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My Super Hero 欢迎光临 Episode 7 Recap

Zheng Youen has no experience in enlightening people, nor does he persuade Tong Nana too much. What happened tonight was disgusting. Zheng Youen was going to buy a bag to relieve her. Zhang Guangzheng accompanied her without complaint. When shopping in the mall to buy bags, Zheng Youen and Zhang Guangzheng chatted a lot, and Zheng Youen also told him honestly that they were better friends, and she had no other intentions for Zhang Guangzheng.

As soon as Zhang Guangzheng heard this, he remembered what he had said to Wang Niulang and Chen Jingdian before. At that time, he was quite stubborn. He felt that the two of them could get along well, but if they couldn’t get along, don’t use the words of being friends as a shield. At this time, he did not expect that Zheng Youen said this first.

At this moment, he finally has the backbone of a Northeasterner. Through a story about buying a mink coat, Zhang Guang is holding Zheng Youen’s hand under the clothes. He said that he must chase after her, whether she likes it or not. Zheng Youen was a little surprised, but did not break free from his hand. After a while, Zheng Youen pulled out his hand and reminded him to return his clothes, and the mall closed in half an hour. As soon as he heard that the clothes on his body were worth more than 9,000, Zhang Guangzheng was going to retire immediately. According to Zheng Youen, Zhang Guang was taking off his suit in the men’s toilet, and she would take it back and buy a cheaper one for him to wear.

When Chen Jingdian was reviewing, Douzi accompanied him for a while. For Douzi, in addition to working in Beijing, she thought if there was a place where she could attend classes and study. Now that he can’t achieve it, he pinned his hopes on Chen Jingdian. Zhang Guangzheng never expected that the mall was about to close, and Zheng Youen still didn’t come back. Zheng Youen called him and blamed him for the unreasonable behavior just now. Zhang Guangzheng regretted what he had done just now, but Zheng Youen had decided to teach him a lesson and let him figure out a way.

In desperation, Zhang Guangzheng was wearing a pair of shorts and was running in the mall. Many stores were closed. Zhang Guangzheng had no choice but to buy a thick coat that was out of season. When he ran out of the mall, Zhang Guangzheng was full of grief and despair. Liu Meili saw that Zheng Youen was back, and the smile on her face indicated that Zheng Youen was very happy.

Liu Meili, who knew her daughter’s temperament well, knew that Zhang Guangzheng must have been rectified by her. Zhang Guangzheng was lying on the bed with dull eyes. After receiving the message of condolences from Liu Meili, Zhang Guangzheng typed a few words and deleted them one by one. The next day, Sister Sun led everyone downstairs and called him to dance, but Zhang Guangzheng refused.

Aunt Sun asked the courier brother to knock on the door, and then she recklessly asked Zhang Guangzheng to go down to dance. Zhang Guangzheng emphasized that he would never want to dance in the future. Liu Meili asked him to dance first, and she had something to say to him after the dance. After the dance, Liu Meili took Zhang Guangzheng back to her home and told him about Zheng Youen’s previous affairs.

In the past, Zheng Youen used to be a model, but his temper was more aggressive. If he felt unpleasant in his heart, he would point to other people’s noses and scold him. Later, when he couldn’t be a model, he changed careers and became a flight attendant. Liu Meili and Zheng Youen’s father did not have a relationship and divorced. Zheng Youen and her father became increasingly estranged from Liu Meili.

Liu Meili also quarreled with Zheng Youen from time to time, but Zheng Youen would apologize to herself afterwards. Many notes on the notebook were the words of Zheng Youen and Liu Meili apologizing after each quarrel. Liu Meili knew that Zheng Youen just couldn’t express it, but in fact her heart was not bad. After listening to Liu Meili’s words, Zhang Guangzheng thought for a long time, and it was time to leave, but Zheng Youen came back at this time.

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