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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Mind Reader 法医秦明之读心者 Episode 4 Recap

Everyone listened to Qin Ming’s suggestion and decided to let An Ran pretend to be Sun Xiaoyue and induce Liu Yushan to tell things related to the case. Sure enough, Liu Yushan only obeyed An Ran’s request and ignored what others said. Answers to any questions.

An Ran took out the photo of the suitcase. Liu Yushan said that he put Sun Xiaoyue in the suitcase, and at the same time he remembered that he was going to be a father. That day, he found Sun Xiaoyue’s pregnancy test stick, so he questioned Sun Xiaoyue, and Sun Xiaoyue told him , he was about to become a father, but she was going to her aunt’s house to give birth, and her aunt could give her a sum of money, so Liu Yushan had to accept this decision.

Liu Yushan reluctantly sent Sun Xiaoyue away. Sun Xiaoyue shed sad tears when she left. After that, Liu Yushan made up her mind to be a good father, took up a few programming jobs, delivered food during the day, and acted as a driver at night. , desperately trying to make money to give Sun Xiaoyue mother and son a good life, until one day he met Sun Xiaoyue being supported by a man on the street, he felt deceived and believed that Sun Xiaoyue had a child with someone else. Sun Xiaoyue called to explain that Liu Yushan didn’t listen at all.

Sun Xiaoyue asked him to get ready at 9 o’clock tomorrow, and the two of them left here together, but Liu Yushan was already close to madness. Sun Xiaoyue could not convince him with just a few words. Liu Yushan moved. The idea of ​​killing Sun Xiaoyue.

An Ran took out a photo of a trophy and asked Liu Yushan if he killed himself with this. Liu Yushan admitted that it was Sun Xiaoyue who hit him with the trophy. This trophy was his most important thing. It was covered in blood at the time. Unable to wipe it off, An Ran asked him where the trophy was put. Liu Yushan said he threw it into the well.

As for which well, he could not remember. Later, under the guidance of An Ran, Liu Yushan told how he put Sun Xiaoyue in the suitcase and took her to live with her in a cement pipe, until one day, Sun Xiaoyue was ugly because of her corpse, and she gave birth to a fetus. , Liu Yushan was even more stimulated, and the dual personality schizophrenia became serious. He played two roles by himself, used the identities of Liu Yushan and Sun Xiaoyue to have a dialogue, and finally threw Sun Xiaoyue’s body into the cold storage of Litchi Garden. The way she disguised herself as a woman made the janitor faint and mistook him for a ghost.

When Liu Yushan talked about this, it seemed that everything had come to light. He was the murderer who killed Sun Xiaoyue, but Qin Ming didn’t think so. He asked An Ran to continue to ask about the details of Liu Yushan’s killing of Sun Xiaoyue, but Liu Yushan couldn’t remember anything. . Qin Ming concluded that the murderer was someone else, and Liu Yushan was just a corpse dumper, so the one who was most likely to become the murderer was the one who needed a surrogate.

After the trophy was found, another suspect, Guo Changshun, surfaced. Lin Tao and his colleagues wanted to take Guo Changshun back to the police station to understand the situation. Unexpectedly, he had a premonition that something was not going well and ran away. Lin Tao drove in hot pursuit and finally brought Guo Changshun to justice, but he was arrested by Li for disobeying the order. team criticism.

How did Guo Changshun explain the process of killing Sun Xiaoyue after he arrived at the case? He found a black intermediary because his wife could not ovulate normally, and then Sun Xiaoyue carried out the surrogacy. Later, he brought Sun Xiaoyue to his home to raise a child. In fact, it was also house arrest in disguise. Gradually, they didn’t cooperate, and even had the idea of ​​escaping with the child. Guo Changshun went to Sun Xiaoyue’s house to look for it.

After the two had a dispute, Guo Changshun killed Sun Xiaoyue with a trophy. At this time, Liu Yushan just came back, and he took the opportunity to flee the scene. Qin Ming asked Guo Changshun whether there was a tear with Sun Xiaoyue near the entrance, because blood and hair were found at the entrance during the on-site inspection. After inspection, it was found that the blood and hair were not Guo Changshun’s, which showed that there was a fourth person at the scene. So, whether Guo Changshun is the real culprit in the case, the current evidence cannot fully confirm it.

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