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Lady of Law 女士的法则 Episode 8 Recap

Zhao Sen went directly to Lu Jingran to confront him. His temper was natural. Xu Jie and Song Xiu hurried to find them. In order to do a good job of mediation, Song Xiu voluntarily gave up the agency fee and actively mediated. After his reconciliation, the two sides finally reached a settlement, which made Xu Jie see Song Xiu’s professional ability.

Xu Jie suggested to Li Gongming that Song Xiu’s ability is very strong and he could consider becoming a regular, but Li Gongming believed that Song Xiu should have more experience, after all, he did not have the talent and hard work of Xu Jie. Looking at Mingtang’s newly recruited lawyers and trainee lawyers, Song Xiu’s inner pressure doubled. After Xu Jie reminded him to entrust him with more help, he would work hard to become a regular.

As for Li Wenguang’s case, Xu Jie said that it is difficult to inquire about his foreign related accounts. If the case has nothing to do with Zhang Qinglan, then whether his original wife Qian Qiuqing will be the beneficiary due to emotional revenge and other factors will become a new question. At the same time, Xu Jie also speculated that Li Gongming wanted to know the progress of the case as soon as possible so that he could choose how to play his cards. Qian Qiuqing made an appointment with Tian Mao. First, he apologized for the delay in the transfer of the lawyer’s money due to the early investment error, and then asked him to tell Chen Wenguang’s daughter, Chen Ran, that Zhang Qinglan was already known.

Liu Fang reminded Chen Ran to go to the Legal Aid Center on duty today, and handed over the flash documents to her. When Chen Ran opened the document, it turned out to be the information about the Lianchuang Group, and the contract actually had the signature of his mother Qian Qiuqing. Xu Jie left the plane to fly to another place without telling Song Xiu worrying. In fact, she was coming to attend her mother’s wedding. Although she was dissatisfied with her mother’s remarriage, she still wished her mother to find true happiness this time.

The police came to the home of Wu Enping, an employee of the Four Seasons Pharmaceutical Factory, and took him away on the grounds of violating trade secrets. The legal director of the pharmaceutical factory, Zhou Youyou, came to the Legal Aid Center and happened to meet Xiao He, who was on duty in place of Chen Ran. Zhou You called Director Tang and asked him to let another lawyer represent Wu Enping’s case, and quickly found out who he leaked the secrets of the factory to. They are not willing to embarrass Wu Enping, but they must stop the loss in time and cannot affect the plan to launch the drug on Monday.

Chen Ran, who was having dinner with her family, received a call from Director Tang, because Jian Peiran was going to the Northeast tomorrow, so she asked her junior brother Xiao He to help replace the shift. Director Tang conveyed Zhouyou’s request to Chen Ran, but it was illegal to cooperate with the reporter so blatantly in a legal aid case, but Director Tang insisted on finding someone to replace him. Besides, Four Seasons Pharmaceutical Factory is an important customer of Mingtang, so they must not show up. Mistakes.

Chen Ran had to leave in a hurry and told Jian Peiran to take Lian Chuang’s materials home, and Jian Peiran saw the situation in the file bag that fell on the ground accidentally. Wu Enping refused to apply for legal aid and hired a lawyer without saying anything. Chen Ran told Xiao that there would be no conflict with him who was not Mingtang’s lawyer, and asked him to try to win Wu Enping’s agency. Song Xiu was working hard to sort out the records of the fake bag case.

Xu Jie comforted him not to put too much work pressure on her, but she changed hands and received a call from Li Gongming to come to the assistance center. Obviously, she was Li Gongming’s rescue soldier for Chen Ran. Song Xiu had to invite a friend to play games together, and his friend admitted that if Song Xiu hadn’t studied for a master’s degree, he would have become an official lawyer by now. And his friend happens to be a lawyer from Chengtai Law Firm, and his new assistant is Chen Ke.

Xiao He analyzed that Wu Enping may have been deliberately delaying the time to wait for the bank money to arrive on Monday. Through the clue that he went home two hours later than usual on Friday night, Xu Jie and Chen Ran discovered that the shopping mall in the center was probably his and his wife. The location of the accomplice joint. Checking the monitoring of the shopping mall, it was found that the thermos cup on Wu Enping was missing. The two then came to Wu Enping’s house to let his lover sign the agency agreement.

Xu Jie went to Wu Enping’s study and found a photo of her and her classmate Zhao Chenfeng. Her lover replied that Zhao Chenfeng was a teacher at the Medical University and often came to his house as a guest.

Chen Ran speculated that Wu Enping was not a commercial espionage, because the Four Seasons Pharmaceutical Factory mainly produced generic drugs, and the generic drugs could only be produced after the patent drug protection period expired. Her motives became a big doubt, and she was keenly aware that the problem was likely to lie in the Four Seasons Pharmaceutical Factory. Xu Jie stopped Chen Ran’s speculation and reminded her that she only needed to be a lawyer. Chen Ran remembered the anonymous document she received today, and told her that someone had sent the Lianchuang Group’s current account and the creditor’s transaction contract to herself.

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