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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 25 Recap

Hua Chunran insisted on the name of the goddess, because only the name of the goddess can be considered evenly matched, and there is the capital to negotiate, so she does not even care about the dynasty. As a child, Hei Fengxi, Feng Xiyun, Dynasty and Hua Chunran actually knew each other. Hua Chunran wanted to wear the queen’s phoenix crown when she was a child, and she didn’t know who would wear the phoenix crown for her this time.

Bai Fengxi sighed that Hua Chunran was the number one beauty in Youzhou, and now she was given a Dadongtian daughter. No matter who she married, even if she married Heifengxi and Huangchao, she would not fall behind in this relationship. The news of Hei Fengxi’s surprise that Hua Chunran chose a son-in-law was only circulated in the royal families of the states.

How did Bai Fengxi know this news, Bai Fengxi prevaricates it. Bai Fengxi guessed that Hei Fengxi would definitely drop his jaw when he saw Princess Xiyun. Hei Fengxi asked Bai Fengxi if she felt that Princess Xiyun was inferior to Hua Chunran, and Bai Fengxi was excited to deny it, which made Hei Fengxi particularly puzzled.

Zhong Li came to serve tea, and when he saw Bai Fengxi’s appearance, he revealed that Bai Fengxi was jealous. Hei Fengxi is happy and jealous, which proves that Bai Fengxi has him in his heart. Zhongli reminds Hei Fengxi to try his best to coax Bai Fengxi, and at the same time, he revealed that the Qingzhou military camp will be close to Liangcheng in two days. What are they going to do.

Hei Feng sighed that this battle seemed unavoidable, and it was best to resolve it peacefully to prevent life from being ruined. Zhong Li was puzzled, and the king asked them to go to war with Qingzhou. Hei Fengxi said that he would not accept the military orders abroad, so he decided to write a letter to Qingzhou Shizifeng and write the moon.

In the Qingzhou military camp, Feng Shuyue was deploying for this battle. Bai Fengxi appeared and called Feng Shuyue big brother. It turned out that Bai Fengxi was the Qingzhou princess Feng Xiyun in Hei Fengxi’s mouth. This time, Bai Fengxi came to seek peace with the eldest brother, revealing that Yu Ming was dead and that the second highness of Yongzhou, Hei Fengxi, took over Liangcheng. Qingzhou is not a good thing. Feng Shuyue decides to send an envoy to Liangcheng tomorrow, while leaving Fengxi white and tempting with good wine.

Zhongli has never heard of Bai Fengxi, and Hei Fengxi blamed himself. He didn’t expect Bai Fengxi to be so affectionate and righteous to him, and that one sentence would make her so angry. Little did she know that Bai Fengxi was drinking and chatting with her brother Feng Shuyue at the moment. Bai Fengxi asked his brother about his father’s situation. In fact, his father was both worried and proud of Bai Fengxi. If he hadn’t been afraid of revealing Bai Fengxi’s identity, he would have already announced that Bai Fengxi, who is famous all over the world, is Fengxi, the princess of Qingzhou. cloud.

Feng Xueyue was curious about Bai Fengxi and Hei Fengxi, and Bai Fengxi came one by one, telling her brother to go to Hei Fengxi not to reveal his identity, but Feng Xueyue tomorrow to see if this Hei Fengxi had any Qualified to be his own son-in-law. Bai Fengxi was shy when she heard it. She just said that Hei Fengxi’s smile could not be hidden. Feng Shuyue must beat Hei Fengxi well. Bai Fengxi did not agree with her brother’s embarrassment of Hei Fengxi.

When Bai Fengxi came back, he thought that he didn’t return overnight, Hei Fengxi wanted to scold her, and hurried to explain, but Hei Fengxi cared about Bai Fengxi very much, and showed great hospitality, knowing that Bai Fengxi cared about Feng Xiyun of Qingzhou . Bai Fengxi was shocked and thought that Hei Fengxi knew his identity, but Hei Fengxi said that he would not mention Feng Xiyun’s name again in the future, and Bai Fengxi mistakenly thought that Hei Fengxi did not want to reveal his identity. Hei Fengxi has always been close to Bai Fengxi, and just when he was about to kiss Bai Fengxi, Chuan Yu was damaged.

Chuan Yu reported that Qingzhou Shizifeng wrote the moon to send an envoy to come to say that he would make peace with Hei Fengxi, and he would come in person tomorrow. Hei Fengxi convened everyone to discuss matters in the side hall, and to prepare with two hands, one is to merge the Liangcheng defenders into the Mo Yuqi, guard the city gate, and prevent the Qingzhou army from attacking; Detained in the palace.

Hei Fengxi asked Bai Fengxi to mention today’s discussion about Hua Chunran and Feng Xiyun. Only then did Bai Fengxi know that Hei Fengxi did not know his identity, so he admitted that he was really jealous these two days, so Hei Fengxi should not take it to heart.

The king of Jizhou asked the dynasty to play chess. At this time, his subordinates came to report. The king of Jizhou angrily scolded the dynasty for getting rid of Taifu Ran. The dynasty explained that Taifu Ran colluded with his officials and slandered himself many times. The King of Jizhou scolded the dynasty for not showing any kindness of the monarch, and it seemed that he had raised a wolf. The King of Jizhou suddenly fainted, and thanks to the antidote of Jade Misfortune, the King of Jizhou has no worries about his life. The dynasty hated those people who actually put their poisonous hands on the father and the king.

Those people slandered the king of Jizhou and endangered the dynasty. This time, they tried to impose the crime of murdering their father on the dynasty. When the dynasty was cast aside by thousands of people, they could support the dynasty. new gentleman. The imperial court summoned the chariots to fight for the sky, pray for the king today, and use the traitor to sacrifice to the sky.

Fengju reported to King Yong that Ruyuxuan was stealing the country, and the investigation found that Ruyuxuan belonged to one of the rivers and lakes called Yinquan Shuixie, and their leaders Hei Fengxi, Hei Fengxi, Huang Dynasty and Yu Wuyuan were also known as the four sons of the world. There are shops all over the world, but behind it is the intelligence information to inquire about the news. When King Yong asked Feng Ju about the marriage, Feng Ju said that it was entirely up to his father and mother to decide, and King Yong officially married Feng Ju and the daughter of Liang Guogong. Afterwards, King Yong ordered Zhang Zhongge to secretly investigate Ruyuxuan, and arrest the shopkeeper if there was any act of stealing.

Today, Hei Fengxi is going to have a peace talk with Feng Shuyue, and Bai Fengxi will also participate, saying that it is to see Feng Shuyue, and Hei Fengxi is very jealous when he hears it. Hei Fengxi wants to build a dam in Liangcheng, to solve the problem of flooding in Liangcheng for the public, and to cultivate, he will benefit the people with two birds with one stone. The world is still guarded. Feng Shuyue couldn’t help but boast that Hei Fengxi was a generation of Ming Jun, and decided to withdraw his troops tomorrow, because there are people in this world he wants to protect. Feng Shuyue looked at Bai Fengxi while talking, making Hei Fengxi jealous. The peace talks have been completed, Hei Fengxi arranged for Zhong Li to settle down and write the moon, and then asked Bai Fengxi to go out for a walk, but who knew he was rejected.

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