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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Mind Reader 法医秦明之读心者 Episode 6 Recap

An Ran got up early in the morning to see Qin Ming off, but he didn’t expect him to leave without saying goodbye, which made An Ran a little disappointed. As soon as Lin Tao arrived at the office, he saw An Ran crying while eating noodles. He thought that An Ran was trapped by love and was sad because of Qin Ming’s departure, so he comforted her while handing over a tissue. , It turns out that An Ran was crying because of the face, and he almost got an oolong.

A girl committed suicide by burning charcoal in the live broadcast. Lin Tao immediately found out the girl’s address and led someone to rescue her. Fortunately, they arrived in time, and the girl was rescued and sent to the hospital. Everyone analyzed the incident together. The girl’s name is Liu Lili, an internet anchor. The comments of fans all pointed to one thing.

Liu Lili was probably sexually assaulted by her father. Qin Ming returned to everyone’s surprised eyes. He pointed out that It is very unprofessional for a girl to commit suicide, because burning charcoal to commit suicide is a very painful thing. She seems to want to express something by choosing such a suicide method.

Director Chen did not expect that Qin Ming would come and go. The provincial department integrated resources, set up a forensic center in Longfan City, and gave technical and personnel support. Qin Ming took the initiative to apply for return, and An Ran was delighted. Qin Ming immediately went to work. He and An Ran asked Liu Lili about the inside story of the suicide, but Liu Lili said nothing. She still had many wounds on her body. Qin Ming suspected Liu Lili’s suicide attempt.

She didn’t really commit suicide, but warned people behind the scenes, while Lin Tao suspected that it was Liu Lili’s father, Liu Bin, who had served seven years in prison for violent injuries and also absented his daughter. During the most precious growth period, Qin Ming questioned Liu Lili’s injuries, but he did not think it must be Liu Bin’s doing.

Team Li learned something from Liu Lili’s school. Two years ago, Liu Lili asked the school doctor for help due to bleeding in her reproductive organs. The school doctor found that her reproductive organs had torn wounds. I told Liu’s mother about this, and Liu’s mother also tried her best to prevent her daughter from contacting Liu Bin from then on. Team Li asked Qin Ming about the reason for his return. After all, big cities have many advantages over small cities. Qin Ming said that he came back because of one person. Anran thought she was the one. Assumed.

Qin Ming and Lin Tao went to investigate Liu Bin, while Li team and An Ran went to Liu’s mother to find out the situation, but their stories were not the same. Liu Bin thought it was right for him to discipline his daughter. He also wanted her to become a phoenix and let her be admitted. Qingbei University did not expect Liu Lili to deceive him with a fake admission notice.

In fact, she was only admitted to a local technical school. Since then, Liu Bin has never treated Liu Lili well, blocked her live broadcast, restricted her personal freedom, and Liu’s mother was also subjected to domestic violence by Liu Bin. In desperation, she had to leave the family. Liu’s mother thought that Liu Bin must be I did something wrong to my daughter, but she didn’t see it with her own eyes.

Everyone held a welcome banquet for Qin Ming’s return, but Qin Ming hid to the side. Lin Tao encouraged An Ran to deliver oranges to Qin Ming. By the way, they talked about some private topics. Unexpectedly, Qin Ming was puzzled and even peeled the oranges. Feed the puppy. Qin Ming called his uncle to report that he was safe, and then remembered what his uncle told him, Qin Ming lost part of his memory, he always felt that he had an important connection with Doumen Town, and this return was to find those he lost. memory.

Liu Bin went to the hospital to visit his daughter. He knew that her daughter did not want to see him, so he hung the fruit on the door handle. Later, when Liu Bin was driving a taxi, he was tricked into the river bank by two people, who covered Liu Bin’s head. A beating. Team Li encouraged An Ran to ask Qin Ming about emotional matters, but An Ran finally did not ask, and she had dark circles under her eyes. Lin Tao and Qin Ming made fun of her when she went to work the next day. At this time, someone reported to Team Li, saying Liu Bin is dead, which complicates things.

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