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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 2 Recap

On the border of Song and Liao, a pair of men and horses came from the woods. A man in red blocked their way, calling himself Su Mengzhen. The leader gave an order, and the soldiers rushed out with their swords, but they were all killed by Su Mengzhen. Su Mengzhen said coldly, she did intend to take someone’s head, but not his.

Su Mengzhen took the leader’s head and went to the other side of the forest to join Yang Wuxie. Seeing the unusually small head in Su Mengzhen’s hand, Yang Wuxie couldn’t help but feel puzzled. Su Mengzhen explained that the Liao people would boil the heads with lime water on the battlefield. After boiling, they were only as small as they are now, so that they could easily take them back to Dadingfu to receive their rewards. Su Mengzhen swore that he would never let General Yang’s corpse fall into the hands of the enemy.

After he finished speaking, he couldn’t stop coughing. Yang Wuxie hurriedly brought the soup that had just been boiled and served him to drink it. Just after putting down the medicine, an arrow flew out of nowhere. Su Mengzhen stopped and held the arrow in his hand. Yang Wuxie couldn’t help complaining, why did the messenger use such a dangerous method every time. The letter indicates the death of the god Xerxes. Su Mengzhen knew that Hua Wucuo wanted to compete for the position of landlord, so she decided to enter Beijing at this time.

The three-person team chatted and laughed all the way, and came to a pier, planning to move forward by water. But there were a lot of them, and there was no sign of any ships. There was a wonderful sound of the piano from somewhere, and the three followed the sound and saw a big boat coming slowly from the back of the mountain. Xiao Shi took out his flute in response to the sound of the piano, hoping to ride a ride. And Lei Chun failed to grab the box, and planned to outsmart it by water. This boat was prepared by Lei Chun.

Wenrou and Lei Chun chatted hotly as soon as they met, like old friends who had known each other for a long time. But as everyone knows, danger is slowly approaching them. The big boat was going down the river, and Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei sat leisurely fishing by the boat and talked about their future plans. Xiao Shi felt that the most important thing in life is to travel, and he wanted to visit the capital. Bai Choufei said bluntly that he wanted to go to Beijing to win fame, because flowers in the dark are not as good as a scythe, and if you want to be famous, you must be in the brightest place.

The Golden Wind and Drizzle Building in the dark of the night looks weird and grotesque. The pawn who receives the letter is pressed by Lu Jian three steps, so he has to ask Antique for help. Hua Wucu, looking like an elder, asked the pawn if he had received a letter from Su Mengzhen in the past two weeks. The pawn bluntly said that he directly handed the letter to the landlord, and Liu Lianxin received it on his behalf. Under the threat of Hua Wucuo, the pawn hurriedly begged for mercy, revealing that Su Mengzhen would pass through Kushuipu. The pawn was trembling as he prepared to leave, but before he took a few steps, he was shot to death by the three arrows of Lu Jian.

Twenty-six years ago, Liufenbantang selected a group of newcomers who had recently joined the hall and sent them to the Jinfeng Drizzle Building as undercover agents. Hua Wucuo said that the undercover agents had been dealt with, but Su Zhemu knew that there were still spies in the Golden Wind Drizzle Building. Hua Wucu hurriedly knelt down, not daring to say a word.

Su Zhemu bluntly said that she had known about this for a long time, but she had not attacked him because of her meritorious deeds. Su Zhemu warned Hua Wuxu that as long as she was around for a day, she would overwhelm him. But if he dies and he thinks that he shouldn’t move, then the Golden Wind Drizzle Building will cease to exist. It turned out that Hua Wucuo was a six-and-a-half-half court person, and only he and Su Zhemu knew about this.

Su Zhemu reminded Hua Wuxu that the list of spies was in the white jade box. If he kept himself safe, it would be a life-saving talisman, but once he started, it would become a life-saving talisman. All kinds of past events surfaced in front of me, Hua Wucuo pulled out from the memory, and her heart seemed to sink to the bottom of the water.

Here, the three-person team and Lei Chunzheng were sitting around the deck drinking and chatting, so unpleasant. When the wine was on the rise, several people played the piano, played the flute, sang, and danced, and gradually fell asleep. Lei Chun easily got the box. Hearing that Tian Chou said that the main hall did not want Su Mengzhen to return to the capital alive, and that he wanted to kill Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei, he turned his head and threw his subordinate Tian Chou into the water.

When the sun was up to three poles, the three talents gradually woke up. Lei Chun left a letter telling everyone to leave in advance, Xiao Shi looked through the package and found that the box was still there. After getting off the boat, the three were ready to enter Kushuipu. Because of the dangers of this bitter water, the two teenagers were worried that Wenrou would be in danger, so they worked together to drive her away. Wen Wen and Bai Choufei quarreled and ran away angrily. As soon as they entered Kushuipu, Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei saw Su Mengzhen.

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