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Defying the Storm 凭栏一片风云起 Episode 9 Recap

After the morning lecture, Meng Haitang took the initiative to express her gratitude to Zhang Qi. After all, he had contributed money and effort for the class, which was really unfortunate. However, Zhang Qi does not need Meng Haitang to pay back the money. The reason why he is willing to help is because he hopes that education can become a way out for these poor children and can cultivate more talents for the country.

Taking advantage of his free time, Zhang Qi took Meng Haitang to the top of the mountain to plant saplings, and entrusted her to help him irrigate the saplings, waiting for the day of flowering, which was regarded as a reward. Although she knew that it would take a long time for the saplings to grow and bloom, she still agreed, and Zhang Qisi decided to say goodbye to the other party, saying that she would go to the front line to fight. Commemorate.

On the way back, Ling Qianying was robbed by a little beggar. Fortunately, Zeng Nianqiao rescued Mei and helped Ling Qianying teach him a lesson. However, the little beggar had slipped into the room to steal food before, Ling Qianying thought of his poor background and simply let him go. Just when Zeng Nianqiao was about to send Ling Qianying home, he suddenly heard an air defense alarm, so he hurried back to the Jianqiao base and gave Ling Qianying the shoes he had bought for his father.

The Kuomintang government jointly issued an air force combat order, preparing to urgently transfer from North China to East China to deal with the main Japanese force. The various units of Jianqiao should secretly arrive at the sortie position before dusk on the 14th to complete the preparation for the attack. Mainly by Cao E of the ninth brigade and Jianqiao of the fourth brigade, they jointly assisted the army to eliminate the enemy entrenched in Shanghai, as well as its air, sea, and army bases, and carried out air strikes at 0:00 on the 14th.

According to the weather information, there will be a strong typhoon landing tomorrow, so each team and the Hanguang Squadron must pay attention to changes in the weather information at any time during the mission. First of all, the bomber group will take off from Jianqiao Airport and attack the Shanghai Gongda Spinning Factory, including the Japanese Army Armory. Other attacking teams will follow and dispatch in nine batches. The final target is the Shanghai Japanese Army Headquarters, the ammunition depot wharf, and the berth. Jiangri ship, while leaving some battalions and squadrons to protect Cambridge Airport.

On August 14, 1937, the day after the Battle of Bahru broke out, the Japanese Air Force bombed the coastal airport, and the Air Force flew Hawker-3 fighter jets to face it. Not long after this, Meng Haitang often stared at the sky outside the window in a daze, looking forward to Zhang Qi’s safe return. How could she know that the Japanese bomber attacked the hospital, causing serious casualties among the medical staff.

Fortunately, the Meng brothers and sisters dodged in time, and they escaped, and soon saw the aerial battle between the national army plane and the Japanese army plane, and both sides suffered losses. Meng Haitang suddenly remembered that Zhang Qi had asked herself to take care of the saplings before leaving, and hurried up the mountain, not knowing that Zhang Qi had been searching for her and Meng Haichen in the ruins of the hospital.

However, Zhang Qi immediately guessed that Meng Haitang would go to the mountain, and sure enough, he saw her figure next to the Haitang sapling, and heard her talk to the sapling. Because of the joy of what was lost and found, Zhang Qi couldn’t help stepping forward and hugged Meng Haitang. Afterwards, he felt extremely embarrassed and the atmosphere was delicate.

Although this war has subsided for the time being, it has brought Zhang Qi a lot of reflection, thinking that they had the upper hand by fighting more and fighting less. Because of this, Zhang Qi arranged special training for the team members. Zeng Poshan was very hardworking and smart, and instantly understood the key points of Zhang Qi’s transformation of the fighter plane.

Zeng Poshan followed his brother home, but unexpectedly met Xu Yuanyin, so he took the initiative to chat with her. Zeng Mu still ignored Zeng Nianqiao, but Zeng Nianqiao was not annoyed. He simply sat outside the door chatting with Zhang Qi and deliberately made the last war serious. In fact, he hoped his father could understand the real reason why he joined the army.

Sure enough, when Zeng Mu heard the content of the conversation, he immediately rushed out and scolded his sons for not caring about life, and at the same time dismantled Zeng Nianqiao and Zhang Qi singing double reeds to each other. Zhang Qi and others explained their intentions straight to the point. They wanted to invite Zeng Mu to the China Aircraft Factory to be the general consultant for everyone. Zeng Mu was naturally very happy, pretended to be profound for a moment, and immediately agreed to them.

At this time, Meng Wuran and Ling Wenyue came back from the door, and everyone couldn’t wait to go out to welcome them. The three families were able to reunite, and naturally a meal was inevitable. Xiao Hongen brought Dragon Pearl as a guest, and introduced to everyone that he and Meng Haitang were cousins. As for Ling Qianying, he also recognized Zeng Mu as his master, and the group got along happily.

After the meal, Meng Haitang gave Zhang Qi a gift, then turned to leave, Ling Qianying and Zeng Nianqiao also said goodbye to each other, and Xu Yuanyin copied the first chapter of the novel and gave it to Zeng Poshan. Not long after that, when Zeng Poshan came to look for Xu Yuanyin, it happened to catch up with the pouring rain. The two ran into the pavilion to hide from the rain. By the way, they chatted about the troubles of the young Werther, and discussed the love between Lotte and Werther. deep.

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