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My Super Hero 欢迎光临 Episode 11 Recap

Seeing that everyone thought Liu Meili’s song selection and new exercises were good, Aunt Sun’s face was so bad, she asked Zhang Guangzheng to help her push the speaker home. After returning home, Big Sister Sun couldn’t help but complain to Zhang Guangzheng about the stomping exercise that Liu Meili chose. She felt that Liu Meili wanted to grab her leadership.

Sister Sun asked Zhang Guangzheng’s attitude towards this matter. Before Zhang Guangzheng said anything, Sister Sun asked him not to favor Liu Meili just because he was chasing Zheng Youen. The next day, Sister Sun went to occupy the space long ago, and Liu Meili came with the speaker, and found that Sister Sun had played the music before her, and Liu Meili followed her to do the elderly health exercise.

Sister Sun decided to let Zhang Guangzheng take care of the speakers. Zhang Guangzheng couldn’t refuse even if he wanted to. Liu Meili was very angry and left with a stinky face. As soon as she got home, Liu Meili complained to Zheng Youen, and even Zhang Guangzheng. Zheng Youen did not agree with her words, and refuted her a few words, and the two of them quarreled.

Zheng Youen hurried out to prevent the two of them from arguing more and more. Zheng Youen went to the mall and sent a message to Zhang Guangzheng, telling him not to always trouble Liu Meili, or she would quarrel with him when she returned home. Zhang Guangzheng replied to several messages in succession, and answered all the questions that Zheng Youen wanted to ask first.

Zheng Youen thought about it and asked Zhang Guangzheng to come to the mall. Zhang Guangzheng was so excited that he ran to the mall without having lunch. Zhang Guangzheng enlightens Zheng Youen and tries to ease the relationship between Zheng Youen and Liu Meili. Although Zhang Guangzheng looked stupid at ordinary times, but speaking truthfully, he suggested Zheng Youen to follow Liu Meili and coax her in everything, it was no big deal.

Zheng Youen listened to his words and wanted to invite him to dinner to express his gratitude. Zhang Guang was about to return to the hotel, so he missed this rare opportunity. Chen Jingdian came back from the remedial class for the mock test. He said that he did well in the test, and Wang Niulang, Zhang Guangzheng and Douzi cooked for him to celebrate.

In the evening, Zhang Guangzheng accidentally discovered that Chen Jingdian hid today’s test papers in a book. When he saw that his score was only fifty-eight, Chen Jingdian explained that he had done a good review, but when he got to the test, he panicked. As for the top three in the test, he lied to Douzi, for fear that she would be sad. In the end, Zhang Guangzheng didn’t tell Douzi the truth, and helped Chen Jing to collect the papers righteously. Zheng Youen went to work early in the morning, and she left a note for Liu Meili. As soon as she went out, Liu Meili left the room. She smiled knowingly when she saw the note left by her daughter, and then carefully placed the note in her notebook to commemorate and store it. .

Sister Sun and Liu Meili had different opinions on the selection and dance of the square dance competition, and Zhang Guangzheng was caught in the middle, and no one wanted to offend. Sister Sun spoke up and asked the aunt to choose between dancing in the square or fitness training. As a result, the two votes were the same, and Zhang Guangzheng was the only one who did not choose.

Zhang Guangzheng was not easy to offend on both sides, so he had to say that he could dance with both, so the aunts were divided into two groups, one for stomping dance and the other for fitness training. Every time Liu Meili or Sister Sun came over, Zhang Guangzheng had to Jumping according to their hearts, tired enough. At work, Zhang Guangzheng couldn’t help complaining to Wang Niulang. Wang Niulang suggested that he return the speaker tomorrow because he was busy with work.

Chen Jingdian’s parents came to the Beijing hotel to find him. Wang Niulang and Zhang Guang were the first to see the second old man, but they didn’t know that the couple in front of them were Chen Jingdian’s parents, so Zhang Guangzheng accidentally took Chen Jingdian as his door. Child things are said.

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