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My Super Hero 欢迎光临 Episode 4 Recap

The aunts all felt that Zhang Guangzheng was not a good person, but they still had to do what they did, regardless of what Zhang Guangzheng wanted to do. Douzi led Chen Jingdian to the postgraduate remedial class. Looking at those tender students, Chen Jingdian was too embarrassed to go in. Douzi encouraged him a few words, but he still failed to rekindle Chen Jingdian’s confidence.

After returning from the remedial class, Chen Jingdian looked dejected. After two classes, he did not understand any of the questions raised by others. But the arrow had to be sent on the string. Douzi even had to go to class with him after get off work, and the money for the remedial class could not be refunded. Chen Jingdian could only bite the bullet and continue the class.

Wang Niulang wondered if Zhang Guangzheng told Douzi about Chen Jingdian’s postgraduate entrance examination. Zhang Guangzheng admitted it. At this time, he also wondered if he was busy, but Wang Niulang said he did a good job. This exaggeration made Zhang Guangzheng elated, he began to fantasize about his bright future, and the only audience had fallen asleep.

The next day, after the square dance, Zhang Guangzheng found that Liu Meili was in trouble with not being able to transfer money. He volunteered to help her with real-name verification, and finally won Liu Meili’s favor and let her remember her surname Zhang. Chen Jingdian has been working during the day and attending classes at night these days, and his body is overwhelmed.

Zhang Guangzheng wanted him to rest for a while, the conversation between the two was overheard by Manager Sun, and he talked about the two of them. It rained heavily at night, and Douzi knew that Chen Jingdian had a cold, so she specially brought him a coat and water. After being seen by Manager Sun, he was scolded again. He even emptied the two bottles of water and asked Chen Jingdian to take sick leave for the past two days.

He was not allowed to come to work if he was sick. Manager Sun had good intentions, but Chen Jingdian insisted that he wanted to deduct his attendance award. Chen Jingdian simply proposed to the manager to transfer classes, and he wanted to spend the rest of the time preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination. The manager disagreed and humiliated Chen Jingdian.

Chen Jingdian couldn’t help crying, but he had to bow his head under the eaves, and he had no way to resist. After that, Chen Jingdian studied hard and did not want to sleep when he was sick. Zhang Guangzheng thought of a way, as long as Chen Jingdian had to take exams and classes, they all volunteered to help Wang Niulang to help him take classes. Manager Sun didn’t mean to make things difficult for them.

Seeing that they had given a new shift schedule and solved all the problems, he agreed to let them help Chen Jingdian on the shift. During this time, Chen Jingdian studied hard and Zhang Guangzheng joined Auntie’s square dance team on time every day.

The leading aunt, Sister Sun, always felt that Zhang Guangzheng had bad intentions, and she was very upset when she saw other people surrounding Zhang Guangzheng asking questions. Finally one day, Wang Niulang and Chen Jingdian found out that he was in the square dance team. When they came back, they asked him to explain honestly. Zhang Guangzheng told them all and promised to pack their breakfast for this month. Only then did Chen Jingdian and Wang Niulang let him go. .

Manager Sun and the management proposed a “shining moment” employee training plan. Chen Jingdian, Zhang Guangzheng and Wang Niulang all thought it was silly, and the three of them were not interested in it. Zheng Youen and his colleagues went shopping together to see a bag, but the strange thing was that the limit of the colleague’s card was suddenly overrun, and finally Zheng Youen helped her pay.

Douzi signed up for the “Flash Moment”, and when she saw her coming out, Chen Jingdian scolded her, and then Zhang Guangzheng came out. He said that he looked down on this class before, but now he came to the class with Wang Niulang and Chen Jingdian on his back.

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