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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 32 Recap

Bai Jiande revealed that this jade pendant was involved in the death of an old friend, and asked Yu Wuyuan if he knew the guardian, and during his investigation, he found that this jade pendant might be linked to the people in Qionglinyuan. Yu Wuyuan didn’t expect Bai Jiande to know so many things, so it’s no wonder that he hurt the killer.

At night, Bai Jiande chatted with Bai Fengxi, preparing to retire to the world, and take a look at it while he can go around. In Bai Jiande’s eyes, Bai Fengxi is the best candidate for the head, but Bai Fengxi’s identity cannot stay in Tianshuang Sect. Ask Bai Fengxi who can become the head of Tianshuang Sect. Bai Fengxi thought that Lang Hua could win, Lang Hua was not alone, and there was Jiurong by his side, so he let Jiurong be the deputy head to assist Lang Hua.

Bai Jiande asked Bai Fengxi what his plans were, and whether the disputes continued to return to Qingzhou. Bai Fengxi thought that Qingzhou didn’t need her yet. Now that Feng Lanxi is, she is where she is, and she is willing to be with Feng Lanxi. Bai Jiande instructed Bai Fengxi to be cautious no matter what happens, not to forget the dangers in the world, and not to be careless. Bai Jiande has always regarded Bai Fengxi as his daughter, and sincerely hopes that Bai Fengxi can find true happiness.

The news of Bai Jiande’s murder came the next day. Last night, Bai Fengxi saw his father for the last time. Lang Hua insisted that it was Bai Fengxi who killed his father for the sake of his position. Feng Lanxi was sure that there was a problem here, but Lang Hua accused Hei Feng and Bai Xi of poisoning and excusing them. Feng Lanxi was too lazy to answer, and wanted to take Bai Fengxi away. Lang Hua thought it was a guilty conscience for them to leave now, and in a hurry, he pierced Bai Fengxi’s shoulder with a sword. Feng Lanxi was annoyed that Bai Fengxi was forcibly taken away in the identity of Yinquan Shuixie Hei Fengxi, and Yu missed seeing this and was particularly proud.

Bai Fengxi was seriously injured, and asked Feng Lanxi if he died, Feng Lanxi would not allow Bai Fengxi to say dejected words, he was still so domineering, if the king really wanted to take Bai Fengxi away, he would be in Fengdu City If you kill the world upside down, you will demolish the Yama Temple. After so many experiences, Bai Fengxi is already satisfied and wants Feng Lanxi to live well. Feng Lanxi felt that her life was not in vain until she met Bai Fengxi, and she did not know how she would live without Bai Fengxi.

Feng Lanxi remembered the orchid flower given by the old man Taiyin. He took off the petals to feed Bai Fengxi, but Bai Fengxi was unconscious and couldn’t eat it. Feng Lanxi decided to chew the flowers first and then feed Bai Fengxi, not wanting to recover her inner strength, then use her inner strength to transform the petals into medicine, and feed Bai Fengxi directly mouth to mouth.

Bai Fengxi finally woke up, slept for three days, and when she woke up, she asked Feng Lanxi what was going on. Feng Lanxi told the story of using the orchid flower to save his life, and he also repaired the meridians to restore his internal strength. Zhongli has been secretly protecting Tianshuangmen, and Lang Hua also took over as the head. Two days ago, Bai Jiande was buried.

Bai Fengxi mentioned that Master’s death was not easy, Feng Lanxi said that it was exactly the same as his mother’s death, the skin on his hands was wrinkled, it should be the same poison. Bai Fengxi understood that someone deliberately framed her and killed Bai Jiande to cause internal chaos in Tianshuangmen, killing two birds with one stone. Feng Lanxi suspected that Bai Jiande’s death was related to the fake Xuanji Ling.

Han Pu found Bai Fengxi, cared about Bai Fengxi’s body, and revealed that there was no sign of poisoning in Bai Jiande’s body with a silver needle. Feng Lanxi mentioned that there is a poison that cannot be detected by silver needles. Han Pu knows that it is a poison called Qianji, a poison secretly made by the Dadong royal family. Discover the existence of this poison. This matter is related to the Dadong royal family. Feng Lanxi decided to go to the imperial capital. Before that, Bai Fengxi had to go to pay homage to master Bai Jiande.

King Qingzhou’s health was deteriorating, ranging from half a year to more than a month. The King of Qingzhou knew that his time was short, and for this reason, he told Feng Shuyue not to forget his original intention. Qingzhou in Youzhou has always had grievances and grievances. Now that the princess of Youzhou and the prince of Jizhou are married, Youzhou will definitely invade Qingzhou. Losing one city and one pool in Qingzhou cannot let the people of Qingzhou fall into a hard fight. The King of Qingzhou also wanted to see his daughter, and asked Feng Shuyue to send someone to find Feng Xiyun.

Dynasty and Hua Chunran are already married, and the marriage between the two states is naturally a family. King You learned that these two months were dominated by the wind and the moon, and the King of Qingzhou always had to do everything personally. The dynasty thought that this was the opportunity for Yu Wuyuan to attack Qingzhou. Bai Fengxi, Hei Fengxi, and Zhong Li came to Dadong and met the head of Tie Da, who lived in Wuyun 38 Village. Bai Fengxi asked Tie Da’s family to help get three masks, and then took the three of them into the hidden city.

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