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Lady of Law 女士的法则 Episode 5 Recap

Xu Jietuo found Li Weiying, who was studying biopharmaceuticals in Switzerland, and Li Weiying did not shirk and directly met with the two female lawyers. Li Weiying thought about developing new drugs to save Victory Company through Beta Biopharmaceutical Company. To his creditor and friend Lin Guangshu, he believed that the risk of business investment was beyond his control, but Lin Guangshu could understand and support him.

Due to the limited budget, Chen Ran only booked a hotel, and while she went to the bathroom, Xu Jie connected Song Xiu’s video call, and Gao Lengmei went online again and hung up the phone after a few words. It was not easy for Song Xiu to reconcile the conflict between the online celebrity who brought the goods and the merchant.

Attorney Bai laughed that he would not be able to increase his performance if he did not appear in court, and reminded him that the investigation of the auto repair factory should be completed with his own cooperation, and he also welcomed him to come. Director Tang’s group work.

Chen Ran and Li Gongming reported the situation, Xu Jie took over the phone and suggested to skip Li Weiying and directly authorize the auction property by Lin Guangshu, which would be more efficient. But Chen Ran’s expression was obviously dissatisfied with her practice of cutting first and then playing. Xu Jie found her client, Mr. Wang, who wanted to auction the building of Shengli Group to him.

Chen Ran took the opportunity to propose that the drug developed by Beta Group had obtained relevant approvals and could be put into the market soon. By then, Li Weiying’s equity would be very large. There is room for appreciation.

Although Xu Jie, Chen Ran’s anti-general, was unhappy, Wang was always a big customer of her own, and she couldn’t smash her own brand. The two came to Li Weiying again to persuade him to sell shares at a 10% premium to save the Victory Group, but Li Weiying was very firm. He would not sell the building or the drugs developed by Beta. He firmly believed that Victory Group and Lin Guangshu will survive until the day when the drug is successfully launched.

Of course, Xu Jie and Chen Ran came this time to inquire about Zhang Ruiqiu in Lucerne. Before the two arrived at a villa, they watched a housewife mow the flowers. Chen Ran already had a hunch in his heart and had to ask Xu Jie to help him to find out. Sure enough, Zhang Ruiqiu said that her husband often runs between the country and here. They have a 22-year-old son named Chen Ke. At this time, Chen Ke was staring at the intricate character relationship diagram on the table. Chengtai’s personnel department called him and invited him to come for an interview.

Suddenly learning that she actually has a younger brother, Chen Ran’s heart is full of mixed feelings, she tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep, she told her mother to investigate the situation of Zhang Ruiqiu and Chen Ke. Ran received a call from her mother-in-law, and her daughter Yangyang fell and was hospitalized. And Xu Jie, who had just woken up, also received a call from Li Gongming, and the judge informed Victory Group to change the debtor and apply for bankruptcy liquidation.

Chen Ran hurriedly booked a ticket to go back to China, Xu Jie told her to go back and let Lin Guangshu do the job to buy herself a day. Chen Ran, who was thinking about her daughter, just came to the hospital in a hurry. Jian Peiran comforted her daughter that there was no serious problem, and she would recuperate well. recovery. Seeing her daughter in good spirits, Chen Ran’s heart finally calmed down.

Xu Jie came to Li Weiying’s office and used aggressive and harsh language to let him understand the difficulty of Lin Guangshu helping him maintain it in China. Is the brotherhood between them not comparable to a little equity. Chen Ran also persuaded Lin Guangshu. Compared with waiting for bankruptcy auction to sell the building of Shengli Group to President Wang, it is obviously more cost-effective.

In the future, if the drug is successfully developed, they can also exchange the equity for the building. Lin Guangshu would never sign easily without Li Weiying’s consent. After listening to Xu Jie’s words, Li Weiying didn’t want to drag her friends down. Xu Jie called Chen Ran to ask Li Weiying to talk with Lin Guangshu on the phone, and Lin Guangshu was finally able to pick up the pen and sign the agreement.

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