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Lady of Law 女士的法则 Episode 9 Recap

Xu Jie analyzed that Chengtai Law Firm is currently representing Lian Chuang cases, and the anonymous person is likely to be in Chengtai Law Firm. But Chen Ran didn’t know Chengtai’s people, and also said that his mother, a professional investor, also bought Lianchuang’s fund. The two found Zhao Chenfeng’s address, Zhao Chenfeng had been waiting for them for a long time, and it was obvious that he was the insider.

Through communication and inquiries, Chen Ran speculated that Wu Enping, as a quality inspector, must have found a problem with the medicine produced by the Four Seasons Pharmaceutical Factory, so he stole the medicine out of Zhao Chenfeng, who is proficient in pharmacy, for testing, and let the situation ferment to prevent the flow of medicine on Monday. market.

Xu Jie proposed to find and intercept the stolen medicine, which is what a lawyer should do for a client, but Chen Ran believed that it was the duty of a law-abiding citizen to prevent the problematic medicine from entering the market. Director Li did not express his opinion on Chen Ran’s actions, but if the Four Seasons Pharmaceutical Factory has another problem, it will be the second accident among Mingtang’s clients, which is definitely not a good thing for the law firm.

Xu Jie is very clear that the Four Seasons Pharmaceutical Factory did not directly report to the police, which means that there is indeed a problem with the medicines it produces. She and Chen Ran returned to Zhao Chenfeng’s house again and decided to hand over his test results to the management department to expose the problems of the Four Seasons Pharmaceutical Factory.

When such a big event happened, of course Chen Ran failed to send Jian Peiran away in person. Jian Peiran, who arrived in the northeast, reported her safety and comforted her not to bury her father’s affairs and her parents’ relationship in her heart alone. She would be her solid backing. Colleagues from the Yanji branch warmly welcomed Jian Peiran, the only female worker on the wine table, the big cat, warmly toasted Jian Peiran.

Li Gongming still wanted Song Xiu to mediate when he handed a dispute over a shop to Song Xiu. Song Xiu made it clear that he wanted to contact the core case so that he could get it right as soon as possible, but Li Gongming still did not let him go and just wanted him to continue to accumulate experience. Lawyer Bai looked at Song Xiu, who was still running errands, and proposed that they could work together on a big case and bring Feilaiyin back from the second group. Song Xiu was very repressed by this, and a colleague from a law firm had to compete so much.

Director Tang Jing was very dissatisfied with Chen Ran’s actions about the Four Seasons Pharmaceutical Factory. She took the initiative to contact Xiao He, who wanted to enter Mingtang, to inquire about her acceptance of Wu Enping’s entrustment.

As a senior sister, Chen Ran also recommended Xiao He to Li Gongming. In order to get close to Qian Qiuqing, Xu Jie met Qian Qiuqing as an investor and in the name of Jenny, and even mentioned Li Wenguang in her words to stimulate Qian Qiuqing. Sure enough, Qian Qiuqing’s expression froze, and she politely stood up and refused to talk to her again.

Tang Jinglai told Li Gongming that Fei Lai Yin had not renewed her contract. She believed that the best way at the moment was to communicate by herself. Li Gongming did not make a decision, but only suggested that Feilaiyin’s concerns should be resolved first. Liu Fang reported to Chen Ran that the plane had arrived on time, but did not receive anyone from Feilaiyin. Chen Ran also came to Li Gongming’s office and proposed that since Feilaiyin is a customer of the second group, he should solve Feilaiyin’s problem by himself.

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