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Defying the Storm 凭栏一片风云起 Episode 4 Recap

Zhang Qi and Ding Huanshan re-examined the Fuxing, and found a whole box of gold bars and rubbings from the bottom cabin, which is enough to prove that someone was carrying smuggled goods, smuggled them using military aircraft, and even accidentally damaged the fuel tank during the second welding. Lu Ziyi learned that the goods of 023 had been exposed, and couldn’t help but be furious, but the top priority was to prevent the aviation commission from finding him, otherwise, once he found out that he was cooperating with the Japanese, even ten heads would not be enough to shoot, so Lu Ziyi ordered Xu Special treatment as soon as possible to avoid future troubles.

This day, Ling Wenyue went to check Jin Zhilie’s pigeon loft again, but he still found nothing. Kang Lanshan believes that “Danyu” should refer to the place where the pigeons fly around at sunrise. Just as the couple was thinking hard, they suddenly heard the sound of pigeons coming from outside. After following the sound, they found that the speed of people could not catch up with pigeons at all. Perhaps there was a problem with some details.

The Japanese scholar Okayama Shinichi held a literature and history conference, invited many reporters, and made a lot of nonsense on the stage, not only blindly denying the authenticity of Shanhaijing, but even maliciously smearing China’s five thousand years of history and civilization. Ling Wenyue and Meng Haitang couldn’t listen anymore, so they argued with them, but when they learned that Jin Zhilie had promised to hand over the Wuding armor to the other party for safekeeping, they couldn’t help but feel very puzzled.

Meng Haitang angered Shinichi Okayama in public, showing that Chinese culture does not need the help of Japanese messengers to carry forward, and Chinese people know right and wrong the most, attach great importance to friendship and etiquette, and ask him to apologize to everyone for his unreasonableness. Ling Wenyue also denied Okayama Shinichi’s rhetoric, exposing the Japanese privately formed a scientific expedition over the years, and even looted a large number of turtle slices from China at low prices.

In the face of Ling Wenyue’s accusation and even many reporters’ questioning, Okayama Shinichi always emphasized that he kept Wu Dingjia, and then took out the real photo of Wu Dingjia, which caused an uproar. In fact, what Okayama Shinichi said was false. He did not have Wudingjia in his hands at all. The reason why he held a literary and historical conference was to attract fish. He promised the captain of the Japanese military police that he would definitely find the real product within a month. .

After the literature and history conference, Ling Wenyue and Meng Haitang met Shuanzi, the coachman, on their way home. They heard that Shuanzi’s daughter-in-law had given birth to a big fat boy, so they agreed to name them with meanings. At the same time, Zhang Qi gave Zeng Mu the photo of the finished product, which finally satisfied him and agreed to post the admission notice on the campus.

Just when Zhang Qi was about to leave, he met Meng Haitang who was returning by car, so he said goodbye to her, saying that the Fuxing ship was going to be stored in Hangzhou tomorrow and had to leave Peiping. Meng Haitang wanted to return the handkerchief to Zhang Qi, but Zhang Qi didn’t pick it up, but gave her two contact addresses. If she had anything in the future, she could come to her at any time, and they secretly understood each other.

In a blink of an eye, the next day, Zhang Qi received news before taking off in Fuxing that he could not fly out of Qinghe Airport due to incomplete departure procedures. Originally, Zhang Qi had already completed the departure procedures in person, but he did not expect that the Aviation Commission suddenly cancelled and ordered to stop the departure. Lu Ziyi used the 023 oil leak as an excuse to prevent the two Fuxing from taking off. In other words, he had to wait for the 024 inspection in all aspects to be normal.

Meng Haichen thought about it, and finally signed up for the 29th Military Academy of the Revolutionary Army on the grounds of military training. Meng Haichen, a newcomer, accepted the first task, which was to follow the soldiers to bury mines. On the other hand, Zeng Poshan also decided to join the army. That night, despite his father’s obstruction, he bowed to him and walked away.

The sound of gunfire at Lugou Bridge on July 7 opened the curtain of the whole nation’s war of resistance. From then on, all the compatriots on the Songhua River, inside and outside the Great Wall, in the Central Plains, and on both sides of the Pearl River, went to the national disaster and started the unprecedented great national liberation war. Meng Haitang had to tell the truth to her parents, revealing the fact that her younger brother had gone to join the army. Meng Wuran was shocked and told everyone to look for it separately and to find Meng Haichen.

On the night of the 27th, the Japanese army captured the Tuanhe Palace and surrounded the Nanyuan Barracks of the 29th Army. At this time, the position was full of artillery fire. Meng Haichen did not know how to shoot and fight, and he watched as his comrades around him sacrificed one after another. As the Nanyuan defenders were attacked by the Japanese in the southeast, the squadron led by Zhang Qi applied to Tang Shizhen to participate in the war and support the army, but Tang Shizhen ordered Zhang Qi not to fight head-on, otherwise it would be disobedient to the military order.

Meng Haitang came to Nanyuan Barracks to search, and saw wounded soldiers everywhere. Fortunately, she met Zhang Qi, so Zhang Qi agreed to help her find it. Sure enough, Meng Haichen was found alive in a corpse. Zhang Qi drove Meng Haichen in a detour and almost hit a landmine. As soon as he received the news, Ding Huansheng started the Fuxing to fly to Zhang Qi’s location, and cooperated with him to quickly destroy the landmine ahead, avoiding unnecessary of casualties.

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