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My Super Hero 欢迎光临 Episode 14 Recap

Wang Niulang said good things to Zhang Guangzheng, and Liu Meili didn’t have such a big opinion on Zhang Guangzheng. She suddenly thought of asking Wang Niulang to dance with her. While chatting, Liu Meili was surprised to learn that Wang Niulang was a doorman. He looked bigger than Zhang Guangzheng, but he didn’t expect his position to be lower than Zhang Guangzheng. As soon as Wang Niulang heard it and saw Zhang Guangzheng’s guilty eyes again, he knew that he had lied to Liu Meili, but his brother’s loyalty made Wang Niulang choose to deceive Liu Meili together with Zhang Guangzheng. Before the makeup was finished, Aunt Sun found that Uncle Yang was missing, and before the makeup was done, she hurriedly went out to find him.

Aunt Sun searched around and couldn’t find anyone, so she could only call Zhang Guangzheng for help, and Liu Meili also asked other aunts to find someone separately. Zheng Youen called Zhang Guangzheng to inquire about the situation of the fighting dance. Zhang Guangzheng honestly said that it didn’t work because Aunt Sun’s wife was lost. Zheng Youen gave him an idea to edit a message to find someone, everyone sent it to the circle of friends to spread it, and then Liu Meili and the aunts sent the search message to the group and circle of friends, and the aunts went back to their respective homes. Zhang Guangzheng was worried about Sun Aunt, then went to Aunt Sun’s house with Liu Meili and Wang Niulang to accompany her.

Zheng Youen received a call from an online car-hailing driver. The other party said that he almost hit an old man on the road. After seeing Zheng Youen’s missing person notice, he found that he was very similar to the person Zheng Youen was looking for. The car-hailing driver sent Zheng Youen the location of the chemical plant, and everyone went to look for someone nearby. After looking around and seeing no one, Tong Nana comforted Aunt Sun not to worry. Zhang Guangzheng and Wang Niulang finally found Uncle Yang and quickly brought him back to Aunt Sun. It turned out that Uncle Yang used to be a technician in the gear factory, and he met Aunt Sun at the union dance, so he never forgot about the social dance.

Uncle Yang always said that he wanted to dance with Aunt Sun, and she followed his wishes and helped him move forward slowly, pretending to be dancing. The people behind looked at it and felt very emotional. Wang Niulang called a car, and asked the driver to take a detour to take Tong Nana home. Both of them are in the service industry, and there are many topics to discuss. Zheng Youen rambled and talked to Liu Meili in the living room, but she didn’t reply. After a while, Liu Meili said that she missed Zheng Youen’s father. Perhaps seeing Sister Sun and Uncle Yang supporting each other touched Liu Meili’s heart, and Zheng Youen also cried in her room that night.

Zhang Guangzheng sent Uncle Yang and Aunt Sun home. Aunt Sun asked about the progress of him and Zheng Youen. Zhang Guangzheng said frustratedly that it was still the same. Aunt Sun took her and Uncle Yang’s love story as an example to teach Zhang Guangzheng how to really insist on chasing a person she likes. Aunt Sun’s words are reasonable, which makes Zhang Guangzheng ignite his fighting spirit and confidence. He wants to become better for Zheng Youen so that he will not wrong her. Zhang Guangzheng ran downstairs to Zheng Youen’s community in one breath, and sent her WeChat to ask her to come down. He had a few questions to ask her in person, but Zheng Youen really came down.

Zhang Guangzheng asked her what kind of person she likes, and Zheng Youen told the truth that she actually did not dislike Zhang Guangzheng, and even thought he was a little stupid. People nowadays are too smart, and stupid people are rare. Zhang Guangzheng asked her again if it was possible to catch up with her if she continued to work so hard.

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