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My Super Hero 欢迎光临 Episode 2 Recap

The unreasonable guest deliberately made things difficult, and Zhang Guangzheng was scratched with a small wound on his face, and Wang Niulang couldn’t help but fight with the guest, and was quickly stopped by the manager. Because of this incident, Zhang Guangzheng was recorded in the file, and Wang Niulang will also be dealt with severely.

The next morning, Zhang Guangzheng was woken up again by the early morning square dance downstairs. He grabbed a wine bottle and rushed downstairs angrily. Unfortunately, he was discouraged when he went downstairs. Indifferent. Until Zhang Guangzheng turned off the sound, the aunts gathered around him to accuse him, Zhang Guangzheng’s brain became hot, he poured wine into his mouth, smashed the wine bottle, and spat out the wine in the next second, and there was a cigarette butt in the wine bottle.

Zhang Guangzheng ran back to the rental house, scolded Wang Niulang for throwing cigarette butts into the wine bottle, and then began to brush his teeth violently. He felt that this time he had lost all face of Dandong people. Chen Jingdian came back from shopping and found that Zhang Guangzheng was missing. Zhang Guang was making up his sleep on a sightseeing boat on the lake, and was woken up by someone else driving another boat. His mother called him.

This year, his parents plan to go to Hainan for the Chinese New Year. Zhang Guangzheng doesn’t need to go back to Dandong. Hearing these words, he feels as if he is lost. Later, Zhang Guangzheng continued to sleep until the afternoon, when the management staff whistled on the shore to wake him up, but unfortunately he found that the small cruise ship was out of power, so he could only call for help.

Douzi found Zhang Guangzheng’s resignation letter in the book, and the three of them knew that Zhang Guangzheng wanted to resign. This may be related to the fight this morning. In any case, Chen Jingdian admired his courage to leave, but they pretended not to know about it. Wang Niulang and Chen Jingdian borrowed the manager’s quota to book the hotel’s executive suite with a 50% discount.

They knew that today was Zhang Guangzheng’s birthday, but when they were on duty, the two deliberately pretended to have forgotten his birthday. The two and Douzi prepared an unexpected birthday surprise for Zhang Guangzheng in the executive suite. The haze in Zhang Guangzheng’s heart for the past two days disappeared. When they took Zhang Guangzheng to the executive suite, they met Zheng Youen, but Zhang Guangzheng’s eyes were covered and they didn’t know it was her.

Taking advantage of this rare opportunity, Zhang Guangzheng said that he would wait for him to finish a task in a few days, and then invite them to dinner and drink, and Wang Niulang and the others already knew that Zhang Guangzheng was planning to resign. Zheng Youen’s ex-boyfriend Xu Bin was stalking her, which had an impact on her life. Zheng Youen had to come to see him and make it clear that their relationship was over.

Zhang Guangzheng told Chen Jingdian and Wang Niulang that he has become less and less like a Northeasterner in the past six years as a doorman. He used to be very impatient, and the injury on his face will never be exposed so easily. Pass. Wang Niulang said sharply that he has become a coward now.

Chen Jingdian thought that Zhang Guangzheng would be angry when he heard this, but he didn’t. Before he came to Beijing, his father told him not to cause trouble in Beijing. It was because of these soft words that Zhang Guangzheng restrained his temper, made compromises, and had to live with it. He is extremely disappointed with his current life, and Chen Jingdian also shared his experience of postgraduate entrance examination, no one is easy.

For the first time, they overlooked the whole of Beijing from here, and they couldn’t help feeling that Beijing is really big. Chen Jingdian said that he decided to go back to Dandong, and no matter what he did, he had to live a good life. Zhang Guangzheng stopped thinking about it and made up his mind to return to his hometown in Dandong.

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