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My Super Hero 欢迎光临 Episode 5 Recap

Douzi went to participate in the training, and Chen Jingdian said that he did not expect Zhang Guangzheng and Wang Niulang to participate in the training behind his back, and Zhang Guangzheng’s reason was that it would always be beneficial to learn more. He continued to participate in the square dance team, and the aunts slowly accepted him, and immediately came up to him and asked him questions about his mobile phone as soon as he finished dancing.

Only Sister Ma still believed that Zhang Guangzheng had bad intentions. Seeing that most of the aunties recognized him, Zhang Guangzheng was elated. He felt that Aunt Sun would lose soon, and he was about to become the youngest leader of the square dance. Finally one day, Zhang Guang was dancing with the aunts as usual, and waited for a rare opportunity to meet his goddess Zheng You Eun.

What makes Zhang Guangzheng a little disappointed is that Zheng Youen doesn’t remember him anymore. He thought that he approached these aunts to sell insurance or wealth management products, so he bluntly said that their family did not buy wealth management and insurance. Facing Zheng Youen, Zhang Guangkou couldn’t argue, and Zheng Youen didn’t give him a chance to defend himself.

He never expected such an embarrassing result after a difficult meeting. Zheng Youen’s words were not unreasonable, and the aunts began to wonder if Zhang Guang had ulterior motives, but this time, it was Aunt Sun who was always looking at him upset. Aunt Sun used to work at the counter selling goods, and she could see that Zhang Guangzheng was not the one selling goods.

Facing the questioning of the aunts, Zhang Guangzheng was in a state of mind for the first time, and he blurted out what he wanted to chase after Zheng Youen. The aunts were stunned for a while, and then burst into laughter. Liu Meili finished laughing and said nothing.

Liu Meili went home and said a few words to Zheng Youen. Zheng Youen decided that Zhang Guangzheng had been exposed by him, and he would definitely not dare to dance with the aunts tomorrow. The next day, Zhang Guangzheng still came to dance. After the dance, Liu Meili left him to ask a few questions. Zhang Guangzheng lied that he was the manager of the hotel lobby and planned to buy a house next year.

It sounded that Zhang Guangzheng’s conditions were good, and Liu Meili also took him aside and told him that Zheng Youen’s temper was very bad. She seemed to have seen through all men. There were many men chasing her over the years, but none of them succeeded. Finally, Liu Meili gave Zheng Youen’s phone number to Zhang Guangzheng.

Aunt Sun offered to help Zhang Guangzheng chase Zheng Youen, there are many ways to chase girls. After Liu Meili returned home, she carefully told Zheng Youen that Zhang Guangzheng was going to chase her and that she gave Zheng Youen’s phone number to him. Liu Meili was frightened, for fear that Zheng Youen would get angry because of her own opinion.

Zheng Youen was going to attend the birthday banquet with Tong Nana, and she casually asked about the credit card. Tong Nana then asked about her husband, who confessed to her that he had been laid off by the company. Aunt Sun taught Zhang Guangzheng how to pick watermelons, and then let him be a coolie to help him carry the watermelons up the stairs.

Aunt Sun’s lover, Uncle Yang, had a stroke last year. Now his body is recovering, but his brain is not very good, making Zhang Guangzheng a waste collector. While cutting melons, Aunt Sun talked to Zhang Guangzheng about the shortcomings of his parents. Aunt Sun said that she has a son, married and started a family in Shenzhen, and she also has a grandson.

Zhang Guangzheng asked casually if the child in the photo was her grandson, and Aunt Sun opened the box and took out the photo to share her lovely grandson with him.

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