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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 38 Recap

The blood phoenix formation was no longer powerful enough, and the Youzhou army was attacking fiercely. Bai Fengxi could only lead a few generals to fight with them all day and night. Fortunately, at the critical moment, Hei Fengxi led Mo Yuqi to arrive in time. Considering that the opponent’s attack was ferocious, the remnants of Youzhou were exhausted and had no chance of winning, so they ordered Ming Jin to withdraw his troops.

However, Hei Fengxi saw that Bai Fengxi was injured in many places, and in a fit of rage, he attacked Huang Chao and Yu Mianyuan, and accidentally found Lan Yin Biyue in Yu Mianyuan’s body. Yu Wuyuan knew that he was not an opponent. On the other hand, the dynasty was also very shocked. He couldn’t imagine that Hei Fengxi would be able to mobilize such an elite army in a short period of time, and he had not revealed any clues.

Now that Qingzhou has become a thorny situation, it is very unfavorable to Youzhou. Yu Wuyuan believes that Wuhui Valley is not the place for a decisive battle. With the current situation, this place is not suitable for a decisive battle. At this time, the subordinate Baoshangzhou has already captured the four cities of Qiyun, just as Yu missed the expectation, the current situation does not allow them to fight, otherwise, their vitality will be greatly damaged.

As for the King of Shang and the King of Bei, they will not give up and miss the opportunity. As long as they win Qi Yun, their strength will increase greatly. Moreover, given the current situation, the Shangqing and Yong armies may not be able to win. The two sides have a 50% chance of winning. The dynasty agrees with the view that Yu has no fate. It seems that it can only be negotiated temporarily.

Fortunately, Bai Fengxi’s injury was not serious, and Hei Fengxi was slightly relieved. Recalling that he missed the fight with Yu today, he must have planned the Yongzhou Rebellion and Broken Soul Gate behind the scenes. Just as Hei Fengxi was analyzing the current situation in the six states, it was very likely that Youzhou would choose a truce. Sure enough, just after the words fell, King You suddenly sent a peace letter.

Bai Fengxisi and Yu Mianyuan are famous all over the world for his compassionate heart, but he secretly designs so many conspiracies, lest he will become a variable between the six states. However, Hei Fengxi is still firm in the future situation. He will stay by Bai Fengxi’s side. On the other hand, after the disputes have subsided, now it is time to ask his father to marry him.

This battle won glory, and at the same time promoted the friendship between the two states. King Yong was shocked when he learned that the princess of Qingzhou was actually Bai Fengxi, but he still agreed to his son’s request, promised the marriage of the two states, and even decided that the day of Feng Lanxi’s big wedding would be the day he succeeded King Yong.

Since the last palace change, King Yong has also considered a lot, knowing that it is time for him to be virtuous, not to mention that Hei Fengxi has already grown his wings and his prestige has grown. will belong to him. Over the years, King Yong has admitted the fact that he is old, and also understands how noble the throne is, and how lonely it will be, but when he makes the decision to abdicate, he finally finds peace in his heart.

A year later, in the Qingzhou ancestral hall, Bai Fengxi confided to his parents what had happened recently. It happened that the envoy from Yongzhou came to visit, and the visitor was none other than Feng Qiwu, who had an excellent relationship with Bai Fengxi. Since it is a marriage between the two states, there must be a lot of consideration, especially Bai Fengxi is the queen of Qingzhou. The ministers of Qingzhou felt that Hei Fengxi’s heir status was not qualified, and deliberately made things difficult for the envoys.

In order to prove Yongzhou’s sincerity, Feng Qiwu conveyed King Yong’s intentions on his behalf. As long as Bai Fengxi agreed to the marriage, he would abdicate on the day of the wedding, and hand over the throne of Yongzhou to the heir. Not only that, Feng Qiwu indicated that Qingzhou and Yongzhou will always be friends, and Yongzhou is willing to share the world with Qingzhou. At the same time, it will bring rich betrothal gifts to be counted by Honglu Temple. The ministers nodded with satisfaction, Bai Fengxi immediately announced to the world.

Not long after, the big wedding was held at the Yongzhou Palace, with red makeup for ten miles and a sedan chair with a gauze tent. Witnessed, they saluted and drank wine together. King Yong was deeply gratified for this, and gave twin clam beads, hoping that the two would complement each other and grow old together, and publicly announced that the throne of King Yong would be passed on to Feng Lanxi.

On the night of the bridal candle, Hei Fengxi poured two glasses of Lanruo wine, and after drinking with Bai Fengxi, the love lingered in front of the couch. In the blink of an eye, five years later, the wars in the six states are still raging, and people everywhere are struggling to live.

Now that Beizhou is satisfied, and the world is divided into two parts of Yongji, the situation can be considered stable for the time being. Bai Fengxi heard that Jingyan had issued an edict, and guessed that Hei Fengxi planned to send troops to the king’s realm next. However, a few days ago, Jizhou surrounded the king’s realm of Shangzhou. Ling, bowed her head to the Ji Wang Dynasty, so she thought that the Dynasty should go to the royal domain soon.

In fact, Hei Fengxi saw that Jingyan’s move was not necessarily to survive, but also to sit and watch the battle between Yong and Jizhou, but Hei Fengxi had already received the abdication edict. Can be justified. Although the dynasty is the opponent of Yongzhou, he is a generation of Mingjun after all, and the fight against Hei Fengxi is the king of the world, and the first is to bless the people.

It’s just that Heifeng is most concerned about the situation of Yu Mianyuan. Since Wuhuigu has passed, he has never heard of him again. The world thinks that the first son is to retire to avoid life being ruined. In fact, he has other plans. Not only is Hei Fengxi very concerned, but even Huang Yu is thinking about it all day long. He is planning to go to the Qionglin Garden in the Imperial Capital on the occasion of Qingming, hoping to meet Jade Missouri.

Han Pu has gradually grown up and is already the commander of Fengyun Cavalry. He very much hopes to be able to go to the battlefield, but Bai Fengxi does not want to see this scene. On the other hand, when the dynasty received the news from Yu Wuyuan, it ordered its subordinates to immediately integrate the three armies, and must arrive at the imperial capital before the black harvest.

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