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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 21 Recap

Feng Qiwu boasted that Bai Fengxi is not only strong in martial arts, but also can detect cases. Bai Fengxi wondered how those people transported the items back to the city when they were in action. Feng Lanxi wanted to chime in, but Feng Qiwu preemptively analyzed that every festival in the surrounding cities would come to Beijing to perform, and they would bring their own outfits and supplies needed to set up the stage. It was found that the troupe would not leave until the Spring Festival, so Kuyin must still be in their hands, so Feng Lanxi sent someone to find the location of the troupe.

Bai Fengxi and Feng Qiwu went shopping in the downtown, and Feng Lanxi followed secretly, feeling that he was superfluous. Zhong Li mentioned that the talented and beautiful women in the storybook all put down their face, and finally embraced the beautiful women. Zhongli also prepared a mask for Feng Lanxi so that he could dance with Bai Fengxi, but he still had to face up and dared not admit it.

Feng Qiwu prepared all Bai Fengxi’s favorite food, and Feng Lanxi mentioned that only the Dafu class in Nancheng was in line with their inference. Feng Qiwu was distressed that it was difficult to investigate the case, and Bai Fengxi thought that he could investigate in an open and fair manner, but asked Feng Lanxi to help.

In order to investigate the case, Bai Fengxi and Feng Lanxi came to Dafu class to study arts in commoner clothes. Seeing that Feng Lanxi was able to sing well, the class leader promised Feng Lanxi to stay, so that it would be convenient to cover up, but if they were from the government, then this was the place where their bones were buried.

At night, Bai Fengxi broke into a room in a mask and dressed in black. The head teacher found out and shouted to catch the thief. Bai Fengxi quickly fled. The head teacher found Feng Lanxi, wondering why there was so much noise outside, why he didn’t go out to watch the fun. Feng Lanxi explained that he was fascinated by the playbook, and that he didn’t hear it when he lived. When the head teacher asked where Bai Fengxi was, Feng Lanxi said nervously that he didn’t know. The troupe found that the cabinet was moving, and opened it to find Bai Fengxi hiding inside.

Bai Fengxi lied that Feng Lanxi was her husband, and they eloped here. Bai Fengxi reported that she was Miss Li’s family, and her husband was the boss of Jiao Ershang. They were in love with each other, but his father did not agree, so he deceived the class master and them for the time being. Bai Fengxi had just searched all the rooms, but couldn’t find Ku Yin. Today, she has already been shocked, so she can only look for it tomorrow. In order to avoid suspicion, Feng Lanxi left Bai Fengxi to live together tonight.

The next day, Bai Fengxi prepared food for Feng Lanxi, who was practicing in the yard. Bai Fengxi looked up at the roof, guessing that Ku Yin should be hiding on the roof. She and Feng Lanxi flew to the roof and lifted the tiles. Really found the library silver. Feng Lanxi immediately notified Zhongli to arrest the people, but these people seem to have colluded to make confessions, and it is difficult to find out. The Ministry of Justice also reported that Feng Ju had found enough evidence to convict Zhou Zhong, and now the only way to find evidence is before the court meeting tomorrow. .

Bai Fengxi had a method, that is, he pretended to pull them out and behead them one by one. The class leader was afraid that the person who conspired was Master Li, the head of the Cangjin Department of the Ministry of Housing. Feng Qiwu couldn’t help but boast that Bai Fengxi was a strange woman in the world, her words and deeds were not polite, but she was better than a man, which made people wonder and envy from the bottom of their hearts.

Zhong Li reported that Master Li had been caught, and with the ledger, Zhou Zhong could be exonerated. Feng Lanxi consulted Zhongli, who had read a lot of storybooks, how did he express his feelings. Zhong Li came one by one, but Feng Lanxi was full of duels in the battlefield, which was too far from the meaning of love.

At the court meeting, Feng Qiwu played King Yong and mentioned that the reason why he was attacked a few days ago was the theft of the treasury. The three people who arrested Corrupt Mo were all accomplices. They framed Zhou Zhong because they were afraid of crime. Now they have recovered the stolen treasury silver. Feng Ju became angry, accusing Feng Qiwu of exonerating Zhou Zhong, and had to return the dirty silver as a last resort, and by the way find someone to take the blame.

Feng Qiwu then presented evidence and Li Mu’s confession. King Yong praised this as a great achievement, but Feng Qiwu did not receive the divine order to investigate the case privately, so the merits and demerits were offset, and Feng Qiwu and Feng Ju were ordered to investigate the household together. A case of greed.

The subordinates reported to Yu Wuyuan that Feng Ju went down to them and rushed to them, presumably out of anger. Yu Wuyuan disapproved, Feng Lanxi just didn’t see through his calculations, but fell into his calculations. Yu Wuyuan did it on purpose. In his eyes, Feng Lanxi was so cunning, and he had to let Feng Lanxi win a game so that he could relax his vigilance. The loss of Kuyin is just a trick to lure the enemy. The real purpose is to uproot Feng Lanxi, completely wipe out the hidden springs and waterside pavilions, and completely disqualify Feng Lanxi from competing for the world.

Feng Ju finds Yu Wuyuan Xingshi to ask him the guilt, and Feng Lanxi sees through the plot he gave himself. In order to make up for his mistakes, Yu Wuyuan decided to help Feng Ju fulfill his wish, and now he is willing to help Feng Ju win the throne of the prince. And if you want to win the throne of the prince, there is only one way now, and that is to make King Yong feel jealous of Feng Lan. Yu Wuyuan also gave Feng Ju a kit, which wrote how to deal with Feng Lanxi, and at the same time asked Feng Ju to play a play with him.

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