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My Super Hero 欢迎光临 Episode 9 Recap

Manager Sun was also a little embarrassed. Usually, he did not have private contact with his employees. Wang Niulang said thank you to Manager Sun, not because of the flowers he sent, but because of the conflict with the guest who drove the Mercedes-Benz last time. After handling the opinions, Wang Niulang was only sentenced to study for two days. Handbooks, wages and bonuses were not withheld. Wang Niulang knew that it was Manager Sun who spoke for him, and the result was so light. This barbecue party has brought everyone closer to Manager Sun, but they didn’t expect that Manager Sun’s alcohol intake was not very good, and after three glasses of beer, people were drunk and unconscious.

Wang Niulang asked Jiujin to accompany him to buy things, but there was nothing to talk to on the way, and Jiujin also gave them some more skewers as a celebratory gift for Wang Niulang. In fact, they have a good impression of each other, but no one has the embarrassment to pierce this layer of window paper. After Manager Sun was drunk, Chen Jingdian took the lead in taking a photo with him, and others took a bold photo. Then Zhang Guang was typing cheerfully and sharing these trivial matters with his goddess Zheng Youen. Chen Jingdian suddenly realized whether Zheng Youen had already blocked Zhang Guangzheng, and he hurriedly experimented with Zhang Guangzheng to see if there would be any hints from being blocked.

Wang Niulang bought a bag of snacks, but after they came out, he gave them all nine pounds. Although some of the methods are very simple and simple, they are very easy to move. After moving Manager Sun back to the hotel suite, Zhang Guangzheng and the three went upstairs to chat. Zhang Guangzheng didn’t quite understand why Wang Niulang didn’t confess to Jiujin. Wang Niulang believed that he had no future and no fighting spirit, so why should he drag others down. After talking about himself, Wang Niulang talked about Chen Jingdian again. Before Manager Sun targeted him, there was nothing wrong with him, but Chen Jingdian’s work was not in place. Wang Niulang continued to talk about Zhang Guangzheng, saying that he was working in a hotel, hoping that he had not misunderstood himself.

Zhang Guangzheng thought of the topic he was talking about with Zheng Youen, and it happened that because of this topic, Zheng Youen passed his friend application. Zhang Guangzheng jumped excitedly and contacted Zheng Youen more frequently, which caused Zheng Youen to be unbearable and warned him to call the police again. Zhang Guangzheng was not worried, his face was full of smiles. Zhang Guangzheng took the initiative to take pictures of the aunts. After the filming was almost done, Aunt Sun sent the others away, and Liu Meili called Zhang Guangzheng to the side to talk, pointing out the shortcomings of Zhang Guangzheng’s rustic clothes, and decided to take him to buy clothes tomorrow. He can bring 500 yuan to buy clothes.

On the same day, Liu Meili took Zhang Guangzheng to buy clothes. She picked a few pieces. The boss opened his mouth and one piece cost more than 100 yuan. Zhang Guangzheng behind him was in a hurry, for fear that it was too expensive and he would not have enough money in his pocket, but Liu Meili smiled slightly. , seems to have a confident look. The boss figured out the total price of 1,000 yuan, and Liu Meili directly bargained the price. In the end, the deal was sold at 500 yuan. Liu Meili also bought a western-style pink suit. The next day, Zhang Guangzheng wore new clothes to dance, and Liu Meili also wore new clothes. The aunts gathered around and said envious words, Liu Meili was very happy.

A friend kept calling Chen Jingdian, the other party called once, and Chen Jingdian hung up once. Douzi couldn’t help but say that if he really wanted to come to Beijing, he could invite someone to his house and let her cook and entertain. Chen Jingdian asked her to memorize the words, but Douzi complained and ran out on the pretext of buying something. When Chen Jingdian waited for her to leave, she made the call just now.

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