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My Super Hero 欢迎光临 Episode 12 Recap

At first glance, Chen Jingdian’s parents were intellectuals. When they learned that Chen Jingdian was working as a doorman here, the old man’s expression changed. Chen Jingdian asked for leave, Douzi cooked a table of dishes in the rented house, and went back to the hotel to work.

Chen’s father scolded him for lack of ambition, thinking that Chen Jingdian’s job, girlfriend and friends could not be used. The more he said it, the more unpleasant it sounded, Chen Jingdian couldn’t help but stand up, but Chen’s father scolded him even more. Chen Jingdian threw his postgraduate entrance examination book on the ground for them to read, and took out his mobile phone to find out his previous postgraduate entrance examination results.

Chen Jingdian opened the door and went out. Douzi burst into tears outside. She heard all the conversations between Chen Jingdian and her parents. Chen Jingdian couldn’t bear her to face her parents and dragged her away. When Wang Niulang and Zhang Guangzheng were chatting, they talked about Chen Jingdian and his family. Chen Jingdian drank a lot of wine at the barbecue stall, his face was red, Douzi accompanied him, and then Wang Niulang and Zhang Guangzheng also came to accompany them after get off work.

After drinking, Chen Jingdian was like a talker. He told the story that his mock test scores were more than 100 points away from the score line. Douzi and Wang Niulang were both shocked, but Zhang Guangzheng knew in advance, not too much. many surprises.

As soon as Jiu Jin came up, they all opened up. Chen Jingdian learned from Douzi’s words that it was Zhang Guangzheng who told Douzi about his postgraduate entrance examination, and Zhang Guangzheng also admitted it. Chen Jingdian was very angry, grabbed Zhang Guangzheng and was about to fight, but was stopped by Wang Niulang. Wang Niulang’s words finally calmed Chen Jingdian, he hugged Zhang Guangzheng, he knew they were all for his own good, but he really couldn’t do anything, he really wasn’t as good as they thought.

A seven-footed man crying with Zhang Guangzheng in his arms is pitiful to anyone. Wang Niulang and Zhang Guangzheng brought back Chen Jingdian who was drunk, and Chen Jingdian fell asleep on Zhang Guangzheng’s cot.

That night, Zhang Guangzheng, who was very emotional, sent a message to Zheng Youen and chatted a few words. Chen Jingdian packed up all the books, and called the uncle who collected the scraps to collect them. It’s so expensive when you buy it, but it’s only worth a dollar a pound when you sell it. Later, Chen Jingdian focused his energy on his work. Wang Niulang saw the relationship between Chen Jingdian and his family very thoroughly. It was useless for others to worry about some things. Now he is most worried about beans.

When Douzi was working, she encountered a little girl who was choked on something. She called for emergency help in time, but the child’s face was already flushed. Douzi had learned first aid. The foreign body vomited out, and when Manager Sun brought someone up, the child was fine. Chen Jingdian said a few words about Douzi. His original intention was to be good for Douzi, but what he said made Douzi feel uncomfortable.

After Zheng Youen got off work, he brought back a lot of things to Liu Meili and asked her to share the things with the dancing aunts. After all, it is very important to have a good relationship. Liu Meili said that Zhang Guangzheng would eat a box of biscuits, but Zheng Youen immediately objected. Liu Meili told Zheng Youen everything Zhang Guangzheng said to herself last time. The more Zheng Youen listened, the more uncomfortable she became, so she simply let her give the biscuits to anyone. The next day, Liu Meili took the chocolate to share, and Zhang Guangzheng also wanted to eat it.

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