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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 27 Recap

Hua Chunran took his servant to the inn to stay, but he did not expect that the other party was actually a black shop, and arranged for someone to inject the drug into the room beforehand, causing the entourage to fall into a coma one after another. Faced with this situation, Hua Chunran desperately escaped, stumbling all the way to the next room. Unexpectedly, the prince of Jizhou was also here, and the person who was chasing the princess immediately hid the dagger.

On the other hand, Bai Fengxi’s private investigation found that many officers and soldiers were stationed in the Department of Punishment, and several men were transferred to the Department of Punishment. Then someone came out with a box, and it seemed that there was something to hide. Because of this, Bai Fengxi quietly hid in the corner. After the officers and soldiers left, she climbed the wall and sneaked into the Ministry of Punishment to investigate.

It is not clear how King Yong decides between the Yinquan Shuixie and the Third Highness Feng Ju, so Hei Fengxi took the initiative to find Feng Ju, and deliberately set up a trick for him to tell the truth. Sure enough, Feng Ju couldn’t stand the flickering, and quickly shook the bottom, saying that the gang of prison robbers couldn’t compete with the forbidden army at all, but after he finished speaking, he realized that he had been fooled.

At the same time, Zhang Zhongge investigated the people behind the hidden spring water pavilion and found that Hei Fengxi was actually Yongping Junfeng Lanxi, so he hurriedly reported the situation to King Yong. When King Yong heard the words, Zhang Zhongge quickly spoke for Hei Fengxi, thinking that there might be a reason for him to do so, but King Yong did not agree, and he was angry that he should have thought of the connection between Hei Fengxi and Feng Lanxi.

The maid reported to Hua Chunran the situation of the princes of various states, and was full of praise for the dynasty. Besides, he was the most famous in the city these days. As for Yongping Junfeng Lanxi, who had just arrived in Yongzhou, he was also very elegant, suave, and four One of the eldest sons. Sure enough, Hua Chunran became interested in Feng Lanxi, so he took the initiative to visit and play another game with him.

At this time, Bai Fengxi came in from the outside and deliberately pointed Hua Chunran how to use tricks to make Feng Lanxi admit defeat. In fact, he also expressed his understanding of Feng Lanxi. King You found that his daughter was always paying attention to Feng Lanxi, and he knew that she liked each other. Hua Chunran did not deny it, and asked his father what he meant by the marriage.

Hei Fengxi was furious when he heard the words. He had said before that no one could interfere in Bai Fengxi’s affairs. Ren Rusong felt that Bai Fengxi was a woman in the rivers and lakes after all. Hei Fengxi is not yet the prince. Ren Rusong was willing to accept the punishment, but Hei Fengxi found that Huanniang was very flustered. He knew that Ren Rusong was not a reckless person, so he asked who was instigating it. Although Ren Rusong did not answer, Huanniang was frightened. Hei Fengxi knew it, and let Ren Rusong go down first.

Hei Fengxi asked Huanniang to leave the house on her own tomorrow morning. Huanniang explained that she made her own decisions for his own good, but Hei Fengxi didn’t want to hear any explanation. What Huanniang had done was enough to betray the master.

On the night of the last Yuan, Hei Fengxi asked Bai Fengxi to come out and apologized to Bai Fengxi for Ren Rusong going to another hospital. Bai Fengxi was unhappy, Hei Fengxi asked him to just apologize, and Hei Fengxi asked Bai Fengxi to admire the lantern. Just as he was about to express his intentions, Chuanyun appeared in a panic, so that Hei Fengxi did not say what he wanted to say. Seeing that Hei Fengxi was in a hurry, Bai Fengxi let him go first.

The spring tide is approaching, and Yu Ming leads the waterway to Qingzhou in order to release the flood. Wang Xiang thought this was a good thing and took the opportunity to weaken Yu Ming, but Qin Xiang believed that although this weakened Yu Ming, it hurt the people of Liangcheng. He thought that he could send troops to rescue and take the opportunity to recover Liangcheng.

Hei Fengxi asked to see his father, and was willing to go to Liangcheng to build a dam and relieve his father’s worries. It was inappropriate for Wang Xiang to say this. After all, all the sons did not go out of the capital to establish a vassal. Qin Xiang thought that Hei Fengxi was for Dayong, and King Yong ordered Hei Fengxi to lead five hundred troops and pull out early tomorrow morning.

The former king was worried about the division of the enfeoffment and the thinning of military power, so he set a rule early, only allowing the princes to rule the fiefs from afar, but King Yong actually broke this rule for Hei Fengxi. But think that although Hei Fengxi has a lot of hearts and minds, but the military plan may not be able to fight against the cunning and cunning Liangcheng Jiedushi Yu Ming, it does not matter. Bai Fengxi received a letter that Qingzhou was in trouble, so she asked Master Bai Jiande to go to Liangcheng.

Huanniang leaves, only Zhongli sees each other. What King Yong gave Hei Fengxi was not an elite soldier but a ruffian. Hei Fengxi knew his father for two reasons. One was that he did not want to stop the war but wanted to start a war. It was the father and the king who were suspicious by nature, and if he was given to an elite soldier and a strong general, he was worried that he would have an army in Liangcheng, and he would naturally weaken the strength of this trip. Bai Fengxi is also going to Liangcheng, just in time to go with Hei Fengxi.

Feng Ju got the news that Hei Fengxi had left the capital, so he couldn’t wait to open the bag that Yu Wuyuan sent, and learned that Hei Fengxi and Hei Fengxi were the same person. Baili’s spies in Fengju’s mansion came to report the incident, and Baili’s was really shocked. Since Hei Fengxi was hiding his trump card, they tried to find a way to release the trump card. It was raining heavily, and the soldiers complained and shouted to quit. Hei Fengxi got off the carriage directly, knowing that it is not easy to march on the muddy land, so he took the lead and set an example and walked in front to open the way for everyone.

Yu Wuyuan revealed to the dynasty that Heifengxi was the black abundance of the hidden spring water pavilion. The dynasty couldn’t help but feel that the battle of the world was more interesting. Now the princess of Youzhou, Hua Chunran, wants to choose a son-in-law, and the dynasty wants to marry Youzhou, but before he goes to Youzhou , we must first solve the internal problems of Jizhou, so please help me for this.

The news that Hua Chunran was going to choose a son-in-law spread all over the six states. Except for Yongzhou who did not reply, everyone else replied that they would come to propose marriage soon. The prince of the dynasty will also come in person. Hua Chunran knows that things are not easy. The dynasty plans the world, not for her but for Youzhou. If she chooses a weak husband, she can still stay in Youzhou. If the dynasty comes, even if the father You can’t even stay. Hua Chunran insisted on staying in Youzhou. It was the first Qing Dynasty king of Qingzhou who was a woman. She wanted to follow suit, so the dynasty was not a good son-in-law, so she had to think of something.

Halfway through the march, the mountain suddenly collapsed. Hei Fengxi was disregarding the danger to rescue him. With today’s move, Hei Fengxi completely conquered people’s hearts. Bai Fengxi treated the wound for Hei Fengxi, and Hei Fengxi let Bai Fengxi live in the house, and he went with the soldiers.

Bai Fengxi blocked it. Although it is good to sleep with the same robe, it will reduce the prestige of Hei Fengxi, and you need to be careful when you are guarding the soldiers. Bai Fengxi let Hei Fengxi stay behind, claiming that he was an informal person in the rivers and lakes, but in the end he slept on a soft bed and let Hei Fengxi sleep on the floor. Heifengxi is naturally sweet, and the marching road is bitter and long, but accompanied by Baifengxi, I feel that there is no better day than this.

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