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My Super Hero 欢迎光临 Episode 13 Recap

Zhang Guangzheng wanted to inquire with Liu Meili about Zheng Youen, but Liu Meili said that if he was a scumbag again, she would never tell him about Zheng Youen again. Zhang Guangzheng was very helpless, with Aunt Sun on one side and Liu Meili on the other, Zhang Guangzheng did not dare to offend either. Liu Meili and Aunt Sun secretly competed against each other and turned on the loudspeaker music.

As a result, the residents of the neighborhood committee led the police to educate them, and they could only do as the police comrades asked. However, Aunt Sun still wanted to compete with Liu Meili. Aunt Sun proposed to dance at the entrance of the supermarket, and passers-by who did not know them would judge who danced better.

When Liu Meili heard that she was going to jump at the door of the supermarket, her face was embarrassed. Aunt Sun tried again, but Liu Meili had to agree. The two agreed to dance at the entrance of the supermarket at 5 o’clock in the afternoon on Saturday. Whoever loses will honestly dance the dance chosen by the other party. Zhang Guangzheng had just returned home, and before he could sit in a hot chair, Aunt Sun pulled him out again and counted the number of people on the left or the right at the entrance of the supermarket.

Aunt Sun has worked hard to prepare for this competition with Liu Meili in the supermarket. She also plans to practice health exercises in the future. Zhang Guangzheng said with emotion that she worked harder than she did in the previous college entrance examination.

The little girl that Douzi rescued last time was called Tangyuan. Her father, Mr. Duan, thanked Douzi for this and left his business card to welcome her to Shanghai for development. He also has a hotel in Shanghai. Douzi is very happy because of this.

This feeling of being recognized makes her feel that her work is still very valuable. Zhang Guangzheng asked Chen Jingdian and the others to go to the supermarket to cheer for the aunts. Chen Jingdian was reluctant to go, but Douzi was willing, but she had to go to work in the afternoon, and Wang Niulang decided to join in. There will be a dance fight tomorrow. Liu Meili was dancing early in the morning, but her waist flashed, and she didn’t stop at night.

Zheng Youen called Zhang Guangzheng and learned that Liu Meili and Aunt Sun were going to dance in front of the supermarket tomorrow. Zheng Youen wanted to persuade Liu Meili to give up, but Liu Meili couldn’t listen to her. It would be fine if Zheng Youen didn’t cheer her on, and she was still venting her anger here. Zheng Youen was extremely helpless and let her continue dancing. On the morning of the contest, Aunt Sun and Liu Meili were exactly the same, and both chose the clothes to wear at home. Zhang Guangzheng was forced to be helpless, so he called a makeup artist to do makeup on Aunt Sun. No one noticed, and Uncle Yang went out by himself.

Tong Nana asked Zheng Youen to go shopping in the supermarket. When Zheng Youen thought of watching his mother dance with others at the door of the supermarket, he was so embarrassed that he got goosebumps all over his body. Liu Meili came to the door of the supermarket half an hour earlier, while Zheng Youen and Tong Nana were shopping at the mall.

Tong Nana thought for a while, told Zheng Youen that Yu Peng wanted to start a business with someone, and asked her what she thought. When Zheng Youen heard that Yu Peng wanted to spend Tong Nana’s money, she rolled her eyes. Yu Peng has been kind to herself recently, so Tong Nana hesitated whether to give Yu Peng all her savings to start a business.

What Zheng Youen said is reasonable. Now Yu Peng has no income at all, and Tong Nana is the mainstay of the family. Therefore, Zheng Youen said that Tong Nana should not take loans to start a business. It was Yu Peng’s credit for earning it. Zhang Guangzheng and Wang Niulang dragged the speakers to the door of the supermarket. They looked around and found that there were not many people here.

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