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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 1 Recap

The stars are shining, the stars are shining. An old man with gray hair was sitting under a tree, playing a musical instrument in his hand and singing an unknown song. Wang Xiaoshi passed by with a fine horse and couldn’t help but stop. The storyteller sang about his old friends and enemies, but now they’ve all turned into ashes. The storyteller caught a glimpse of the box in his hand and couldn’t help but ask whether it contained an old friend or an enemy. Wang Xiaoshi turned his head and glanced at the box, only to say that he was the most important person in his life. After learning that the storyteller sang the song “Speaking Heroes”, Wang Xiaoshi left with satisfaction.

Ten years ago, the world’s rivers and lakes were filled with heroes, all led by Liufen Bantang and Jinfeng Drizzle Tower. The Golden Wind and Drizzle Building emphasizes righteousness, and gathers people’s hearts with benevolence and righteousness; The two factions conquered the heroes of the Quartet, each occupying half of the country, fighting for fame and fortune with swords and gallbladders. Those who are new to the arena, do not want to enter the capital alone. If they can join one of them, they will be able to walk the heroic road and become famous all over the world.

And Wang Xiaoshi followed Xu Xiaoyi, a layman in Tianyi. On this day, Xu Xiaoyi instructed him to find the red-sleeved knife Su Mengzhen according to the plan, and then hand over the box to him. This box is related to the inheritance of the Golden Wind and Drizzle Building, and Wang Xiaoshi feels that the burden on him is very heavy. At this time, the dark tide in Xiliu Town was raging, and heroes from all walks of life gathered, all wanting to get the box in Wang Xiaoshi’s hand. Before the boat reached the shore, many people couldn’t wait to run up, but they couldn’t find the box and Wang Xiaoshi.

Wang Xiaoshi arrived at Xiliu Town, where a play about Su Mengzhen was being sung. Wang Xiaoshi watched with relish, but after a while, it started to rain heavily. Wang Xiaoshi seemed to see himself and waved his red sleeves on the stage. The rain became more and more violent, and Wang Xiaoshi had no choice but to find an inn to live in. Just as he stepped into the inn, a strong wind suddenly blew outside. And it was full of menacing men, each of whom vowed to seize the white jade box.

Xiao Shi looked around, looking for a man in white. With a refined masculinity, Xu was the person he was looking for. But before he could confirm the connection person, he accidentally exposed the fact that he came from the sea. Those people hurriedly took out their swords and prepared to snatch the box. Unexpectedly, a woman in red suddenly hung down from the roof. The woman’s name is Wen Wen, the eldest miss of the Wen family, Su Mengzhen’s junior sister. Several forces fought each other, and the scene was extremely chaotic. It wasn’t until someone lit a candle that everyone realized that Wen and Xiao Shi had run away.

After a few words of greetings with Wen Wen, Xiao Shi hurried on his way. Unexpectedly, the man in white just now suddenly blocked his way and asked him to hand over the box. Xiao Shi bluntly said that everyone wants a box. He is so similar to what he says, so he might as well go to Beijing with himself, and he can also break out of the world. The man did not answer directly, but turned and left. Afterwards, Xerxes, the connector that Xiaoshi was waiting for, finally appeared.

Gentle and puzzled, if Uncle Su of the Golden Wind and Drizzle Building had an accident, he should have inherited it from his senior brother Su Mengzhen, why would everyone want to compete for that box. Xue Xishen explained that the Drizzle Building did not set the rules for father to son, and the young master was only a name, not a real job in the building. Under the landlord, is actually the incense lord.

Gentle couldn’t help but guess that this must be the master of fragrance, Hua Wuxu, behind the scenes. Xiao Shi promised Xerxes that he would get things done, and handed over Master’s yesterday’s love to Qinghua. Xerxes suggested that he should keep the box, but Gentleness felt it was inappropriate. Xiao Shi remembered that his master had instructed him to hand over the box to Su Mengzhen, but then he actually gave the box to God Xue Xie.

Gentle was talking about her ideals, but suddenly she smelled an herbal smell. She followed the smell and could not help but approach Xiao Shi. It turned out that the smell came from Xiao Shi, because he bathed with herbs all year round. But after a while, Wen Wen closed her eyes and fell into Xiao Shi’s arms. It was only then that Xiao Shi realized that there was something wrong with the water given by Xerxes, but fortunately he did not drink it.

It turned out that long before this, six and a half of the people found Xerxes and threatened the life of his wife and children. It wasn’t until night that Gentle woke up. Hearing that the box was gone, Gentle was very anxious. But there was no worry on Xiao Shi’s face, and he even took her out to watch the lantern festival leisurely. Xiliu Town is very lively, but everyone has their own concerns.

Xiaoshi closed his eyes and felt it carefully, and easily found where the box was. The fight has only just begun, and the people from all walks of life could not hold back and joined in the scramble one after another. Lei Chun, who was six and a half minutes away, wanted to catch up with Xiao Shi, but was stopped by the man in white.

In the chaos, Xiao Shi got the box, but Gentle became a hostage in the hands of others. Xiao Shi couldn’t help but remember what his master said. The master once told him not to draw the sword easily, because the masters who kept the sword in his hand, whoever drew the sword for the first time, would be entangled with this person for the rest of his life.

Xiaoshi still decided to throw the box into the air, and at the same time ran forward to draw his sword to save the person, and while saving Gentle, he caught the box. On the way back, he met Xerxes who was seriously injured by fighting for the box. Xiaoshi wanted to spare him, but Xerxes did not think that Xerxes would commit suicide. Then Xiaoshi found the man in white, thanked him, and handed him the box. The man opened it and it was empty. It turned out that Xiao Shi had long expected that there would be bad people and hid things in a flowerpot for Xerxes.

The man took the two to a wood with a grave inside. At this time, the two learned that the man’s name was Bai Choufei. Bai Choufei faces the grave to say goodbye to the dead parents, and rushes to the capital with Xiao Shi and Wen Wen. The three passed by a plain with only one old tree on it. A storyteller sat under the old tree, playing and singing some tune. Bai Choufei heard that all the famous people in the world sang in the song, and Wen Wen asked the storyteller to include his two friends in the lyrics, and wrote “Earth-shattering ghosts see sorrow, unparalleled little stone”.

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