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Defying the Storm 凭栏一片风云起 Episode 7 Recap

Everyone is paying attention to this hostage transaction, including Meng Haitang hiding in the corner, and because of the three scratched cinnabar in Wudingjia, Okayama Shinichi believes that this is the real tortoise shell. Because the Japanese deliberately kept the back of the armor when they released the photos of Wu Dingjia, the outside world did not know the existence of cinnabar. Only Jin Zhilie himself, even if the armor in front of him was a fake, at least it can prove that Meng Wuran saw it with his own eyes. over this thing.

However, the academic world all know that Ling Wenyue’s principle of academic conduct is to never tell lies, so Okayama Shinichi asked him to tell the truth on the spot. However, at the critical juncture of life and death, Ling Wenyue still chose to tell the truth and bluntly said that this piece of Wuding armor was a fake.

Meng Haitang couldn’t wait at all, and was about to rush out to accompany her father when Zhang Qi suddenly stopped her and took her directly to the window on the second floor of the antique shop, watching every move outside at any time, ready to be ready before the Japanese opened fire. Preemptive strike. It is precisely because of this that Okayama Shinichi questioned Ling Wenyue’s words, because he did not believe that there would be real patriots in this world, so he concluded that the Wuding armor in his hand was genuine.

Fortunately, Okayama Shinichi’s cleverness enabled the two of them to escape, and until the Japanese had already left by car one after another, Meng Wuran finally fell into a big rock in his heart. Ling Wenyue remembered that he had just seen pigeons flying around the corner of the Wengcheng of Zhengyangmen, and suddenly remembered the clues that Jin Zhilie left him. The statue of Guan Gong deity enshrined in Zhengyangmen.

Just as Ling Wenyue had expected, he found the wooden box under the statue, and when he opened it, he found that there was only a chess sheet and fragments of fake tortoise shells. Before I could react to what this meant, footsteps were heard from downstairs, it was those KMT agents who were following and stalking. Ling Wenyue and Meng Wuran hid in Tibet, avoiding the pursuit of Japanese devils as much as possible. Fortunately, Zhang Qi appeared in time to save the two.

Zeng Nianqiao and Long Zhenzhu secretly contacted, only to know that Jin Zhilie sacrificed to protect the organization, and had handed Wu Dingjia to the son of an old friend before his death, indicating that this person is a progressive young man who can be trusted and fought for. As for the true identity of the old friend’s son, they did not know. Jin Zhilie only left Zeng Nianqiao a book of poems, which was marked.

Just when Zeng Nianqiao got up to leave, he suddenly found that the three of them walked into the alley in a hurry. The person who came was Zhang Qi, and he entrusted Meng Wuran and Ling Wenyue to Shuanzi, who hid them in a vegetable basket and transported them out of the city. The Japanese soldiers in charge of guarding noticed the bolt, and just about to go forward to check the trolley, Zhang Qilian fired a few shots to lead them away, and the bolt took the opportunity to slip away.

In order to thank Shuanzi for his help, Meng Wuran named his soon-to-be born son Wu Boxing. However, after Meng Wuran and Ling Wenyue made an appointment for a meeting place, he was going to go home to pick up something, but he was shocked and saddened to see Shuan Zi killed by a Japanese gun.

A truck drove the refugees to the outside of Peiping City. Sitting in the car, Meng Wuran never forgot the embolism’s death. His heart was extremely heavy. Force, difficult to resist the invaders, it can be described as useless is a scholar.

On the other hand, Meng Haichen was recuperating in the hospital for many days. Although he saved his life, he still did not wake up. Zhang Qinuan handed over the milk and comforted Meng Haitang not to worry too much. Considering that Meng Haitang has no place to live, Zhang Qi took her back to Hangzhou and introduced her to his teammates.

Today, the Kuomintang government attempts to defend the country through international negotiations. In fact, there have been many negotiation precedents. At least the motherland cannot rely on negotiations to defend its territory. After Zhang Qi and the others finished talking about this heavy topic, they simply came to the playground to play ball. How could they know that Xu Te led someone to speak rudely to Meng Haitang, which made the team members very indignant, and the two sides decided the outcome of the game.

After a few rounds, Zhang Qi noticed the mole on Xu Te’s wrist and thought of the Japanese outside the Zhoumao Antique Store, guessing that he must have something to do with smuggling stolen goods. After being absent for a moment, Zhang Qi turned his attention to the field again, and finally scored a goal and won the victory easily.

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