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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Mind Reader 法医秦明之读心者 Episode 8 Recap

After discussing the case, Huanhuan took the initiative to invite Qin Ming and wanted to have dinner with him, but An Ran immediately emphasized that he had an appointment, and Zhang Biao didn’t want to see his apprentice secretly escorting him in front of him, so he He asked Huanhuan to clean the autopsy room. At this time, Lin Tao came in and pretended to be helping Huanhuan to invite her to dinner. Unexpectedly, he was rejected by Huanhuan because he still had work to do. Lin Tao said he wanted to talk to her. Cleaned together, and ended up being looked down upon by everyone.

When he got off work, Qin Ming thanked An Ran for helping him out of the siege, but he said that he didn’t need it. An Ran told him that he really wanted to invite him to a meal, saying that he had something to discuss with him, and then brought Qin Ming to come. Arrived at Zhang’s Kitchen. Qin Ming was a little curious when he saw An Ran’s gobbling. After all, she kept claiming that she was losing weight. An Ran told him seriously that there are two things in life that cannot be changed. One is the food in her stomach, and the other is her hidden dreams , She is doing such a thing, eating delicious food and dreaming of losing weight. This explanation makes Qin Ming dumbfounded. Just when the two were about to leave, Zhou Wei, An Ran’s classmate, also came to the store.

She showed off to An Ran that she was about to get married, and her marriage partner was An Ran’s ex-boyfriend. Showing off his wealth in front of him, he also said that his boyfriend would soon become a doctoral student of the dean of a famous medical school. He looked like he was in a high position. Qin Ming couldn’t bear to see An Ran collapse. He asked the dean if it was Hao Zhiqiu, which attracted their attention at that time. Come here, because Hao Zhiqiu is his uncle, but Hao Zhiqiu has no plans to accept disciples, which is equivalent to exposing Zhou Wei’s bragging rights and helping An Ran gain face.

An Ran thanked Qin Ming for helping herself out of the siege, and stressed that she did not need it. Although the work of forensics was not that great, she felt that it was very meaningful to her. At this time, the two saw two thugs pulling a drunk Liu Lili wanted to drag her away, but Liu Lili kept resisting, An Ran stepped forward to stop her, Liu Lili took the opportunity to escape, and the thug turned his attention to An Ran, Qin Ming couldn’t stand by, so he offered to help, knocked down the two thugs, and hurriedly pulled An Ran Running away, An Ran looked shy and held hands by Qin Ming. She did not feel the danger of the gangsters chasing after her, but was entangled in happiness, so that when she returned home at night, she tossed and slept, remembering how she and Qin Ming had known each other. The current scene is full of Qin Ming’s appearance and happy little stars.

When she went to work the next day, An Ran was still immersed in happiness. She didn’t even hear Team Li call her several times. She told Team Li that she could almost confirm that Qin Ming liked her, but she hadn’t confirmed it from Qin Ming’s mouth. Xu Jiang once took Liu Bin’s taxi that night, which was definitely related to the case. Team Li led people to arrest Xu Jiang. Xu Jiang ran away and was eventually captured by Qin Ming and Lin Tao. , he admitted that he and others deceived Liu Bin to the riverbank and beat him, but he did not kill Liu Bin. Liu Bin owed him 50,000 usury two years ago. As a threat, Liu Bin asked him to transfer the 153,000 yuan from his mobile phone, which was considered to cancel the loan shark. After investigation, Xu Jiang did have an alibi. Liu Bin died at 11:20 that night, and Xu Jiang was having a barbecue with his friends to celebrate.

Liu Lili fell into cyber violence again. A netizen named Black Dahlia spoke up for Liu Lili. In his words, it seemed that he had been to the scene. The technical department found out that this person was called Lei Ming and was Liu Lili’s boyfriend. Team Li and An Ran found Lei Ming. Lei Ming said that he was in love with Liu Lili. Evidence of presence. At this time, An Ran received a phone call from a colleague. Mother Liu reported that Liu Lili was missing. She was worried that she might not be able to think about it. An Ran immediately asked Lei Ming about where An Ran might go. Holding the photo with his parents, he wept bitterly, believing that he killed his father.

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