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Dream House (2022) 新居之约

Dream House (2022)
Also Known As: 新居之约, Ideal House , Xin Ju Zhi Yue , Li Xiang De Fang Zi , 理想的房子 , 新居之約

Director: Yu Chun

Screenwriter: Xiang Yuehong

Country: China
Episodes: 40
Aired: Apr 28, 2022 – May 25, 2022
Original Network: CCTV, Tencent Video

Starring: Pan Yueming, Wang Ou, Sun Jian , Li Yitong , Liu Tianzuo , Desi , Zhang Kaili , Dong Xuan

Plot Introduction

The TV series “A New Home” is produced by Beijing Zuocheng Youyu Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., directed by Yu Chun, starring Pan Yueming, Wang Ou, Sun Jian, Li Yitong, Liu Tianzuo, Dai Si, Zhang Kaili, Dong Xuan, Chen Ziyou, Zhang Yanyan , Ma Wenzhong’s special urban drama. The play focuses on the decoration industry and tells about some chaos in the home improvement industry.

Yang Guang is the manager of a small decoration company. He is so sophisticated that he just wants to make money and take good care of his relatives. However, his over-accommodation of his family has led to a fire, so he has to rely on the winner of a large decoration company and become a project manager. Therefore, I got together with the talented designer Chen Xi.

Yang Guang and Chen Xi belong to two different worlds. They also despise each other due to misunderstanding. Who would have thought that when they were working together, they unexpectedly matched each other. There are frequent internal chaos in the industry. Difficulties and setbacks over and over again did not break down the principles and bottom lines of the two, but instead made them more determined and strive to create an “ideal house” for customers, and in the process, they truly understood “home”. ” meaning. With their unremitting efforts, justice overcame evil, eradicated a cancer for the industry, and the two of them took their careers to a higher level and gained sincere love.

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