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Defying the Storm 凭栏一片风云起 Episode 5 Recap

The current situation is chaotic. The government urged Fuhua to move the school to the south. Principal Zhou summoned the school directors to discuss countermeasures. He ignored the sacrifice of front-line soldiers and wanted to promote peace in East Asia. Meng Wuran was extremely disappointed by this, and angrily scolded them, as people who read, how could they forget the war of genocide in history, and the Japanese wolf ambitions would never give up until their goals were achieved.

In the end, Principal Zhou thought about it. In order to ensure the safety of the teachers and students of the school, and to fight for evacuation time during the national disaster, he had to agree to accept Okayama Shinichi’s request, and Ling Wenyue came forward to carry out cultural exchanges between China and Japan. Convergence studies courses. Meng Wuran thought this was inappropriate. After all, with his understanding of Ling Wenyue, he would definitely not teach this class. However, Principal Zhou had already made up his mind, and no one was allowed to talk about it.

Because Ding Huanshan was responsible for detonating the mines and opening the way for the car, Zhang Qi returned safely with Meng Haichen. Since the Japanese army had already entered Peiping, Zhang Qi could not ensure the safety of the Meng family and siblings. Moreover, Meng Haichen was in urgent need of treatment. After communicating with Meng Haitang, he planned to bring Meng Haichen back to Hangzhou first.

After everyone left, with Ding Huanshan’s order, the hangar was completely blown up. In this way, Lu Ziyi’s plan was successfully completed. As long as the Fuxing was blown up, there might be no proof. As for the next task, it is necessary for Xu Te to go to Qinghe to deal with the remaining goods, and to trade with the Japanese at the agreed place.

Meng Haitang went home and told her parents the truth. She blamed herself for her younger brother’s injury. Meng Wuran didn’t blame her too much, but comforted her daughter. In fact, Meng Wuran had already planned to move her family to Hangzhou, and at the same time told her daughter to remember that if she couldn’t come back tomorrow, she must take good care of the family and get her brother back as soon as possible.

It was because of her father’s words that Meng Haitang had an ominous premonition. She followed Meng Wuran to Ling’s house and stood outside the door to eavesdrop on their conversation. Ling Wenyue told the truth about the Wudingjia discovered seven years ago, confirming the importance of this cultural relic and what the Japanese tried their best to obtain.

Moreover, the Japanese right wing has always questioned the history of China. If this piece of armor was born, it would represent the civilization of China three thousand years ago. Therefore, Ling Wenyue and Jin Zhilie had made an agreement before that Jin Zhilie was responsible for preserving the original pieces of the nails, while Ling Wenyue had rubbings for academic research, so Meng Wuran knew the ins and outs and felt that Okayama Shinichi was eyeing Ling Wen. Yue, the so-called cultural exchange meeting is probably a Hongmen banquet set up by the Japanese.

Considering the critical situation, Meng Wuran took the opportunity to lock Ling Wenyue in the room on the pretext of admiring the rubbings, and asked Ling Wenyue to take good care of Wu Dingjia and help take care of his family through the door. The implication is that, in fact, with the determination to die, after leaving Ling’s house, Meng Wuran returned to the study to write hard, and decided to take the stage again tonight, face the Japanese invaders, and use his bent body to protect Ling. Ask Yue, a pillar of the country, to write about the strength of a literati.

Although Ling Qianying knew that the lecturer should be her father Ling Wenyue, she couldn’t bear to put her father in danger. Fortunately, she knew her husband Mo Ruo’s wife, and Kang Lanshan knew that her husband was always strong in his life, and he regarded his innocence as more important than his own life. The important thing is that instead of letting him live in pain and guilt in the second half, it is better to live without regrets and die to be great.

When Meng Wuran was about to teach in person that night, how did he know Ling Wenyue suddenly appeared and walked to the podium resolutely. In this meaningful class, Ling Wenyue wrote several inscriptions from different periods successively, including inscriptions in bronze and oracle bone inscriptions, which powerfully fought back against Japan’s malicious stealing of culture.

In order to better tell the history to everyone, Ling Wenyue also drew a map of the Southern Song Dynasty on the blackboard, because in his opinion, geography is both history and history is both words. It is “Lu Xiufu was born in Yancheng, buried in Yashan, 100,000 Jiangyin elders, born in Jiangyin, buried in Jiangyin”.

It is undeniable that Chinese is the most beautiful language in the world, because it is full of warmth and represents the meaning of pictograms. It not only has profound connotations, but has even extended the Chinese civilization for more than 3,000 years without breaking. If there is no text, all of you present will not be able to read the meteorological changes of hundreds or even thousands of years; the magnificent Tang Dynasty; and those Qin Shi Mingyue, who fought against the water, broke the boat, and the people who have been told by word of mouth.

Under Ling Wenyue’s high-burning speech, all teachers and students aroused their patriotism, especially when they saw that he wrote the word “China” in oracle bone script, they all stood up and briefly explained where they were born, where they were buried, and were never afraid of death. This scene made the Japanese angry, and finally took Ling Wenyue away. Okayama Shinichi talked to Meng Wuran alone and asked him to take out Wudingjia as soon as possible. Only this thing can be exchanged.

At this time, Xu Te led his men to Qinghe Airport, threatened to check the condition of No. 024, and ordered other unrelated personnel to leave first. One of the secret agents burned some documents while checking the goods, causing the warehouse to catch fire. Xu Te heard that the pilot had come here, and simply slipped away before the explosion, causing Zhang Qi to be injured.

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