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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Mind Reader 法医秦明之读心者 Episode 10 Recap

An Ran chased Qin Ming and walked out. Qin Ming told her to stay away from him, because the smell of his body was still very strong. An Ran was grateful for the soap Qin Ming gave her. The outline on the painting should be the image of a woman. Qin Ming told her that this was a very important person to him. An Ran mistakenly thought it would be Qin Ming’s girlfriend, and she felt a little disappointed. Zhang Biao’s facial restoration technology for corpses is also in the forefront in China.

Huanhuan and Anran admired it. Unexpectedly, Qin Ming also praised Zhang Biao abnormally, which made Anran and Huanhuan feel strange. The old-fashioned Zhang Biao naturally knew Qin Ming’s intentions. He said that he needed an assistant for facial restoration. Huanhuan felt that it was her obligatory task, and An Ran asked Huanhuan to help with another thing. The task falls on Qin Ming’s head, which is why Qin Ming is uncharacteristically.

Qin Ming just wanted to visit and learn about facial restoration technology, but Zhang Biao took him as a real assistant. In desperation, he had to do auxiliary work. Zhang Biao asked him to prepare for the night. Check out your food. Qin Ming and An Ran went to the convenience store for snacks together. Qin Ming revealed that he preferred another method of facial restoration, that is, freehand shaping.

It suddenly rained heavily in the sky. Qin Ming completely forgot about bringing food to Zhang Biao. The two of them only bought a children’s umbrella. Qin Ming has never held an umbrella with the girls. , drenched half of his body. When the two returned to face the hungry Zhang Biao, they had no choice but to tell the truth after lying.

The next day, Zhang Biao stayed up all night to rush the facial reconstruction results. Combined with the report of a nearby police station, it was confirmed that the female corpse was a flight attendant named Zhang Yuchen. Lin Tao said that Zhang Yuchen’s mother had come to recognize the body. And he behaved very calmly. Qin Ming felt that the situation was not right, and hurried to the corpse recognition room.

Huanhuan received Mother Zhang, who collapsed when she saw the corpse, insisting that it was not her daughter, saying that her daughter must have gone on a trip, and took out her phone to call her daughter, and then fell to the ground. Fortunately, Qin Ming and An Ran arrived in time. Qin Ming asked An Ran to do CPR quickly to rescue Zhang’s mother. For this incident, Huanhuan had an inescapable responsibility. Qin Ming criticized her and Lin Tao on the spot.

Li team went to the hospital to ask Zhang’s mother. Zhang’s mother said that Zhang Yuchen was a very sensible child. She grew up in a single-parent family. In order to reduce the burden on the family, she gave up her favorite violin study and was admitted to a flight attendant.

The last time my daughter met was on the evening of May 22. It was Mother Zhang’s birthday. Zhang Yuchen gave her an expensive handbag, saying it was given to her by her boyfriend. Mother Zhang asked to meet her boyfriend, but Zhang Yuchen hesitated. I, only after being questioned by Mother Zhang did she say that her boyfriend was a family man, but she was dealing with the matter. Mother Zhang was so angry that she cut the tote bag on the spot and left.

Through the investigation and inspection of Zhang Yuchen’s home, it was confirmed that this may be the scene of the crime. The telephone line tied to the body was matched with the telephone port at home. A man’s shirt was found in his home. Zhang Yuchen’s former colleagues provided information about his boyfriend, which is a famous violinist Zheng Hao. Huanhuan and others suspected that Zheng Hao was the murderer.

He accidentally murdered Zhang Yuchen after he failed to force his marriage, and sent his body to the parking lot in the suburbs. But all this was just speculation. Zhang Biao confirmed through testing that the murderer’s hand was extremely strong. Da, should be a strong man, and Qin Ming has more evidence that Zheng Hao is not the murderer.

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