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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 5 Recap

Before the planned time came, Li Nantang, Long Xiaoqing, and Mo Beichen led a group of people to Jixianju. Afterwards, Hua Wucuo was aggressive, warning those present to take a clear stand. The impatient Long Xiaoqing entered the inn alone and pressed “Su Mengzhen” step by step. At the critical moment, gentle eyes and quick hands, picked up the tea cup at hand and poured it over, scolding Long Xiaoqing for not being polite. Afterwards, Hua Wucuo and others also entered the room.

In order to hold back Hua Wuxu, Xiaoshi mentioned the box. He said that he was seriously injured and that he felt that he did not have the strength to hand over the box to the landlord himself, so he proposed to make the contents of the box public. Hua Wucu was a little guilty and hurriedly discouraged. Although Xiao Shi had already played with all his strength, the fake one was fake after all, and after a while, he slipped into the trap. Just when everyone was about to break in, Xiao Shi used the trick Su Mengzhen taught him to force everyone back.

The time has come, Xiao Shi and Su Mengzhen light a stick of incense at the same time. Before the incense burns out, Xiao Shi and Wen Wen will hold off Hua Wucuo and others, while Su Mengzhen must see Su Zhemu. Outside the building door, Su Mengzhen said that he only killed traitors. Those people looked at each other in dismay, but then they all came out. Seeing this, Bai Choufei hurriedly took action, and in three or two efforts, he cleared the obstacles for Su Mengzhen. A traitor was about to touch Su Mengzhen when a bow and arrow flashed out of nowhere, killing him.

Liu Lianxin held the dagger tightly and stood outside the door, as if her heart was in her throat. The door opened suddenly, and it was Su Mengzhen who came. Liu Lian finally let go of her dangling heart, and led Su Mengzhen into the room to meet Su Zhemu. Su Mengzhen opened the letter in the box, which contained evidence that Hua Wucuo was a six-and-a-half-half court. Su Zhemu handed the wrench, which symbolized the identity of the hall master, to Su Mengzhen, and told him to value benevolence and righteousness and understand power. Now that her mind is over, Su Zhemu raised her glass happily and drank the last glass of wine in her life, rightly to celebrate Su Mengzhen’s ascension to the throne.

When things were done, Bai Choufei immediately lit fireworks. At this moment, everyone finally understood that the “Su Meng pillow” in this scene was indeed fake. Hua Wucuo wanted to go back to the building to stop everything, but it was too late. Lei Chun upstairs saw this scene and couldn’t help showing a relieved smile, it seemed that she was not wrong.

Su Mengzhen believes that Hua Wucuo has also been born and died for the building for so many years. If you ask him now who he is, I am afraid that even he himself does not know. Su Zhemu explained that the reason why she kept Hua Wuxu’s life was because he was still a person. So Su Mengzhen promised Su Zhemu that if Hua Wu was wrong, she would keep him alive. Seeing Hua Wucu’s return, Su Mengzhen held Su Zhemu’s tablet and stated Hua Wucu’s sins one by one. Judging from Hua Wucuo’s reaction, he really deserves to live. Su Mengzhen kept his promise, threw the letter into the fire and burned it to pieces, and announced in front of everyone that Hua Wucuo would be expelled from the Drizzle Building.

After clearing the door, Su Mengzhen boarded the high-rise building and rang the bell for her father. Su Mengzhen remembered what her father had said to herself, and couldn’t help but feel sad and coughed out a mouthful of blood. Although Liufentangtang and Jinfeng Drizzle Building have never fought against each other, when Su Zhemu died, the head of Liufentangtang, Lei Shen, did not feel much joy in his heart, but felt sorry for losing an opponent. Leishan placed a glass of wine on a tray, which then plunged straight into a deep well, and was eventually taken away by a mysterious hand.

Xiao Shi, Bai Choufei, and Wen Wen sat on the roof and talked about teenage ideals to the bright moon. Bai Choufei intends to join the Golden Wind Drizzle Building, to be the most dazzling fireworks, and to be the one who sets the rules of the rivers and lakes. But the eldest miss is gentle but doesn’t want anything, she just wants to travel around the world and be a free and unfettered heroine. Xiao Shi wants to become a first-class master, hoe the strong and help the weak, and be a hero.

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