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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Mind Reader 法医秦明之读心者 Episode 9 Recap

Under the leadership of Lei Ming, Team Li and An Ran quickly came to the place where Lei Ming and his band used to perform. Sure enough, Liu Lili was here. She had already made up her mind to die. Team Lee shouted. Li Dui and An Ran persuaded Liu Lili to face it bravely, but Liu Lili insisted that everyone did not give her a way to survive. Internet violence made her unable to survive.

People believed that she killed her father. Zhi, saying that he and Liu Lili are the people who know each other best, because his mother once had very strict requirements on him, and it was based on this that the two finally got together, and Lei Ming found someone to fake his grades to satisfy his mother Vanity, Liu Lili asked him to help create a fake admission letter to deceive her father.

Liu Lili felt that it was useless to say anything now. In fact, it was her father who killed herself. Seeing that Lei Ming could not convince Liu Lili, he admitted that it was his own fault that caused Liu Bin’s death, not Liu Lili’s fault. He had been at the crime scene that night. , After Xu Jiang left, he came to Liu Bin and warned him not to hurt Liu Lili in the future, otherwise he would not let him go.

Liu Bin did not admit that Liu Lili would have a boyfriend, she had to finish her studies, and even if she had It wouldn’t be Lei Ming. Lei Ming was angered by Liu Bin’s words. When Liu Bin took out the quick-acting heart-saving pill, he stepped forward to stop it, grabbed it and threw it into the river. Liu Bin was so angry that he kicked Lei Ming into the river, but he saw Lei Ming in the river. In distress, Liu Bin endured the pain and jumped into the water to rescue Lei Ming.

Although Lei Ming was rescued, he saw that Liu Bin had a heart attack and did not do any rescue, but quickly fled the scene. After listening to Lei Ming’s words, Liu Lili felt even more sad. She felt that the whole world was forcing her, so she continued to prepare to jump off the building. At this time, Qin Ming appeared with Liu Bin’s recorded last words. In the last words, Liu Bin expressed his apology to his daughter and everything he did. It was also for the sake of her daughter. After listening to her father’s last words and looking at her mother who arrived later, Liu Lili finally changed her decision. The mother and daughter cried together.

Everything was settled, and it seemed that the case could be ended, but Qin Ming felt that the case was full of doubts. He suspected that a fourth person appeared at the scene, stunned Liu Bin with a stun gun and threw him into the river because he found out at the scene. Many dead fish, Zhang Biao also expressed his opinion, although Liu Bin drowned after being beaten, why did he record a last words to Liu Lili on his mobile phone, but he believed in evidence, not arbitrary speculation .

Qin Ming glared at Zhang Biao. He took out his evidence and found a special delete key at the crime scene. Team Li told about a suicide case ten years ago. Zhang Yaxin, a girl with cancer, couldn’t stand the Internet Violent suicide, Liu Bin was one of the black fans who attacked her, and Qin Ming’s mother Hao Zhiyun was the head nurse who cared for the girl, and she encouraged and helped the girl live broadcast. Qin Ming took out an envelope, which was the delete key sent to him. He thought it was a provocation by the murderer, and the murderer who killed Liu Bin was someone else.

Zhang Biao still refused to admit that Qin clearly deduced and asked him to take it. As evidence, Qin Ming said that the deceased Hao Zhiyun drowned ten years ago, and she also held a delete button in her hand. Zhang Biao was the chief forensic doctor of the case at the time. Did he forget all this? The words made Zhang Biao fall into deep thought. He did not want to discuss this unsolved case with Qin Ming. At this time, Team Li’s phone rang and found a paraffinized body. She asked everyone to go to the scene to investigate.

The corpse at the scene was found in an abandoned parking lot. The corpse was sealed with plastic film and had been saponified beyond recognition. Lin Tao couldn’t help but vomit. After preliminary identification, it was a woman who was wearing clothing and saponification. The times do not match, and the time of death cannot be inferred. Qin Ming got inspiration from the soap that Anran gave him. He and Anran went to the daily chemical store to find clues. After learning about the soap making process, Qin Ming determined the time of death of the deceased with the cooperation of the technical department. At the end of the month, Li team immediately arranged the next steps, and sent a report to each police station to assist in the investigation to find the source of the corpse.

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