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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 30 Recap

In fact, King Yong also left behind, it depends on how Hei Fengxi chooses. Yuan Lu understood that this time Hei Fengxi was not asking for a princess, but to win the trust of King Yong again. Yu Mianyuan learned that the prince of Youzhou was imprisoned in Youwangguan. Today, officials from the court meeting Yushitai also participated in the prince, and Yushitai was the person of the king. It seems that the prince was imprisoned for another reason, and Hua Chunran was elected as the Dadong Tiannv. , returned to Youzhou less than half a month to overthrow the prince, and the dynasty wanted Hua Chunran to accompany him for a lifetime, so that the world would be peaceful.

Hua Chunran asked the maid to dress up Bai Fengxi, Bai Fengxi pretended to be sleepy and just wanted to go back to sleep, and explained that in the future, she only had to beat people other than Hei Fengxi to the ground, so that others would have no face to ask Hua Chunran for marriage. . Tomorrow is the day when Hua Chunran chooses a relative, and Hei Fengxi comes to say goodbye to Hua Chunran. Hua Chunran left Bai Fengxi in the palace, but she still had one more thing to ask for.

The spies came to report that Hei Fengxi came out of the Youzhou Palace, and Yu Wuyuan ordered his subordinates to start. Hei Fengxi was attacked. Although it was very difficult to move his hands without his inner strength, he had learned the fighting skills on the battlefield, and he could naturally deal with the younger generation. However, suddenly a person with superior force came. Fortunately, At a critical moment, Bai Fengxi appeared to save her. Hei Fengxi sighed that it felt right to be protected, but this man in black actually knew Lan Yin Biyue, and Hei Fengxi didn’t know who the person under the mask was.

Bai Fengxi healed Hei Fengxi, and Hei Fengxi sighed that if Bai Fengxi hadn’t arrived in time today, he would have died in Huangquan. Those people used the technique of Broken Soul Gate. The internal force in the human body in the final confrontation with Bai Fengxi was like Lan Yin Biyue, but it didn’t run the internal force, and it didn’t look like it was obtained from their own cultivation. It was a bit like stealing. income. Bai Fengxi suspected that it was a mysterious person from Yongzhou who was stealing their inner strength.

Hei Fengxi suspects that this incident is related to Zhe Juxu, and behind the Broken Soul Gate is Zhe Zhexu, whose purpose is to overthrow the Dadong rule, and then it will be a waste of life. Hei Fengxi and Bai Fengxi suggested that they try to change all this, which is exactly what Bai Fengxi meant. Bai Fengxi got Hua Chunran to choose a pro question. The first question was the competition, and he was worried that there would be problems in the first round of Hei Feng Yi. Hei Fengxi is not afraid, because there is no problem with Bai Fengxi.

On the day of the marriage election, Hua Chunran found out that Hei Fengxi was Hei Fengxi, and immediately went to see King You to explain the matter. Hei Fengxi and Bai Fengxi had a very good relationship. He used Bai Fengxi to cover his approach. The purpose of choosing a relative is for Youzhou. Hua Chunran begged his father, the title of tomorrow’s palace exam will be the vast endgame. I am afraid this is the only way in the world to be able to stun Hei Fengxi. If Hei Fengxi can really solve the end game, he will be the one who will rule the world in the future, and he is willing to marry him.

Bai Fengxi pretended to be Hua Chunran to help choose a relative. She played the qin first, and asked the young masters to leap from the opposite side to the lotus-picking platform, but she could not use any objects, and those who fell into the water would be disqualified. Hei Fengxi had no inner strength, and Yu Wuyuan wanted to see how Hei Fengxi passed the test. Of course, with the help of Bai Fengxi, Hei Fengxi successfully passed the test. Huang Dynasty and Yu Mianyuan already knew that it was Bai Fengxi, because the female martial arts in the world are so high, and only Bai Fengxi has the courage to pretend to be a princess.

After the dynasty passed, he asked Bai Fengxi a question, if one day he ruled the world, Bai Fengxi would like to marry him as the queen, but Bai Fengxi simply refused. The King of Youzhou got the list of passing through the lotus-picking platform, and Hei Fengxi and Dynasty were on the list. The King of Youzhou bluntly said that what Hei Fengxi did was difficult to guess. Such people are too terrifying. The six states compete for the deer, and Youzhou falls into the fate of being annexed.

The King of Youzhou knew that Hua Chunran really liked Heifengxi, but he thought that the Jizhou Dynasty would not lose to Heifengxi. Before asking for relatives, the Dynasty promised to help Youzhou attack Qingzhou, and then Qingzhou would be in the bag. The king of Youzhou, Yaohua, simply chose the prince of the dynasty as his consort. Although the dynasty had the ambition to dominate the world, the kingly technique used could give Youzhou a ray of life. Hua Chunran could only obey.

The dynasty found Bai Fengxi and continued the problems in the daytime. If he is the emperor in the future, then Bai Fengxi must be the queen. If Bai Fengxi agrees with him today, he will be the only wife in his life. Bai Fengxi refused again, because she was not interested in the queen’s position. Yu Wuyuan asked Bai Fengxi how he viewed the pattern of the six states, and revealed that he already knew that Bai Fengxi was Princess Fengxiyun of Qingzhou.

Hei Fengxi successfully passed the martial arts test. He guessed that the vast endgame of the palace test tomorrow was part of his plan. Due to the loss of martial arts, the power of Shuixie was not as good as before. If he wanted to fight for the world, he had to find another way. , the catastrophe in the world can also be solved by him. After tomorrow, the Youzhou Bureau decided that Hei Fengxi would be able to accompany Bai Fengxi back to Tianshuangmen.

In today’s palace exam, the first question that the King of Youzhou asked the young masters was what is the most important thing in the world today. The dynasty thought that the six states were the most important.

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