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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 7 Recap

The minister of punishment, Fu Zongshu, severely punished Xiao Shi by hanging him upside down on a beam. But until the rope broke, Xiao Shi still refused to give in. Fu Zongshu admired Xiao Shi’s perseverance, but also warned him that the world was under his control. When he arrived at Bai Choufei, Fu Zongshu asked him why he wanted to help Su Mengzhen, and why he didn’t kill him so he could dominate the world. Bai Choufei sneered and bluntly said that he could see himself clearly, if he did everything, he would be no different from a beast. Fu Zongshu heard that Bai Choufei was mocking him secretly, so he ordered someone to throw him into the pool with a cold face.

In the cell, Xiao Shi hugged Bai Choufei tightly to keep him warm. He couldn’t help remembering that when he was a child, there was such a thief who said the same thing, the world belongs to them, and everyone can’t escape. Later, the jailer brought food, but the bloody appearance was really disgusting.

Gentle went to Vasheri to find Zhu Xiaoyao, but was provoked by her words, and smashed the things in the room with anger. Washer’s servant threw Wenrou out, Yang Wuxie just happened to come, and Wenrou pulled him to support her. Unexpectedly, Yang Wuxie was very polite to Zhu Xiaoyao, and even pulled the gentle out. Yang Wuxie promises that Wenrou will find Xiaoshi and Bai Choufei, and send her back to Jinfeng Drizzle Building. But just after getting off the carriage, the people from the Ministry of Punishment sent a “gift”.

Su Mengzhen went out to greet him. People from the Ministry of Punishment opened the gift box and found a string of red firecrackers inside. Everyone present was stunned, but Su Mengzhen calmly accepted the gift. The people from the Ministry of Punishment refused to forgive, and even asked Su Mengzhen to light it on the spot. The atmosphere became tense for a while, and the disciples of Drizzle Building knew the stakes, and they all held sword handles and stood by at any time. Su Mengzhen was very annoyed and was about to leave. People from the Ministry of Punishment mentioned Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei, Su Mengzhen had no choice but to order someone to shoot.

Jinfeng Drizzle Tower has rules and never deals with those in power in the DPRK and China. It was really difficult to rescue Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei. But after all, that is a friend of life and death, gentleness can’t wait for death without saving. That night, she stopped Fu Zongshu’s sedan chair with a carload of firecrackers and lit the firecrackers in return. Those officers and soldiers were so frightened that they hugged their heads and fled, and even Fu Zongshu in the sedan chair had a look on his face. Wenrou originally wanted to take this opportunity to enter the prison, but she didn’t think that Fu Zongshu could read her mind and was unwilling to take her back.

Helpless, Wen Wen had to take a fireworks to the outside of the prison, hoping that Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei would feel better when they saw the gorgeous fireworks. At this time, Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei had not been dripping water for a long time, but they still held back when they looked at the bloody human flesh. With a “bang”, the fireworks emitted a dazzling brilliance in the air, bringing a trace of light and warmth to the dark and damp prison. Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei knew that their friends outside were still thinking of them, and hope rekindled in their hearts. The two wrote their wishes on the wall, “If you don’t fly, you’re done, if you don’t sing, you’ll be a big hit.”

Su Mengzhen went to find Fu Zongshu in person, but was asked by the other party to go to the northwest to help with something. Su Mengzhen promised to go to the northwest, and also promised not to let Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei join the Drizzle Building. It suddenly started pouring rain outside, but Bai Choufei was obsessed and went to the human flesh. Xiao Shi hurriedly stopped him and took him away from the window to wake up in the rain. The two felt the rain and remembered those aspirations.

When the prisoners saw that someone was released from prison, they screamed. This was the first time in the world. However, before he was released from prison, Fu Zongshu asked them to obey his own arrangements. The two of them didn’t care what kind of arrangement it was, and it wasn’t until they got out of the prison that they realized that Fu Zongshu wanted them to join the six-and-a-half class. The two refuted Di Feijing’s face, and sprinkled the wine he handed out in the rain. If the world is only three inches apart from Jinfeng Drizzle Building and Liufenbantang, then Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei must follow their hearts and break out of their own world.

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