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Ordinary Greatness 警察荣誉 Episode 1 Recap

Balihe police station is located in the urban-rural border, and the residents in the area are very complex. Every morning, there is a lot of traffic and people in front of the police station. Although the director Wang Shouyi and the police officers did their best, the satisfaction rate of the masses was still at the bottom of the city’s 166 police stations. Director Song specially approved four trainee police officers to be added to the Balihe police station.

Today is the first day of the four trainee police officers entering the police, but Wang Shouyi is not happy. He is 54 years old this year, and he will be relegated to the second tier next year. The origin of the newcomer made him even more headache. Yang Shu holds a master’s degree in law from Peking University, and he will leave when he comes to the police station to be gilded.

Xia Jie is an outstanding graduate of the police academy, and is the daughter of the former director Xia Junxiong. Ten years ago, Xia Junxiong died in the execution of the mission. He called Wang Shouyi and asked Wang Shouyi to take care of Xia Bing. Zhao Jiwei was a top student in the police academy, and Li Dawei was admitted at the bottom of the test, and he was punished in the police academy.

Wang Shouyi called and complained to Director Song, asking the Director to replace the outstanding graduates assigned to the Shilihe Police Station. Wang Shouyi did not dare to neglect, he hurriedly greeted the police officers to clean up and prepare, and also asked the old criminal policeman Chen Xincheng to choose one of the four trainee police officers to be an apprentice.

Li Dawei took the bus to report to the police station. The bus was crowded with people. The little boy in the grandmother’s arms was crying, and the passengers were very dissatisfied, and they all suspected that the grandma was a human trafficker. Li Dawei squeezed his grandfather and grandson and asked for an ID card from the grandmother. She didn’t bring it with her, so Li Dawei told the driver to stop.

The driver was worried and asked Li Dawei to show his work permit. He had not reported yet and could not prove that he was a police officer. The passengers protested. Zhao Jiwei came to the police station early, picked up the broom and started sweeping the yard. Wang Shouyi learned that he was new and looked at him with admiration. Xia Jie came later, Wang Shouyi warmly welcomed her, and let the deputy director Cheng Hao do it. Her master, Cheng Hao, used to be the apprentice of Xia Jie’s father Xia Junxiong. He took great care of Xia Jie. Xia Jie wanted to sweep the yard, but Wang Shouyi asked her to go to the office to rest first.

Chen Xincheng received the alarm from Li Dawei and immediately took the police officers to arrest the old grandmother. Li Dawei introduced himself as a new trainee police officer, and Chen Xincheng took him back to the police station together.

The Qiao family and the Xu family were negotiating in the office, and Wang Shou sent police officers to appease them, lest they come out to disrupt the welcome ceremony. Director Song arrived on time and brought Poplar by the way. Li Dawei arrived in a police car and Wang Shouyi told him to return to the team as soon as possible. When Director Song saw Xia Jie, he couldn’t help thinking of the past ten years ago. He and Xia Junxiong were on a mission together.

Director Song criticized the work of the Balihe police station, and suddenly heard the chaos in the office. Wang Shouyi briefly told the whole story. The daughter of the Qiao family and Xu Ziming were in love. The two had a conflict, and the daughter of the Qiao family forced each other to die. , Xu Ziming didn’t take it seriously. I didn’t expect that the Qiao family’s daughter really committed suicide.

Wang Shouyi hurriedly entered the house to dissuade him. The Qiao family and the Xu family started fighting when they disagreed. Li Dawei, Xia Jie, and Zhao Jiwei hurried in to fight. Director Song wanted to detain both families in a fit of rage. Wang Shouyi hurriedly chased after them. When he came out, he repeatedly promised that the matter would be properly handled, but Director Song didn’t let him go.

After the unremitting efforts of the police officers, they finally persuaded the Qiao family and the Xu family to leave. Chen Xincheng conducted a surprise trial on the old grandmother, and it turned out that she was the grandmother of the little boy. The grandmother’s son came to the door to make a scene. Wang Shouyi complained that Li Dawei was reckless, and Li Dawei repeatedly explained the reason, but he didn’t listen at all. , the grandmother and daughter-in-law praised Li Dawei for doing the right thing, and the matter was quelled.

Wang Shouyi gave Li Dawei a hard lesson, and thanks to the instructor Ye Wei, he was relieved. Wang Shouyi believed that Yang Shu was the key training target of the bureau, and took special care of him. Li Dawei was indignant, Zhang Zhijie used 500 hours of surveillance to investigate the thieves who were stealing diapers, he was too busy to do it alone, and asked Wang Shouyi sent more people, and Wang Shouyi sent Zhao Jiwei to help.

Deputy Director Gao Gao received a report from an informant that the murderer he had been tracking had secretly returned home, Gao Gao hurried back to the station to ask for help, Li Dawei took the initiative to ask Ying to arrest people, Xia Jie and Yang Shu also asked to go together, Wang Shouyi was worried about the danger. The two of them strongly demanded.

Wang Shouyi finally reluctantly agreed to let Yang Shu go, and told Gao Qi to take good care of him. Xia Jie was also going to catch the murderer. She suddenly received a call from her mother, and Wang Shouyi persuaded him. She went back to have a good rest, and asked Chen Xincheng to cooperate with the climax to arrest people. Chen Xincheng excused himself because he was not feeling well. Wang Shouyi ordered him to go, so he had to do it.

Li Dawei and Yang Shu followed the police officers to get the equipment, and Gao Qi and Ye Wei gave them thousands of warnings. Xia Jie called her mother back, and her mother asked her for warmth. When she learned that her mother had called the police station leaders separately to ask for care, she couldn’t help complaining about her mother’s meal. Her mother didn’t listen at all, and told her to go home early after get off work. Xia Bing saw When Li Dawei and Yang Shu reported on the first day to perform such an important task, she felt envious.

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