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Defying the Storm 凭栏一片风云起 Episode 6 Recap

When Zhang Qi woke up again, the sky was already bright, and he didn’t care about the pain in his body. He looked back at the hangar destroyed by the fire. He had to drive the car to No. 86, and under Meng Haitang’s care, he gradually recovered. some spirit. Zhang Qi was about to leave, but Meng Haitang stopped him and brought him a new set of clothes. Suddenly, Mother Meng came over to urge her daughter to pack up as soon as possible. In order to conceal Zhang Qi’s presence in the room, Meng Haitang found a reason to deal with it.

After what happened last night, the school decided to immediately move the school to the south. The final location was selected in Changsha. A total of three groups of teams were evacuated. As for when classes will resume, it is yet to be determined. Meng Wuran walked home after the meeting, and saw that Zeng Mu was about to leave for Hangzhou. It happened that the Meng family’s car going to the train station was smashed, so he asked Zeng Mu to take Meng and Ling’s wives and daughters to go first.

At first, Zeng Mu disagreed and refused very strongly, but with Meng Wuran’s repeated pleas and persuasion, and also remembering his years of friendship with Meng Wuran and Ling Wenyue, he simply agreed. Meng Haitang was reluctant to leave and insisted on staying with her father to tide over the difficulties, even exposing that his father did not have Wu Dingjia, and it was difficult to make fakes in a short time.

On the contrary, Meng Haitang copied a piece of Wuding armor before. Although it looks fake, Meng Wuran can find someone to help make it old, so that he can hide it from the sky. Because of Meng Haitang’s insistence, in the end, Meng’s mother and Kang Lanshan’s mother and daughter followed Zeng Mu to Tianjin to Hangzhou. As for the Meng family’s father and daughter, they thought of Zhoumao Antique Store.

It happened that Zhang Qi and Tang Shizhen were on the phone and accidentally discovered that the Japanese were carrying goods to the Zhoumao Antique Store, so they sneaked in and observed it secretly. Boss Yu knew that Ling Wenyue had been imprisoned in the Japanese army cell, and guessed that Meng Wuran was trying to save Ling Wenyue, so the lion opened his mouth and directly asked for 3,000 yuan.

Although Meng Wuran refused to admit it, he still couldn’t fight against the scheming profiteers, so he could only take a step back and told the other party to get it done before eleven o’clock tonight. After the father and daughter left, Zhang Qi disguised himself as a Japanese and fooled the boss, and asked Okayama Shinichi’s plan from his mouth. When he saw Wu Dingjia published in the newspaper, he couldn’t help but think of the black box he hid under the wall of Yue Temple. It is the same tortoise shell.

It’s just that in the real armor piece, there is still one place painted with cinnabar, and under the instruction of Zhang Qi, the boss, imitated the real Wuding armor. At the same time, the Meng family’s father and daughter were sitting in the small courtyard chatting, recalling the past, and feeling a little overwhelmed for a while. Since moving into this small house, Meng’s mother has kept the house in good order, so Meng Wuran knew that her wife must be a little reluctant to leave. In Meng Haitang’s view, the mother’s heart is the most concerned about her father and sister and brother. .

That night, Meng Haitang followed Meng Wuran to the Zhoumao Antique Store. Originally, she wanted to mortgage the old house to the antique store, but she didn’t expect that Boss Yu would pay a lot of money. But when Meng Wuran got the finished product and found cinnabar, he didn’t know why, so Boss Yu took the initiative to explain that he had an expert behind him. On the other hand, Meng Haitang found that Wu Dingjia came with a red leaflet, which was the declaration of freedom that he had written in oracle bone script. , instantly understood, and left without saying a word with his father.

However, the father and daughter were finally sent away. When Boss Yu returned to the second floor, Zhang Qi was still sitting on the reclining chair and enjoying himself. The implication was that he wanted to leave his shop, and Boss Yu was frightened. Busy but give up. Meng Wuran had met his junior brother Chen Dairong in private, mainly entrusting Ling Wenyue’s things to him. If he didn’t see him come to pick it up at noon tomorrow, he could hand it over to Kang Lanshan, and his daughter Meng Haitang would also help take care of it.

Chen Dairong realized that it was not good, and only after inquiring did he find out that Meng Wuran was determined to save Ling Wenyue. As for how to rescue, Meng Wuran didn’t have much confidence in his heart. If so, maybe they can escape this catastrophe. Early the next morning, the antique shop opened as usual, except that the shopkeeper had been replaced by Zhang Qi, and he saw people on the street coming to watch through the window, and witnessed Meng Wuran holding a wooden box and walking toward the Japanese military police with his own eyes. .

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