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My Super Hero 欢迎光临 Episode 6 Recap

After the digression was almost over, Aunt Sun brought the topic back again. She asked Zhang Guangzheng to think carefully about what his greatest strength was. Zhang Guangzheng felt that his greatest strength was his good temper, so good that he was shameless. Aunt Sun told him to make good use of this advantage. Like herself, she was as beautiful as a flower when she was young, and Uncle Yang looked average, but they were not only together, but also after so many years. Seeing the loving relationship between Aunt Sun and Uncle Yang, Zhang Guangzheng suddenly had endless courage and decided to call Zheng Youen.

Zhang Guangzheng ran home non-stop, wrote down what he wanted to say, and then called the phone number that was so hot that his palms were hot. The moment he was connected, Zhang Guang shook his hand, and the note fell on the table a few times. Now he couldn’t say anything, and stumblingly expressed his thoughts about getting to know her. Zheng Youen promised to meet him and asked him to meet at the hotel this Saturday.

After learning about this, Wang Niulang persuaded Zhang Guangzheng to give up. After all, Zheng Youen was a flight attendant, and he was just a doorman. Not to mention Chen Jingdian, who even encouraged him to contact Zheng Youen’s best friends and friends, not to hang himself on a tree.

On Saturday, Zhang Guangzheng went to the agreed hotel lobby on time to wait for Zheng Youen. He was dressed upright today, but Zheng Youen felt very dirty and took him to the mall to buy a suit. But the tag hasn’t been removed, because she didn’t want to buy clothes for him. Tong Nana was criticized by her mother-in-law that the package was too expensive, and her mother-in-law even asked her to return the package.

The mother-in-law didn’t know that her son Yu Peng had left, and thought that Yu Peng was making money in the family, while Tong Nana spent a lot of money. Tong Nana couldn’t listen to it anymore, so she told Yu Peng’s resignation and her own responsibility for the family during this time. Yu Peng turned around and turned the gunfire on her, Tong Nana’s emotions broke out completely, and she quarreled with him a few words.

In addition, her mother-in-law defended her son and accused Tong Nana together. She was even more sad and sad, and asked if his credit card was swiped by him. Unemployed at home, she even used her credit card to charge games, and a charge was thousands of dollars. It’s fine if the mother-in-law doesn’t accuse Yu Peng. On the other hand, Tong Nana shouldn’t have such a clear distinction between husband and wife. Tong Nana cried and left the house, took a canvas package with her cosmetics and left, and she didn’t carry the famous brand bag again.

Zheng Youen took Zhang Guangzheng to attend Guo Yue’s children’s birthday banquet. Former colleagues and former friends didn’t know how to read people’s faces, so they insisted on showing Zheng Youen pictures of their children, and urged her to get married and have children quickly. Zheng Youen rolled his eyes when he heard it. They were chattering about their preparations for having a baby, and Zheng You Eun interrupted them with a sneeze. Then Tong Nana came.

They looked down on Tong Nana very much, so Zheng Youen deliberately went against them and called Tong Nana to sit beside him. Tong Nana was in a bad mood and drank a lot of wine in one breath. At this time, the mother-in-law was at home asking Yu Peng to find a job quickly, and don’t let Tong Nana ride on his head.

Tong Nana said what she was uncomfortable about after drinking. She also knew that Zheng Youen thought she was long-winded, so she stopped after saying a few words. When a rotten peach blossom came up, Zheng Youen didn’t even look at him, he hugged the drunk Tong Nana and left, and asked Zhang Guangzheng to take Tong Nana’s bag and mobile phone. Tong Nana vomited for a while, and then she became more awake. She told Zheng Youen about her suffering, and bluntly said that she was not as good as her and could find such a considerate boyfriend. Zheng Youen explained that Zhang Guangzheng was not his boyfriend, he was just a baffle he pulled temporarily.

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