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My Super Hero 欢迎光临 Episode 3 Recap

Xu Bin wants to divorce his current wife and stay with Zheng Youen. Zheng Youen thought he had confessed his mistake, but he didn’t expect him to play a victim, and was even more disappointed with him. Before Xu Bin was with him without telling the truth about his marriage, Zheng Youen felt more and more unreliable.

Zhang Guangzheng, Chen Jingdian, and Wang Niulang sat and chatted for a while, and then the two pulled Zhang Guangzheng to roll the sheets, but Zhang Guangzheng didn’t want to mess up the sheets, thinking that going to check out now could count as an hourly room. Wang Niulang confirmed that he had made up his mind, and the three of them did nothing and went out honestly.

As soon as he went out, Zhang Guangzheng saw Xu Bin and Zheng Youen in the corridor. Zheng Youen ignored Xu Bin’s pleading and went straight to the elevator. Zhang Guangzheng immediately chased after her, and after clearing the siege for Zheng Youen, he followed her down the elevator. The three ran out of the lobby in their work clothes, and Manager Sun chased after them and scolded them, threatening to deduct this month’s bonus.

Zhang Guangzheng didn’t catch up with Zheng Youen, and he was very disappointed. In addition, Manager Sun’s words made him even more depressed, so he simply handed in his resignation letter. Later, Douzi asked him if he really wanted to leave, and Zhang Guangzheng said that he bought the ticket for the day after tomorrow.

Zheng Youen met a disrespectful passenger on the plane and insisted that she come to introduce duty-free goods to himself. When she came, the passenger had no idea to put his business card in the duty-free goods introduction booklet to her. Zheng Youen politely Refused, the tone was so alien that the passenger surnamed Wang was very angry, and complained to the airline after getting off the plane.

Later, the manager asked her to apologize softly to the passenger, but Zheng Youen was unwilling. She has always had this temper, so she received many complaints. However, Zheng Youen went his own way and never thought of changing.

Another colleague felt a little guilty and wanted to invite her to dinner, but unexpectedly her mother-in-law came, and she had to apologize to Zheng Youen embarrassingly. Zhang Guangzheng packed his things and asked Chen Jingdian to return the things to Zheng Youen, if he was lucky enough to meet her. Zheng Youen slowly appeared and walked towards the group of square dancing aunts.

Zhang Guangzheng accidentally discovered that Zheng Youen lived in the same community as him. The moment he saw her, Zhang Guangzheng’s eyes lit up, and he suddenly understood what Chen Jingdian had said. Among the aunts who are dancing square dance below, maybe one of them is his future mother-in-law.

Seeing Zheng Youen turn and leave, Zhang Guangzheng actually opened the window and wanted to jump out. Chen Jingdian and Wang Niulang who came back from get off work mistakenly thought he wanted to commit suicide, and hurriedly threw him onto the bed in three and two steps. Zhang Guangzheng changed his mind and decided not to leave. He went to Manager Sun with Chen Jingdian and Wang Niulang, and shamelessly asked for his resignation letter.

Chen Jingdian and Wang Niulang forced him to ask him why he suddenly changed his mind. Zhang Guangzheng opened his eyes and said nonsense. It was just what Chen Jingdian and Wang Niulang liked to hear. He schemingly said nothing to Zheng Youen.

Douzi prepared a surprise for Chen Jingdian, and Chen Jingdian was full of anticipation, but the surprise prepared by Douzi was that he signed up for a postgraduate tutoring class with tens of thousands of them, and bought many books for postgraduate entrance examination. It can be said that Douzi has ulterior motives, but Chen Jingdian has a sad face. He has given up the idea of ​​taking the postgraduate entrance examination, but in this situation, it is really difficult for him to talk to Douzi.

hang Guangzheng was trying to get close to Zheng Youen’s mother Liu Meili. After he got up early in the morning and squatted beside him for a while, he joined the square dance team. But this time, the apprenticeship was not smooth. The aunts thought he was playing tricks. After a while, the aunts left to go to the discount supermarket to buy things.

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