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My Super Hero 欢迎光临 Episode 1 Recap

The protagonist Zhang Guang is a native of Dandong in the Northeast. After graduating from a junior college six years ago, he worked as a doorman and parking boy in a five-star hotel in Beijing. ‘s position. On regular eight-hour shifts a day, he worked for six years. These doormen live in the staff dormitory in the basement on the first floor, next to the parking lot. It is cold in winter and stuffy in summer. The eight people live here as a bacterial culture dish. Body odor, the fan was occupied by Wang Niulang, and the dormitory was full of Wang Niulang’s foot odor.

There are two doormen in the same group as Zhang Guangzheng, one is Wang Niulang and the other is Chen Jingdian. Wang Niulang is Zhang Guangzheng’s master. He is from Beijing. He has worked here for more than ten years. Zhang Guangzheng admired his chivalry, but what he admired more was Wang Niulang’s ability to bend and stretch. Chen Jingdian is the most educated among the three of them.

After graduating from the three schools, he came to Beijing to find a job with a diploma that was not very valuable. In the end, he put down his dignity as an intellectual and became a doorman first. He has a girlfriend. My name is Douzi, my job name is Irene, and I am the cleaning of the hotel.

Zhang Guangzheng had eczema for a while, and the doctor advised him to get more sun. Chen Jingdian and Douzi were found secretly dating in a hotel, and both were fined a written warning and deducted 15% of their year-end bonus. Chen Jingdian decided to go out to rent a house, and by the way, asked Wang Niulang and Zhang Guangzheng to share the rent together.

The house I saw was very well-lit. Zhang Guangzheng liked the balcony full of sunlight. It was many times better than the underground dormitory. The three finally rented this room and one living room in total. They quickly moved their luggage into the rented room, and Zhang Guangzheng happily arranged his nest on the balcony.

He is watching dramas and surfing the Internet on the bed on this small balcony. In Chen Jingdian’s words, he is not only an otaku, but also paralyzed. One night, when Zhang Guang was on the night shift, he met Zheng Youen, a flight attendant who came to pick up his drunk friend.

He fell in love with this bright girl at first sight. Because of this, he likes working the night shift more and more, and only hopes to meet her again one day. In the late autumn and early winter, Beijing at night has lost its popularity, and it is still quite cold. Wang Niulang told Zhang Guangzheng about his own experience and taught him how to ask for tips from guests. He compared asking for a tip to begging for a meal, which made Zhang Guangzheng tremble.

Later, a drunk male guest tipped him a few hundred dollars, recognized him as his younger brother, and kissed him on the face. Zhang Guangzheng felt it was disrespectful, and gave the money to Wang Niulang. Zhang Guangzheng came back from the night shift, and before he had enough rest, he was awakened by the aunt who was dancing in the square in the garden downstairs.

He and the manager proposed to change the day shift, but the manager disagreed. I don’t get enough sleep during the day, and I’m out of energy when I go to work at night. Every time I see the soft big bed in the guest room, Zhang Guangzheng wants to go up and sleep. However, his mother in his hometown always felt that he was doing well in Beijing. When he received a call from his mother, Zhang Guangzheng felt helpless every time he heard her say this.

Zhang Guangzheng helped an unreasonable guest to get the car, and the other party turned back, scolding him for using his own stereo without authorization, and framed him for scratching a line on his car. Wang Niulang and Zhang Guangzheng explained to him politely, but the man caught Zhang Guangzheng and humiliated him to death.

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