Suddenly, he saw someone grabbing the bag. Cheng Hao asked the victim to get into the car first. He and Xia Jie tried their best to hunt down the thief. Want to rush up and fight the thief desperately. Cheng Hao saw that the situation was not good, so he took Xia Jie to leave first, and told her not to fight recklessly when encountering such a situation in the future, Xia Jie began to murmur in her heart.

Cheng Hao asked Xia Jie to make a transcript for the victim. He suddenly received a call from Wang Shouyi and learned that he had a new task. Cheng Hao asked Xia Jie to drive back to the house by himself, and he hurried to meet Wang Shouyi and others. Lijia Village and Liujia Village are adjacent to each other. After the demolition of the two villages, they lived in the Sunshine Community. The villagers of the two villages often had conflicts over a trivial matter. The villagers of Lijia Village lost a chicken and suspected that the people from Liujia Village had stolen it. The two sides had fierce disputes. Police officers from Wang Shou rushed to the scene and found that the village directors of the two villages were hiding, so they sent someone to look for them.

Xia Jie and her colleagues tried desperately to persuade them, and it took a lot of effort to persuade the villagers of the two villages to leave. Her mother called Xia Jie suddenly, but Xia Jie couldn’t take care of it, so she hung up the phone. Wang Shouyi shouted with a loudspeaker and took out four chickens to the villagers in Lijia Village on the spot.

The village directors of Lijiacun and Liujiacun arrived later, and there was nothing they could do. Li Dawei suggested building a fence between the two villages. Both village directors thought it was a good idea. Cheng Hao forcibly brought Director Xu of the Planning Bureau to the scene. Director Xu tried his best to shirk his responsibility and escaped when he was not prepared. The villagers of the two villages had a fierce dispute again.

Erbao’s mother came to ask for help in a hurry, Erbao accidentally fell into a dry well, Wang Shouyi sent someone to find a ladder and rope, Xia Jie had studied nursing, she took the initiative to ask Ying to go down to save people. Cheng Hao and the police officers used a rope to send Xia Jie down. Xia Jie tied the rope to Erbao. The police officers rescued him safely, and then rescued Xia Jie. The villagers applauded Xia Jie together. The village director thanked the police for their life-saving grace, and promised to persuade the villagers.

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