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My Sassy Princess 祝卿好 Episode 9 Recap

Shen Yan came to visit late at night, but found that the windows of Liu Ling’s room were all blocked with wooden boards. Liu Ling said that he was a lady and could not be alone with Shen Yan. Shen Yan had laughed at Liu Ling, but this time he was teased by Liu Ling. have no choice. Shen Yan pretended to leave, and Liu Ling hurriedly opened the door for him. After entering the house, Liu Ling wanted to molest Shen Yan, but was caught by Shen Yan instead.

The two sat on the roof watching the moon and eating snacks. Seeing that Liu Ling was a little gloomy, Shen Yan wanted to comfort her. Liu Ling bluntly said that he was worried that Shen’s mother would not accept him, and Shen Yan said that everything was in his plan. After a few days of busy work, Shen Yan told Liu Ling in advance that he hoped that Liu Ling would not make any outrageous things.

Liu Ling said that he was also very busy recently. Shen Yan thought of the shooting competition. Liu Ling wanted to win the championship. Let the prince agree to his request for annulment. Shen Yan was worried about Liu Ling’s poor shooting skills, and Liu Ling felt that she could do anything for Shen Yan’s sake.

On the day of the shooting competition, Lu Mingshan and Liu Runxiang also came to participate. Before the competition, the prince promised to give the winner a chance to ask. The prince appointed Shen Yan as the referee, and everyone started the first round of the competition. Lu Mingshan asked Liu Runxiang to surround Liu Ling with him, and Liu Runxiang readily agreed. Liu Runxiang and Liu Ling were assigned to a group.

During the game, Liu Runxiang made a rude remark, and Liu Ling was not a fuel-efficient lamp, which made Liu Runxiang very angry. The result of the first round was that Lu Mingshan, Liu Runxiang and Liu Ling entered the final together. Xu Shijin, who was watching the game on the stage, was both happy and nervous. The prince saw it. Xu Shijin tried to ask the prince his attitude towards the matter. The prince said that if Liu Ling lost, she would definitely come to trouble her.

The game of the decisive game is called the Golden Sparrow on the Swing. The three of them need to stand on the swing and shoot the flying golden ball with arrows. Before the game, Lu Mingshan gave Liu Runxiang a dagger. Ling swing rope. During the game, Liu Ling discovered a problem with the rope. Even in such a dangerous situation, she was reluctant to give up and even shot the golden ball. The rope of the swing was broken, and Liu Ling was about to fall, so Shen Yanfei stepped forward and hugged Liu Ling in his arms. Liu Runxiang fell down because she didn’t have balance.

The arrow in her hand accidentally shot at Lu Mingshan, and Lu Mingshan lost her chance. Liu Ling begged the prince for a reward, and the prince had already seen her intention to break off the marriage. Lu Mingshan asked the prince not to make jokes, and Xu Shijin rebuked Lu Mingshan for deliberately contradicting the prince. The prince made Lu Mingshan willing to admit defeat, and at the same time agreed to let Liu Ling break off the marriage.

Liu Ling went to Lu’s house to ask for a divorce letter, and Lu Mingshan had to sign it. Duke Lu was very angry when he learned that Lu Mingshan had an affair with Ling’er, his maidservant, and accused Lu Mingshan of being as cheap as his mother. Hold a breath. Ling’er couldn’t bear to see Lu Mingshan being so difficult in the Lu family, so she took the initiative to ask Lu Qian to arrange herself in the Dingbei Hou residence, and vowed to smear Liu Ling, Lu Qian readily agreed.

The soldiers handed over the drawings of the Shenji Arrow to Liu Lishan for inspection, and Liu Lishan told them to start work immediately, and then remove all the craftsmen.

In the name of apology, Lu Qian sent Ling’er to the Dingbei Mansion, and Liu Ling’s uncle arranged for her to do the sundries. Ling’er was extremely diligent when she arrived, and the maids had a good impression of her. Lingbi saw Ling’er in the backyard and stepped forward to inquire. Ling’er fell on purpose, and everyone thought that Lingbi was bullying others. Lingbi got angry and went back to the house to tell Liu Ling about this. Liu Ling felt that Linger was also very pitiful, so she let her toss.

On the fifteenth of every month, the Dingbei Houfu will give alms. Liu Ling rarely shows up, so he rests in his room. Lingbi is worried that Shen Aoao will always scream, so he brings it to the pavilion, and Linger takes advantage of Lingbi to fetch food. Shen Aoao went away and sent it to the beggar. Liu Ling found that Shen Aoao was missing, and hurriedly searched for it, and finally found Shen Aoao’s clothes and a collar sent by Shen Yan outside the mansion.

Several beggars were eating meat, and Liu Ling asked them to return Shen Aoao to himself. Linger, who had taken the abortion pill, came to intercede, Liu Ling understood that she was the culprit and slapped her and told her to get out, Linger deliberately entangled, and when Liu Ling shook off her pull, the effect of the drug kicked in, and Linger miscarried. , Under the watchful eyes of the public, Linger accused Liu Ling. Shen Yan asked to comfort the sad Liu Ling and took her away on horseback.

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