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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Mind Reader 法医秦明之读心者 Episode 3 Recap

Shanshan told the criminal investigator that Sun Xiaoyue went to Thailand for an embryo transfer shortly after the egg retrieval. The two met before leaving, but she did not expect that it would be their final farewell. There are no clearer clues at the moment. Liu Yushan is suspected of committing the crime, and finding Liu Yushan has become a breakthrough in the case.

However, he disappeared 20 days ago, and items such as mobile phones and bank cards that recorded activity tracks were not found. , Qin Ming judged that Liu Yushan may have joined the army of scavengers, because only these people do not need to prove their identities, but Liu Yushan was not found among the scavengers near the lychee garden.

Team Li handed over the task of finding Liu Yushan to Lin Tao. The last time Lin Tao found Shanshan, he relied on cleverness and luck, but this time, looking for Liu Yushan was like looking for a needle in a haystack, but Team Li had already pushed him into the car. It’s hard to think about it. An Ran remembered what Sun Xiaoyue’s younger brother pleaded with him. Although it was of no use to the case, An Ran helped Sun Xiaoyue deal with the anatomical wound. Qin Ming didn’t quite understand it. Lin Tao pestered Qin Ming to send him back after get off work. In fact, he just wanted Qin Ming to help him decide where to find Liu Yushan. Qin Ming didn’t tell him. Instead, he asked him about An Ran. Lin Tao thought he was Want to pursue Enron.

An Ran found a photo on Sun Xiaoyue’s body, which contained the shadow of a cement pipe and metal reflection, so she went to the location where the suspected photo was taken by herself to look for clues. Under the plastic bag, she didn’t expect the phone ringing to reveal her location. Liu Yushan took An Ran as Sun Xiaoyue and tied her with a rope. he came.

Qin Ming asked Lin Tao about An Ran’s action. He was worried that An Ran would go to find Liu Yushan alone after seeing the photo. After the call could not be connected, he hurried to the location where the photo was taken with Lin Tao, just to see Liu Yushan kidnapped. An Ran, Qin Ming stimulated Liu Yushan with words, rescued An Ran and asked her to call Lin Tao, but he was knocked down by Liu Yushan with a stick and pressed into the water, Qin Ming thought of his experience of being held in the water, and his consciousness gradually became It was vague, but fortunately, Lin Tao arrived in time to subdue Liu Yushan, and it took Qin Ming a long time to recover.

Although An Ran was out of danger, she almost made a big mistake by acting alone, which made Director Chen anxious. Qin Ming stepped forward to help her out when he saw this. Director Chen gave Qin Ming face and returned it to the two of them. Take a half day off. When the two returned home, Mother An was worried, and the whole family was also anxious. Qin Ming became the scapegoat again, and a basin of water for An Ran’s disaster relief was poured on his head.

An Ran’s family held a thank-you ceremony to thank Qin Ming for saving An Ran. An’s father and Qin Ming were brothers and had to drink a bowl of wine with him. Qin Ming was reluctantly given a sip by Lin Tao, but he still fell drunk and fell down. up the stairs. An Ran escorted Qin Ming, who had a plaster cast on his foot, to work. Because he was worried about the urgency of the task, he accidentally let Qin Ming fall down the stairs again. Lin Tao sighed that the two of them had become a bridge.

The police found Liu Yushan’s unit. The unit supervisor said that Liu Yushan had been performing well before and was still the backbone of the company. Until a colleague around him died from overwork, which caused him to be stimulated, and finally left his job due to mental laxity. Liu Yushan was sent to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. The doctor said that he had reached the stage where he had to be hospitalized. In order to find clues from Liu Yushan, Qin Ming suggested that An Ran pretend to be Sun Xiaoyue to see if he could find something related to the case.

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