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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Mind Reader 法医秦明之读心者 Episode 7 Recap

Liu Bin’s accidental death aroused everyone’s attention, and also made Liu Lili’s suicide more confusing. Everyone came to the scene of the river bank to investigate. Qin Ming called Team Li aside and told her his preliminary judgment on the cause of Liu Bin’s death. Basically drowning to death, but should have been injured before drowning.

At this time, Zhang Biao and Huanhuan, who were newly transferred to the forensic center, also came to the scene. Zhang Biao was Huanhuan’s master. He expressed his judgment on the scene, which was basically the same as Qin Ming’s, but he was more inclined to drown As for whether it was caused by drowning after being injured, he can’t judge now. From his words, it seems that Qin Ming’s perception is not very good.

In order to find out the truth, everyone decided to conduct an autopsy on Liu Bin, hoping to find some clues related to the case. This is also the first real contest between Qin Ming and Zhang Biao. This contest is purely a technical discussion, and there are no other factors. . Liu Bin suffered from a serious heart disease during his lifetime, but it was not the main cause of his death. After a series of examinations, it was determined that he drowned after falling into the river after being injured.

Qin Ming guessed Liu Bin based on his own knowledge of the case. After being attacked, he was thrown into the river to death, and it was concluded that it was homicide. However, Zhang Biao believes that it may also be that Liu Bin had a heart attack or fell into the water after being beaten. The evidence does not fully prove that it was homicide. There is a slight conflict, but Huanhuan admires Qin Ming’s analytical ability and technical level.

Team Li organized a case analysis meeting, and the forensic team was present. An Ran stopped Zhang Biao and pointed out that the person presiding over the meeting was Li Qiang, but Zhang Biao disagreed. In fact, Zhang Biao was Li Qiang’s ex-husband. Team Li was a little surprised by Zhang Biao’s arrival, and it was cloudy at once. After An Ran introduced Zhang Biao and Huanhuan, everyone applauded and welcomed them. Team Li immediately stopped and asked everyone to focus on the detection of the case.

Give Zhang Biao a slap in the face. Lin Tao introduced the investigation of the little vest with rhythm in the live broadcast room. Although he was found, the deliveryman didn’t know after asking three questions, and there was evidence that his ID card was lost a month ago. This clue can only be temporarily interrupt. According to the autopsy situation, Li team believes that although there is no direct evidence to prove that Liu Bin killed him, but there are many doubts, they decide to file a case for investigation.

Liu Lili came to the police station to recognize her body. Although he was very dissatisfied with her father, she could not accept the tragic death of her father. At that time, she had sex with her boyfriend and caused bleeding from her lower body. She did not admit it because she was afraid of being punished by her father. The false impression of her father’s abuse was just to vent her anger towards her father. Team Li and An Ran questioned Liu Lili. Liu Lili recounted a series of events after her father came back from prison. Her life has been completely changed since then. Liu Bin had high hopes for her and insisted that she be admitted to Qingbei University.

But after learning about Liu Bin’s situation, the classmates and teachers kept away from her, which made Liu Lili’s mood depressed and her grades plummeted. Liu Bin knew that Liu Lili’s grades could not be admitted to Qingbei University, but still kept persecuting her. In desperation, After the college entrance examination, Liu Lili found someone to forge the admission notice. After that, she lived a very happy life, until one day her lie was exposed by Liu Bin, and she began to be placed under house arrest and punishment by Liu Bin.

Liu Lili was very sad about her father’s departure. She stared at the toys that her father gave her when she was packing. At this time, Liu’s mother came back and wanted to live with her. Liu Lili was annoyed that she left when she needed her the most. It’s useless to come back again, she also doesn’t need such a mother. Lin Tao found out that the person who took Liu Bin’s taxi that night was called Xu Jiang. Team Li asked him to bring this person back for investigation immediately, while Qin Ming gave his opinion. The suspect in this case might also be Liu Lili, which attracted everyone’s attention.

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