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Defying the Storm 凭栏一片风云起 Episode 2 Recap

Torture and interrogation had no effect on Zeng Nianqiao. On the contrary, history professor Jin Zhilie was suspicious and had already become one of Xu Te’s main targets for arrest. When Lu Ziyi heard Xu Te’s actions, she couldn’t help but be furious, and immediately ordered her subordinates to stop it.

However, it was too late. Jin Zhilie had already noticed something unusual by the window. He saw several Kuomintang agents gathered at the entrance of the alley, acting extremely sneakily, but he left in a hurry. Because of this, Jin Zhilie finally made a choice after thinking twice. After all, his exposure means that the underground party organization of Fuhua University will also be in danger. The only way to make amends is to cut off all clues and protect the safety of the party organization through his own sacrifice. , and the historical context represented by Wudingjia.

Early in the morning the next day, Ling Wenyue, a professor of history, and his wife Kang Lanshan came to Meng’s house. Even Chen Dairong didn’t change his old habits and presented flowers romantically and witty. According to the usual agreement, the professors of Fuhua University will have a meal in the No. 86 courtyard every time, but Jin Zhilie is late. Meng Wuran came over to invite Jin Zhilie, how could he know that the other party never responded, he left with a wooden box in his arms after a while, and when he passed by the door of Meng’s house, he gave a meaningful glance, and when Ling Wenyue got up and looked out, the person had already disappeared not see.

That night, there was laughter and laughter in the small courtyard of the Meng family, and everyone was having a good time at the table. Zeng Mushan came late, only to find that Jin Zhilie was not there. Mrs. Meng felt that Jin Zhilie’s mental state was not right when she returned from Anyang, but she quickly ended the topic and finally brought it to Meng Haitang’s fiancé-in-law.

Just as the juniors were chatting hotly, suddenly a gunshot came from the suburbs. Meng Haichen hurried in, saying that the Fuhua students took to the streets to make trouble. Twenty-six people have been arrested by the police. Meng Wuran had to go back to school first, but after Xu Te killed people in the suburbs, he led the spy agents to Jin Zhilie’s house and rummaged through the boxes to find Wu Dingjia.

As everyone knows, at this moment, Jin Zhilie has generously died, and resolutely walked towards the middle of the lake, gradually sinking into the water. On the other side, Zhang Qi stood in a daze at the airport, recalling that he took the initiative to apply for party membership with Jin Zhilie back then. Although Jin Zhilie did not agree, he still encouraged him not to give up, and one day he would find a real party recommender.

Now Zhang Qi has not been able to do the ideological work of Tong Meng Wuran, Ding Huansheng is also slumped at Yanxi University, and President Zhou refuses to meet, and depends on the attitude of Fuhua University. In order to make this targeted enrollment a success, Zhang Qi called to the troubled brothers and sisters whom he had made during his studies abroad, namely Xiao Hongen, the current editor-in-chief of Huaxing Times, along with his reporter girlfriend Long Zhenzhu.

The three people who hadn’t seen each other for a long time couldn’t help chatting for a while. After everyone was seated, Zhang Kai mentioned the admissions matter straight to the point, hoping that Xiao Hongen could help publish it. Considering that news topics and popularity are indispensable, Zhang Qi’s decision to fly the Fuxing aircraft in person is definitely a bright spot.

Originally, Lu Ziyi waited for the end of the Fuxing test flight, and then flew to Hangzhou with cargo, but temporarily changed the pilot, which made him uncomfortable, so he informed Xu Te to bring the cargo out immediately. While Xu Te was supervising Lao Sun to pick up the goods, he did not expect that someone would come outside and simply welded the cargo box and the bottom hatch. As long as he did not check carefully, no one should find out the secret inside.

On the day of the flying ceremony, Meng Wuran gave a speech on behalf of the school, and many reporters and students came to watch. Meng Haitang and her companions sat on the wall and watched, and she happened to see Zhang Qi coming to the airport, only then did she know that he was the pilot this time. . Because Fuxing is a two-seater plane, the organizer invited people on the scene to test flight with Zhang Qi. Meng Haitang boldly signed up and was willing to follow Soong Ching Ling’s move as an example.

When Ling Wenyue and Kang Lanshan came to Jin Zhilie’s house, they found that the room was in a mess, and it was a mess. It was obvious that the spy had been here last night. The couple searched every corner and found no clues. In order to protect Wu Dingjia, Jin Zhilie would rather risk his life in order to confuse the enemy, and even be prepared to sacrifice at any time. If anything goes wrong, he will stay. The next clue informs Yu Lingwen Yue and his wife.

Meng Haitang took the car to the take-off point, without showing any hesitation, nor was she afraid of the danger. After some operations, the Fuxing ship flew straight into the sky. At Zhang Qi’s suggestion, Meng Haitang opened her eyes and looked around, surrounded by clouds, like a dream, as if she was in a fairyland, which made her extremely excited. Shocked again.

Just as Meng Haitang swept a lot of flyers into the sky, Zhang Qi saw that the fuel was exhausted. How could he know that he encountered special weather when he returned to the flight, and the ground unit checked that the wind direction became stronger, which would not only cause the plane to suddenly slow down, but even enter the plane. Stall condition. Zhang Qi took emergency measures in this regard, and at the same time did not forget to take precautions to Meng Haitang’s account, and drove forward in one go to make a forced landing. Finally, he landed safely and landed on a mountain not far away.

Originally, Zhang Qi was about to drag the plane back, but he suddenly felt that the weight was abnormal. After his inspection, he found that Anyang cultural relics were hidden in the bottom cabin. Meng Haitang recognized it as a tortoise shell with lettering at a glance. It should be managed by the Nanjing History and Language Institute. Only a small number of objects and rubbings have been researched in Jin Zhilie’s hands. As for why they appeared on the Fuxing number, it is too strange.

Ding Huansheng heard Zhang Qi’s gunshots, and followed the sound to lead people to rush out. Zhang Qi demanded that the Fuxing ship must return to the field with all its tails, and told Ding Huansheng to ensure that he was optimistic for 24 hours, and that no one was allowed to approach. Meng Wuran, who was waiting at the scene, saw that her daughter was safe and sound, and finally felt a big stone in her heart. In an interview with reporters, Zhang Qi stated that the test flight was a forced landing in emergency weather, and there was no malfunction. It was not inferior to imports. airplane.

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