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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Mind Reader 法医秦明之读心者 Episode 2 Recap

Qin Ming introduced the case analysis about the female corpse, which mentioned fetal reduction surgery. Lin Tao felt that the term was too professional. He asked Qin Ming to explain it to everyone. Qin Ming told everyone that a surrogate would usually be injected with several fertilized eggs. Mature embryos will naturally rob the mother of nutrients, so some people have adopted the method of puncture injection to let the embryos die, leaving the fetus they want.

This is the so-called fetal reduction surgery. Lin Tao lamented that it was too inhumane. Through autopsy and on-site investigation and analysis, everyone unanimously determined that the so-called female ghost who appeared in the cold storage was probably the murderer of the case.

An Ran arranged Qin Ming to stay in a homestay at home, which was considered both public and private. What she didn’t expect was that the whole family regarded Qin Ming as An Ran’s boyfriend. Qin Ming couldn’t say anything, so he could only answer with helplessness. At night, Qin Ming had a nightmare again. He was imprisoned and electrocuted, and the torturer was himself.

After waking up, Qin Ming was sweating profusely, and his emotions and thinking were thrown into confusion. among. Seeing that Qin Ming didn’t eat at night, An Ran specially added a meal for him. An Ran told Qin Ming that this bowl of noodles was a speciality of Longfan City, and this time it was a free gift. As soon as Qin Ming took a mouthful of noodles, he immediately remembered what his mother said when he was a child, which was surprisingly consistent with what An Ran said.

Waking up early the next day, An Ran came to wake Qin Ming up. Unexpectedly, he woke up early, but An Ran was almost late. Qin Ming has a serious habit of cleanliness, and he is not good at interpersonal communication. As a matter of his honest nature, he directly stated his shortcomings and refused to go with An Ran. The criminal police began to look around for clues to the case. Through the tattoos on the back of the female corpse, they quickly found clues from the surrogate introducer and confirmed that the deceased’s name was Sun Xiaoyue.

Due to the shortage of manpower, An Ran and Qin Ming were also responsible for receiving the family members of the deceased. It was Sun Xiaoyue’s younger brother who identified the deceased. He was very sad to confirm that the female corpse was his sister Sun Xiaoyue. Afterwards, the police went to Sun Xiaoyue’s house to inspect the scene. Qin Ming used his keen sense of smell to make a preliminary judgment. Sun Xiaoyue’s house may be the first crime scene of the murder, because he smelled a faint smell of blood and there were traces of cleaning in the house. The impact marks on the coffee table are consistent with the impact marks on the back of the female corpse.

Sun Xiaoyue’s younger brother told Li team something about Sun Xiaoyue and her cohabiting boyfriend Liu Yushan. Sun Xiaoyue was entangled by scoundrels in junior high school. When they met, they felt that it was fate arranged by God, and they were naturally together. However, Liu Yushan is a lazy cancer patient. Sun Xiaoyue is responsible for all living expenses.

He claims that he is working as a programmer and may become China’s Bill Gates in the future. In fact, he is gambling online and owes money After Sun Xiaoyue learned about the huge gambling debt, she had a fierce quarrel with Liu Yushan. Liu Yushan actually said that she wanted to die with Sun Xiaoyue. Sun Xiaoyue’s younger brother judged from this that her sister must have died at the hands of Liu Yushan.

Liu Yushan has never been found. Team Li asked everyone to focus on Sun Xiaoyue’s former colleagues. They may be able to find clues related to the case. However, a wine escort named Shanshan who was close with Sun Xiaoyue has long since left Baile. For the karaoke hall, these names may have been pseudonyms. It would be even more difficult to find this Shanshan. Unexpectedly, Lin Tao stood up and issued a military order, saying that he could find Shanshan within a day.

Sure enough, in less than a day, Lin Tao found all the waitresses named Shanshan in the nearby dance hall. Through observation and questioning, Team Li found the Shanshan that Sun Xiaoyue befriended. Shanshan told Team Li that Sun Xiaoyue accepted egg retrieval and surrogacy in order to help Liu Yushan pay off the debt. She once told Shanshan about her painful experience of egg retrieval.

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