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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 29 Recap

Although Hei Fengxi had already retreated, his father was getting angry, and Feng Ju asked Bai Lishi what to do next. Baili’s revealed that in two months it will be King Yong’s birthday, and then there will be an opportunity for abundance. Bai Fengxi and Hei Fengxi went to Youzhou and found that there were tails following them along the way, wondering why Hei Fengxi didn’t get rid of them. Hei Fengxi knew that these people were his father’s eyeliner to monitor him, and he would report his every move in Youzhou, so that the father could feel at ease and let them follow.

There are still ten days before the election, Hei Fengxi decided to enter the Youzhou Palace now. Shui Xie inquired about the candidates and rules for participating in the selection of relatives. From the standpoint of King Yong, he did not want Hei Fengxi to marry Princess Youzhou, because if Hei Fengxi got Youzhou’s help, he would have the confidence to make a comeback, but he did not want Heifeng to marry Princess Youzhou.

Xi lost to others and lost Yongzhou’s face, and at the same time wanted to see how much value Hei Fengxi’s martial arts was worth after being abolished. This time, it seems to be asking for the princess, but it is actually a multiple-choice question for King Yong. Only enough ability and loyalty to King Yong can be assured that Bai Jiande and others can be released.

Hei Fengxi decided to enter the palace immediately to approach Hua Chunran, but this Hua Chunran was not only smart but also scheming, and extremely guarded against others, unless that person had nothing to do with her, and this person had better be a woman. Bai Fengxi knew that this person was herself, and she would assist Hei Fengxi, which would save Master and the others faster. The maid told Hua Chunran that the prince’s dynasty in Jizhou was good. The most famous dynasties in the city these days, but Hei Fengxi was also very elegant and suave.

Hei Fengxi and Bai Fengxi came to Hua Chunran Palace, and the two met Hua Chunran as Hei Feng Bai Xi, a person from Jianghu. Hei Fengxi also gave Hua Chunran a gift, which was the letter signed by the two prisoners before. Hua Chunran rushed to his father’s luncheon. During the banquet, he mentioned that he wanted to avenge Hong’er, and he had evidence of the signature of the mother and son in his hand. The letter said that it was sent by the eldest brother. When the prince heard this, he felt guilty and flustered, and the king of Youzhou was about to ask the guilt. Hua Chunran hurriedly persuaded his father and the king not to be provoked, and spoke on behalf of the elder brother.

Hei Fengxi and Bai Fengxi have been secretly eavesdropping, and found that Hua Chunran is really powerful. This trick not only identifies the prince, but also chooses himself. Bai Fengxi knew that in order to understand Hua Chunran, he had to get along with those palace maids, and Hei Fengxi also wanted to find opportunities to get close to Hua Chunran. Hei Fengxi and Hua Chunran play against each other, Bai Fengxi seems jealous and intends to cause trouble.

The King of Youzhou summoned Hua Chunran, and the person who notified him said that it seemed to be related to the two Jianghu guests that Hua Chunran had left privately. Seeing the King of Youzhou, Hua Chunran first beheaded and then asked his father if he had heard of Heifeng Baixi. They are top experts in martial arts. They are guests in the palace at the moment. They are rare talents. The state assists the father, and helps the father gain the world. This was deeply in the mind of King Youzhou, and he immediately calmed down.

The news of choosing a son-in-law has been announced. The King of Youzhou likes the Heifengxi of Yongzhou and the prince of the dynasty in Jizhou, but Hua Chunran has a crush on Heifengxi. The King of Youzhou does not agree. How can he be the princess of his daughter? Match a grassroots. Hua Chunran painted a portrait of Hei Fengxi, Bai Fengxi bluntly said that the long black Fengxi is not as good as Hua Chunran’s painting, so she picked up the brush to draw. Hua Chunran boasted that Bai Fengxi’s painting of Hei Fengxi was more vivid, and at the same time admitted that he liked Hei Fengxi and wanted to recruit him as his concubine and asked Bai Fengxi to help.

Hei Fengxi knew that Hua Chunran was not interested in him. Compared with feelings, Hua Chunran was more concerned about Youzhou’s future and her own rights. The reason why Hua Chunran chose Hei Fengxi is because Hei Fengxi is a Hei Fengxi who is powerful in the rivers and lakes, but has no support in the court. This is exactly the problem, because he is also Hei Fengxi.

Bai Fengxi understood, if Hei Fengxi would appear as His Highness Yongzhou Hei Fengxi on the day of the election of his son-in-law, to outsiders, Hei Fengxi would be Hei Fengxi, and naturally the two would be the same, but for Hua Chunran, this was If there is no expected result, I will not marry myself to Hei Fengxi. Hua Chunran asked Bai Fengxi for help. First, she was a Jianghu person and would not pose a threat. Second, she tested their relationship and used her to influence Hei Fengxi to achieve her goal.

When King Yong received a letter from Youzhou, Yuan Lu admired Hei Fengxi for actually in charge of such a huge intelligence organization as the Yinquan Water Pavilion. King Yong knew in his heart that Hei Fengxi would definitely stay behind when he went to Youzhou.

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