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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 3 Recap

When the door was broken, Di Feijing ordered his subordinates to kill Su Mengzhen and sent Leihen to do it. Liufentangtang Douzi mother-in-law was very excited when she learned that Su Mengzhen was going to be killed, and even said that she could not charge for this order. The monk in Huayi on the side was talking about “Amitabha”, but he bluntly said that even if he killed a cat and a dog, he would still receive money.

The two quarreled, and Lei Hen put the bowl in his hand on the table ruthlessly, blaming them for even thinking about collecting money for the office. Afterwards, Lei Hen turned around and called on the disciples, vowing to take Su Mengzhen’s head.

Xiao Shi glanced at the sword in the opponent’s hand, and then he understood it, and handed him the letter from the Tianyi layman. Yang Wuxie thought it was strange. Ordinary people would be surprised when they heard Su Mengzhen’s name. Su Mengzhen slowly approached Xiao Shi, who was not to be outdone and stared into his eyes fearlessly. Su Mengzhen only thought Xiao Shi was interesting, so he became his friend.

Lei Shuangben said that as long as he got the box, Liufenbantang and Jinfeng Drizzle Building would be able to sit down and talk, and maybe they could avoid a sword fight. But Lei Lost broke his promise first, and Lei Chun felt that it was no longer necessary to get the box back. She knew in her heart that she would inevitably be reprimanded when she went back this time, but for the person she was thinking about, she felt that it was worth it even if the sky was struck by thunder.

Night fell, and the dark clouds weighed down, making it hard to breathe. A pair of people came to Kushuipu, Yang Wuxie took a closer look and found that it was an antique. Antique claims that he was ordered to welcome Su Mengzhen and knew that there were no ministers in the building. With that said, Antique was going to take out the list of spies in his arms and hand it to Su Mengzhen. Just when Su Mengzhen discovered that the list was a blank piece of paper, a sharp blade suddenly flashed out, pointing directly at Su Mengzhen.

Fortunately, Su Meng pillow reacted quickly and avoided a knife. The strong wind blew the fallen leaves on the ground, and also blew people’s impetuous hearts. Following the fight between Su Mengzhen and Antique, the people on the side who were pregnant also joined in one after another. Xiao Shi was worried that Su Mengzhen would be outnumbered and wanted to come forward to help. Bai Choufei stopped him and expressed his belief in Su Mengzhen’s strength.

Su Mengzhen put on a fierce look, cut the mess with a quick knife, and defeated all the enemies with just one move. Many bows and arrows flashed out of nowhere, approaching Su Mengzhen’s gate of life. Su Mengzhen and Yang Wuxie turned their knives and stopped the ferocious bows and arrows one by one. Lei Hen brought a group of elite soldiers to the stage, and he was confident in winning Su Meng pillow. The pouring rain poured out, and the wind was blowing more violently. Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei finally couldn’t wait and were ready to help Su Mengzhen.

Lei Hen raised his hand to prepare for an order, but at this moment, Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei suddenly descended from the air and acted first. Lei Hen felt that this victory was unpredictable, so he had to withdraw. At this time, the heavy rain and the strong wind also left together with Lei Hen and others. Su Mengzhen finally couldn’t help coughing, and bluntly said that she had many diseases that didn’t even have a name.

But it was precisely because of the combination of these illnesses that he became more sober. Since Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei ruined the plan of the six and a half halls, then naturally they can only join the Golden Wind Drizzle Building. A few people hit it off and decided to go to the door together and let Yang Wuxie protect the gentleness.

As soon as he arrived at Poshumen, Master Jinfeng Drizzle came with many disciples. Six and a half halls had long expected and dispatched Lei Mei to guard the gate. At this time, Di Feijing had been waiting for a long time. Su Mengzhen asked Xiao Shi to stay at the gate, while she and Bai Chou flew into the city. Su Mengzhen took a deep breath and then walked up to the tower.

The two chatted happily at first, as if old friends were reunited. But everyone knows that everyone at this moment has their own plans in their hearts. Seemingly calmly breaking the door, in fact, undercurrents are surging. With just one look, Su Mengzhen knew that Lei Shuang was hiding in the dark and waiting for an opportunity. Afterwards, both sides fought and both were killed and injured.

The atmosphere became tense, and a masked man in purple came slowly outside the city. When he reached the gate of the city, he drew his sword and used force. Xiao Shi drew his sword to meet him, and eventually forced the people to retreat.

On the tower, Su Mengzhen’s heart suddenly relaxed. Upon seeing this, Fu Zongshu, Minister of Punishment and Punishment, felt bored and went back to the house, and asked his subordinates to investigate Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei. Di Fei was startled and wondered why Su Mengzhen, who was suffering from various serious illnesses, was still alive. If you are looking for a reason, it is most likely a miracle.

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