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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Mind Reader 法医秦明之读心者 Episode 5 Recap

Guo Changshun’s explanation was very thorough and straightforward, but it made Qin Ming feel a little strange, but Lin Tao didn’t take it seriously, thinking that he was just dead and innocent. Just when Guo Changshun was taken away by the police car, a fashionably dressed woman came to the police station to see him off. , The woman looked at Guo Changshun with tears in her eyes. She put her hand on her stomach deliberately, as if she was expressing something to Guo Changshun.

Guo Changshun nodded in understanding, but they didn’t realize that Qin Ming was sensitively aware of the woman’s action. It turned out that this woman was Guo Changshun’s wife, Lin Jia. She was a senior researcher in a pharmaceutical company. She just came back from abroad and ran over to see Guo Changshun after getting off the plane. It can be seen that the relationship between the two is really good.

Team Li convened a case analysis meeting, because there was a fourth person’s blood and hair at the murder scene, which could not close the entire chain of evidence, so the case could not be closed. Qin Ming, An Ran and others came to Guo Changshun’s house to look for evidence, and accidentally discovered a pinhole camera. Lin Tao saw that the property management personnel were dodging abnormally. After investigation, it was found that it was Lin Jia who used money to lure the property management personnel into installing cameras at home.

Everyone worked together to study whether Lin Jia had the possibility of committing a crime, and whether Guo Changshun was taking care of him to protect Lin Jia. Qin Ming expressed his guess, and An Ran felt the same way, suspecting that Lin Jia used her pregnancy to blackmail Guo Changshun, and there might be a secret behind it. And from Sun Xiaoyue’s body test report, it was proved that she was poisoned. These poisons are some medicines for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. They are usually used as abortion pills. Guo Changshun would not start with the child he conceived, so who was the poison? The answer came to the fore.

Everyone decided to use whether Lin Jia was pregnant or not as a breakthrough point. At this time, Lin Jia looked scared and shouted to find her own lawyer. The results of the examination showed that Lin Jia was indeed not pregnant. During the interrogation, Lin Jia admitted that she drugged Sun Xiaoyue’s fetus, but she felt that this was not a crime.

Li Team’s accusation of infringing the fetus was equivalent to a crime against the mother’s body, but Lin Jia disagreed. Contrary to Lin Jia’s attitude, Guo Changshun collapsed after learning that Lin Jia was not pregnant. He took out the recording evidence and testified that Lin Jia instigated him to choose between himself and Sun Xiaoyue, and he killed Sun Xiaoyue ruthlessly. . In the face of Guo Changshun’s testimony and numerous evidences, Lin Jia was not arrogant at all. She told how she approached Sun Xiaoyue and changed the medicine. Lin Jia was always worried about her inability to get pregnant.

She was afraid of Guo Changshun and Sun Xiaoyue. The fake drama was real, so she tried to get close to Sun Xiaoyue, and then lured the property staff to change the poison for Sun Xiaoyue. After learning that Sun Xiaoyue was going to fly away with the child’s father, Lin Jia mistakenly thought that the person Sun Xiaoyue loved was her husband Guo Changshun, so she prepared Taking action, she came to Sun Xiaoyue’s house and told her how she poisoned the fetus to stop the heartbeat of the fetus.

Lin Jia called Guo Changshun over and forced him to kill Sun Xiaoyue. Just when Lin Jia was about to clean up the scene, Liu Yushan came back, shouting to kill Sun Xiaoyue, and then put her in the suitcase and took her away. Tell Guo Changshun that someone will take the blame for him, so that he can get away with impunity. Qin Ming told Lin Jia that Guo Changshun had not cheated, and that Sun Xiaoyue was reluctant to bear the child in her belly and planned to leave with Liu Yushan.

It was Lin Jia’s jealousy that ruined the two families, and An Ran sighed that the three fetuses in Sun Xiaoyue’s belly were still alive. Died in the womb before coming into this world. Qin Ming was about to return, but An Ran was a little reluctant to part with each other, and the two developed a good feeling beyond friendship during their mutual contact.

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