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My Super Hero 欢迎光临 Episode 8 Recap

When Zhang Guang was about to go back, Liu Meili woke up Zheng Youen who was making up his sleep in the room. Seeing Zheng Youen who had just woken up, Zhang Guangzheng forgot that she stripped herself and threw it in the toilet, and only remembered Liu Meili’s entrustment and the countless sorrys on the note. Zheng Youen said that his mother brought everyone to the house.

Zhang Guangzheng was not angry and said goodbye politely. Liu Meili quickly took Zhang Guangzheng out and couldn’t help complaining about her daughter. Zhang Guangzheng suddenly said beside him that he was willing to help Liu Meili. When Tong Nana came home, Yu Peng came up to scold her for not replying to WeChat. Tong Nana was not weak for the first time, and took out the bank statement.

Yu Peng made several large expenditures above, not to game companies, but to individuals. Seeing this, Yu’s mother also turned around and blamed her son. Liu Meili gave Zhang Guangzheng the recent schedule of Zheng Youen. Zhang Guangzheng was very happy. After returning home, he marked Zheng Youen’s recent flight lines on the map. Wang Niulang couldn’t bear to let Zhang Guangzheng plunge into this bottomless abyss. He called Zhang Guangzheng out alone and reminded him that Zheng Youen was not someone he could catch up with. Zheng Youen had a bag worth tens of thousands of dollars, let alone them. I bought the house next door in the neighborhood. Wang Niulang talked for a long time, but Zhang Guangzheng did not change his mind.

But these days, Zhang Guangzheng and Zheng Youen’s contact information, she did not pass. Zhang Guangzheng also sent text messages every day to share with her about his daily life. When the aunts learned that Zhang Guangzheng hadn’t done anything, they couldn’t help but lament their foreheads. Zhang Guangzheng listened and remembered very carefully. Wang Niulang and Chen Jingdian didn’t understand it very well. Zhang Guangzheng said that those aunts actually wanted someone to listen to them and chat with them. Zhang Guangzheng’s words were simple, but they made some sense. Chen Jingdian and Wang Niulang were silent and listened to Zhang Guangzheng’s words.

Recently, Zhang Guangzheng has always sent text messages to Zheng Youen to share his work and life. Even if Zheng Youen does not reply, Zhang Guangzheng still enjoys it. This kind of perseverance can probably be regarded as one of his advantages. In a few days, it will be the 15th anniversary of Wang Niulang’s entry into the business. To celebrate, Zhang Guangzheng will invite the big guy to have a barbecue. Zhang Guangzheng bought him a watch as a gift, and he also shared this with Zheng Youen. In the staff cafeteria, Wang Niulang chatted with the big guy. It can be said that he is a master-level talker. He can say a thing or two about the hotel.

Manager Sun walked into the dining hall to eat, and Zhang Guangzheng hurriedly reminded Wang Niulang to eat and go to work. In the evening, Wang Niulang invited all his colleagues to have a barbecue, and he still talked freely, and he came to talk nonsense. Jiujin, the waiter of the barbecue restaurant, knew Wang Niulang and brought the beer from the boss, and was teased by everyone. Wang Niulang appeared shy for the first time, and Zhang Guangzheng and Chen Jingdian teased him even more. Zhang Guangzheng also pulled Manager Sun into the group. He sent out red envelopes in the group. When everyone found out that it was him, they all asked who pulled him in. Zhang Guangzheng quickly admitted that he thought Manager Sun was usually used to being serious. People are not bad.

Although Wang Niulang didn’t say anything, he still sent a message to Manager Sun and invited him over to drink and celebrate. Manager Sun thought about it for a while, and went to participate with a bunch of flowers. After everyone saw him, they instantly became restrained, and Wang Niulang’s attitude towards Manager Sun was still very good.

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