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My Super Hero 欢迎光临 Episode 10 Recap

Liu Meili was overdressed and suffered from heat stroke while dancing. Zhang Guangzheng hurriedly took her to the community hospital. The doctor said that she just suffered from heat stroke and that there were no other major problems. Then the doctor asked her to infuse her in the hospital, and Zhang Guangzheng was by her side. Zhang Guangzheng proposed to tell Zheng Youen about this, just as she came back today.

Liu Meili didn’t want to tell Zheng Youen what she said, otherwise she would definitely talk about herself again. Zheng Youen called, but Liu Meili refused to answer. Zhang Guangzheng had to bite the bullet and answer the phone, telling Zheng Youen that Liu Meili was in the community hospital. Zheng Youen was pulling the suitcase, and the flight attendant’s clothes had not been taken off, and hurried to the hospital.

Zheng Youen asked about her condition, Liu Meili kept asking her to have breakfast first, Zheng Youen had to go to the breakfast restaurant outside for breakfast, Liu Meili motioned Zhang Guangzhen to go with her. After Zheng Youen left, Liu Meili breathed a sigh of relief, she was really afraid of this daughter. During breakfast, Zheng Youen learned from Zhang Guangzheng that Liu Meili suffered from heatstroke while dancing square dancing, and said that Liu Meili would never be allowed to dance square dancing in the future.

Zhang Guangzheng complained about Liu Meili’s injustice. He felt that Liu Meili, who had retired, was lonely, and when she was dancing the square dance, she was chatting and talking, so Zhang Guangzheng could understand Liu Meili’s mood very well.

Zheng Youen argued with him for a few words, Zhang Guangzheng suddenly twitched his head, squeezed Zheng Youen’s face and said something, his behavior made Zheng Youen stunned. After Zhang Guangzheng finished speaking, looking at Zheng Youen’s face pinched by him and her pouting lips, Zhang Guangzheng couldn’t help but slowly leaned in.

Zheng Youen poured the soy milk in the bowl onto Zhang Guangzheng’s head without hesitation, and Zhang Guangzheng finally calmed down. Zhang Guangzheng went to the toilet to clean up, and he and Zheng Youen promised that they would not complain to Liu Meili. When they got to the downstairs of the community, Zheng Youen asked his mother to go up first. She had something to tell Zhang Guangzheng. She said that next time, he would directly destroy Zhang Guangzheng’s appearance.

Zhang Guangzheng asked her for a photo. Unexpectedly, Zheng Youen agreed readily and let him wait in place below. Zhang Guangzheng happily told Wang Niulang the news, and Wang Niulang reminded him to stay away from the window, in case Zheng Youen tricked him again. Zhang Guangzheng was not very happy, so Wang Niulang made a bet with him.

Later, Zhang Guangzheng did get a photo of Zheng Youen, but it was an X-ray film taken during the medical examination in the hospital. Zhang Guangzheng was very embarrassed, but he still brought the X-ray film back. Wang Niulang saw that this was an X-ray and felt speechless and funny. But for Zhang Guangzheng, this X-ray film is of great significance.

Zhang Guangzheng surrounded the small lights along the lines of the bones, and then shared it with Zheng Youen, who immediately called and reprimanded. Yu Peng has been frustrated many times in finding a job, and Tong Nana has ignored herself these days. He has also learned to be good, and honestly does housework and waits for Tong Nana to come back from get off work.

Seeing Yu Peng’s good attitude, Tong Nana reconciled with him, but she didn’t expect that Yu Peng had the intention of starting a business with others, and she would use all her family’s savings and Tong Nana’s salary of more than 20,000. Tong Nana felt that the risk was very high, but in fact she was reluctant. Liu Meili brought a small and convenient speaker, and she also brought new dance exercises. Sister Sun felt that her position was unstable.

Big Sister Sun refused to do the new gymnastics because it was too difficult to learn. She was gently revealed by Liu Meili with a few words, and soon everyone followed Liu Meili to dance the so-called stomping exercises. After jumping down, the other aunts felt okay, and Sister Sun looked a little embarrassed.

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